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In The News: Men Of Standard Greatest Hits Album

‘Member how we talked about the Greatest Hits album from Men Of Standard?  And how I kinda suggested that you could skip the Greatest Hits cuz you need to just go’n and buy EACH AND EVERY album anyway?

Ok, don’t do that. :roll:

Still buy every album, but get the Greatest Hits album, too.  It’s featuring two NEW tracks– “Always Remember” by Andraé Crouch and “When Your Life Was Low” by Joe Sample.  I’m excited to hear both of ‘em, but I’m already drooling over the Joe Sample re-make because the song has GOT to have one of the most hauntingly beautiful melodies ever.

For those of you who’ve never heard the song, I’m THRILLED to post the version below.  For one, it’s relevant to the post cuz it’s being re-made by MOS (I’m interested to hear it from the perspective of GOD singing to us, if that’s how they approach it)… plus, I’ve been dying to sneak a little jazz/soul into the site by any means necessary (heheheeee!).  And any time I can feature Lalah Hathaway on lead vocals (with Joe Sample on piano),  you KNOW I’ma do it.  It’s my blog. :mrgreen:

AND, while we’re at it, click here for an oh-my-goodness-she-may-not-even-be-human video of Lalah singing this song.  [And if you want to own the whole album on which this song is featured (you sooooooo need to), it's Joe Sample & Lalah Hathaway-- The Song Lives On.]

Okay, THAT’S IT!  This is a Men Of Standard post, for cryin’ out loud!!! :roll:

Get the album(s).