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Freddy Rodriguez

Light in the Darkness
Integrity Music
EJ Gaines
February 13, 2009

I’m EXCITED about Freddy Rodriguez!

Remember when you first heard Israel & New Breed’s New Season album?  I remember thinking “oh… THIS may be what Kingdom music is supposed to sound like– something that appeals to every denomination, every church, every culture, every race, every person.” Electric Teapots I feel that way RIGHT NOW.

Freddy Rodriguez’s 14-track project, titled Light In The Darkness, was released on Integrity Music on Tuesday and I am telling you to BUY IT! The album, recorded live at his Las Vegas church, The Champion Center, is an incredible addition to the Body of Christ.

A bunch of comparisons between Freddy Rodriguez to Israel are being made and they’re neither surprising nor misplaced– not only are they friends and labelmates, they are both guitar-playing, songwriting worship leaders at large non-denominational churches.  But where Israel’s season seems to be shifting a bit (we may discuss that in a future post), Freddy Rodriguez is perfectly poised to take the cross-cultural praise & worship baton and run a loooong way.

freddy-pr-photo1Stand-out tracks for me are “I Will Run,” the first single from the album, which is quickly becoming my anthem for some stuff the Lord is dealing with me about.  POWERFUL song.  I also love the opening cut, “We Lift Our Hands,”  and “No Other Name.”

Mid-way through the project, the album seamlessly shifts into a section of passionate worship ballads that I simply love:  “Fallen,” is a beautiful love song to Christ, “Alone With You” is a heartfelt song that testifies to the joy of spending intimate time with the Father.

Really, all of the tracks are good. This is one of those albums that can just play through and be the background (or foreground) music for your entire daily worship experience. It’s that good, for real.  I encourage you to check it out.

Check out his MySpace page by clicking here.

And watch the video for his single, “I Will Run,” right here:

Well?  What do you think?

  • Gale-Ann

    I truly love the album, but not with the same fervor that I loved Israel & New Breed’s New Season, or any of their other albums for that matter. I enjoyed most of the songs, but some will have to grow on me.

    As it relates to your statement about the seeming shift in Israel’s season, please do let us discuss this in another post.

    I now return to listen to “Fallen” (one of my favorites).

  • luda

    Hmmm, I agree with Gale-Ann. Although he is good, and I will run is a BEAUTIFUL song (blew me away when I first heard it), I wouldnt put him up there with Isreal. Isreal has always had the advantage of having Aaron Lindsey work with him. Even more than that, he has GREAT songs.

    You all should check out this guy named Trent Cory. Aaron Lindsey did his project, and it is just as good as the other worship projects that are out, he just doesnt have as much promotions and marketing backing him.

  • Amy

    i’m excited about this post!! i just recently discovered freddy and apparently so has all of BT… lol… BT Kids taught “i will run” a few weeks ago, transitions is doing it next week and apparently the choir might be learning it. gotta love overkill 😉 but it’s an incredible song – love it! i also love “wrap me in your arms” which i THINK is on the same CD…

  • Justin

    This album is AWESOME and such a breath of fresh air. It definitely reflects the sound of the kingdom. The lyrics, melodies, and vocalists are inspiring. In addition, I didn’t detect a lot of the bravura that’s in too many gospel records with ensembles. I LOVE IT.. COP IT!!

    You guys should really check out Kari Jobe!