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J Moss

Just James
Verity Gospel Music Group
EJ Gaines
August 20, 2009

J Moss returns to the scene with Just James, an intimate and honest masterpiece.  Musically, it’s as brilliant as Cast Iron Teapots we’ve come to expect from him.  Lyrically, it’s hard-hitting and transparent in a way that is both refreshing and inspiring.

From beginning to end, J Moss offers a cohesive 10-track project with a message of redemption and restoration.  There’s NOT ONE song that I’d skip past, and several tracks, I constantly throw on repeat.  And I can’t recall an album in this calendar year about which I’ve been able to say that.

The album opens with a typical dance-worthy J Moss track, the single “I Gave It Up,” before transitioning into “So Into You,” a simple worship chant that evolves into a more complex, unexpected driving vamp.  Next comes the powerful worship single, “Restored,” which has become an instant favorite among fans.

“Anointing” follows, literally and figuratively.  It’s a jazzy tune that could’ve been a Clark Sisters gem, but is JUST fine as done by J Moss.  The project transitions seamlessly into “Sweet Jesus,” another worship chant that is perfectly fit for praise teams everywhere.  J’s quick, robotic vibrato ad libs across the vamp like you wouldn’t believe.

The album continues to bless and astound, from “No More” to “God Happens” (one of my absolute faves on the album), to “Holy One” and the earnest prayer set to music in “Rebuild.”  The project ends with the autobiographical testimony, and title track, “Just James.”

At the risk of sounding redundant, I have to reiterate that this album is incredible.  Just James does precisely what it was intended– it sets to music the message of God’s grace and redeeming power in the life of one broken, but perpetually healed vessel.  Make sure you check it out.

  • professorTJD

    I’ll go pick it up!!

  • Marshawn

    I gotta give it to him, this one is it. His past albums have pretty much been the same to me, I applaud him for what he has done in gospel though, but this one is that album for him.

    Its very much a concept record, I think hes trying to get his side of the story out there. “God Happened” is that track!!!!!!! I understand him completely on that one yo.

    “So Into You” is also sick.

  • Estyle

    I love Sweet Jesus!

  • Tamarra

    @EJ you hit this review right on the head!! After listening to the album at the Verity Records listening party I couldn’t have said it any better. I listened to a bunch of the songs on repeat. But Sweet Jesus was just so simple and felt so humble and open. That is just an incredible worship song. I love the mix of up-tempo, head-bobbers and then the inspiring mix of classic worship melodies.

  • Katydid

    J. Moss is on the level where you don’t have to do any sample listening…just add it to your collection.

  • EJ

    @Katydid: where you been?! 🙂

  • Katydid

    @EJ: This is definitely the zone of choice, but sometimes I am sidetracked with school and work. Every now and then I get to drift away over to this place as a reward. Thanks for keeping us posted.
    *I couldn’t imagine life without my gospel music or should I say gospel music without J. Moss?..Laugh and roll over.

  • Bana

    J Moss has done it with this one! Every song is musically and lyrically a blessing! God is using J Moss and it is evident in this one! I appreciate his candor expressed in song! Thank You GOD, Thank You J Moss, Thank You!!!!!!

  • chelly

    I luv “Anointing” words almost had me tears. Lord please surround me with your anointing.

  • v4c

    WAAAAAAAY late…

    I just bought the CD last week. I’ve NEVER been a J. Moss fan. I always thought his stuff was overproduced and lyrically cliche (with the exception of “We Must Praise”). But this CD has me on the verge of tears dag near the whole way through!!!! I don’t think I’ve had a gospel CD have this kind of effect on me in ages! Maybe a song here or there but not the whole CD!

    Thank you, Lord, for Your redeeming power and for my theme song for this chapter of my spiritual journey, Restored!

  • crisha Triplett

    Just James is it! I so admire J.Moss for his honesty in his cd. He shows just how GOD wants us to be honest and let people know that GOD can still use you if you mess up. People need to know other people’s testimony of how to overcome. You can not tell someone GOD can heal or deliver if you haven’t been through something. I’m glad as I said that he was sincere and pray that he will stay the same,because GOD is going to take him even higher. Also ‘GOD HAPPEN’ is the song that has encouraged me.