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Where YOU been?!: Kim McFarland

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post telling you that this new series would start soon– and here’s the first installment!

kimmcfarlandFew choir soloists have left as indelible an impression on the gospel music community as Kim McFarland.  You prolly remember her from her days with Chicago’s Milton Brunson & The Thompson Community Singers.  She led HITS for days, including “I Tried Him and I Know Him,” “For the Good of Them,” and “In My Name.”

But she started waaaaaay before that with Walt Whitman & The Soul Children of Chicago, leading (and co-writing) “We Are One.”  In my opinion, she kinda helped to define what a contemporary choir soloist is gonna need to bring to the table!

And she didn’t stop there… she released two solo albums– New Life in 1994, and Amazing in 1996.  The latter album features one of my favorite cuts from her, “Intercession.”

So, Kim McFarland, where YOU been?!

Various biographical sources on the internet suggest that Kim McFarland is 39 years old, resides in Chicago, and is married to Chris Anderson, who is a producer, vocalist and session musician.  Together, they run CAKM (I’m guessing, their initials), an event and concert production company.  He also wrote several songs on both of her solo albums.

She’s apparently got two MySpace pages– the most recently updated page is private, but available by clicking here; the other, though publicly viewable, hasn’t been accessed since September of 2008.  Access that one by clicking here.

So, is she still singing?  I think so.  I’m not aware of any big guest appearances, but I do see her name as a background vocalist on various album liner notes over the past three years alone: Hezekiah Walker’s 20/85 The ExperienceMarvin Sapp’s Be ExaltedSmokie Norful’s Nothing Without You, Coko’s Grateful, Dewayne Woods’ Introducing Dewayne Woods and When Singers Meet, and Joann Rosario’s Joyous Salvation.  That’s understandable because several of those albums feature tracks from Donald Lawrence, who has used her for vocals a lot lately (including on the Tri-City finale album).

But ummm… that’s about as far as I’m able to get on my own.  Anyone know somethin’ else???

YouTube pickings are slim, so you’ll just have to settle for her killing “For the Good of Them” with the Tommies back in the day:

  • Janice

    I absolutely adored her voice when I was younger. I thought she could sing anything! And I LOVE the song, “Amazing.”

  • luda

    Just saw her sing at a Christmas recording in Chicago about a month ago. She sings with Donald Lawrence & Company too. I believe she’s leading a song on his upcoming project. She can still sing her butt off!!

  • Years ago I found a vocal tutorial Kim McFarland created it was detailed and full of information on vocal expression, tonality, etc. Has anyone found that? I would love for Kim to be my vocal coach. I think she is one of the best gospel vocalist I have ever heard.

  • Ditto7421

    I Love. love Love her voice,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Did I hear correctly, her son passed a few weeks ago?

  • AIvory

    Kim McFarland will be singing at the Center of Hope Community Church in Oakland,CA on Sunday, June 8,2014 at 5:00pm. So excited to have her wonderful presence in the San Francisco – bay area