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On TV: CeCe Winans on TBN Last Night

Did you all catch CeCe Winans hosting TBN’s Praise The Lord last night?!  WHEWWW!  Good show.

The performances were, of course, awesome.  Smokie Norful did some tracks from his latest album and did a great job.  When he opened the show, the sound folks didn’t have things together, so he and his singers were a bit out of sync with the track (arrgghhh), but they got it together.

BeBe Winans joined his sister to Glass Tea Sets sing their new single, “Close To You,” and I’m growing more anxious for the tour each time I see them!  I’m cheesin’ even as I type this cuz it’s just soooo nostalgic.  And, by the way, BeBe is like… hilarious.  I loved their conversation.

Bishop Paul Morton also did a great job with “Cry Your Last Tear,” which he sang at Pop Winans’ homegoing service.  He was cuttin’ up on stage, too, on his interview.  I like him.

I think my fave part of the show, though, was to see Alvin Love, CeCe’s husband, talking about his role as husband and covering for a woman of God with such a great call on her life.  I always see him, but haven’t heard him as much, so it was great to get his perspective.  He said to CeCe: “I understand your purpose, I understand what God has called you to do, and so I’m not intimidated by that… I do know who I am.  I’m a child of God and God has placed me here to be a covering for you.”

And what’s crazier, he later said “I got saved two years before I met you… I didn’t know anything about holiness.  I was straight from the world, and then… CeCe Winans!” 😯

BOOM!  They’ll be married 25 years next month and you can tell that they’re still absolutely in love with one another.  Great stuff!  Prayin’ for y’all…

If you missed it last night, click here to catch it streaming from TBN’s website, in the Archives section.  It should be the first-listed episode.

What did you all think???

  • ray

    Hey peeps! It’s been a minute for me!
    I did get to watch last nite and EJ is right, the show was really good! Bebe is a bonafide nut!! lololol How he just gon take over Cece’s interview like that?! lol One part that really stuck out to me was when Bishop Dale Bronner said (if I remember correctly) that a father is to be a covering and not a lid. He was talking about a father’s role or rather the lack of fatherhood role in today’s society. A lid has limits in that there’s is a sense of control which will block or hinder you from operating or being all that you are designed to be. But a covering will encourage you; recognizing your potentials and giftings will help prepare you and help get you where you need to be while covering you with prayer. Now this may not have been his exact words, but this is what I got from what he was saying.

    StAy oN ToP fam!
    Much love!

  • EJ

    @Ray: absolutely. and ummm… where YOU been?!

  • Damon

    It WAS a good show! I loved watching the chemistry between Cece and her husband, and then with her and BeBe. I must say I found it hilarious that BeBe was SO comfortable, popping that lozenge/candy into his mouth after their performance, and “smacking” on it while they chuckled about growing up Winans! LOL It really did feel like you were witnessing them, sitting in their living room.

  • EJ

    @Damon: you’d better BELIEVE that the lozenge-popping business was GREAT comedy. He was so relaxed…

  • nia

    But what was up with Bebe’s sweaty armpits?? Anybody else see that? Deodorant is your friend Bebe! Still love him tho…:)

  • Tyrone

    @Nia, you are wrong but I was wondering the same.

    Smokie Smokie, that’s my boy, he can’t do no wrong with the mic. Much luv for him and his album.

    I love BeBe though. I would love to put BeBe and Vickie in the same room, both are too funny.

  • ladycece

    It was a great show,BeBe and Bishop Paul S Morton was hilarious :-).
    BeBe armpits was a bit sweaty but he did a great job,Oh CeCe laugh is contagious.

  • ray

    @EJ Hey dude, I thought there was some love lost; lolol Broken but Im healed! You know I stay away from the drama posts. lollol
    Much love doc!

  • Phaeth

    Good show overall.

    Love Smokie…as usual

    BeBe…from workin with him, I know hes a straight nut. He and Vicky Winans have been on stage together at MegaFest a few years ago…stoooooooopid

    Interview w/Alvin…glad the world got to hear from him…been around them a few times and seen up close how he covers her. Great to hear a man HUMBLE enough to HONOR and not HINDER.

    The checrry on top for me…Bishop Dale Bronner. His 4 point were sooo on point. Attention- Potential – Intention – Retention; and the statement he made, my pastors actually have said that for a couple years now “we’re your covering not your lid”, good to hear it from someone else, wish that was the heart of all pastors.

  • Sydney

    I’m so sorry I missed it. Thanks for this and for the link to the streaming video. I love Cece and Alvin’s testimony as a couple. Truly an inspiration!!!!

  • Tobias

    You know I love TBN, but their sound people are known to be less than “The Spirit of Excellence.” Please hire some better people.

  • Aaron

    Loved it.

  • Jessica

    ha! I know!! Lord, i watched it twice! I wanted to see if bebe was going to tell what happened in the basementm during the water balloon fight. HA!!! And getting whoppings for doing the same thing again the next day!!