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He Said: EXCLUSIVE Interview With J MOSS!

I was very blessed to have an open, honest convo with the staggeringly gifted J Moss.

His newest project, Just James, is due in stores this Cast Iron Teapots coming Tuesday (the 25th).  It’s his most transparent to date, I think (click here to read my full review) and I urge you guys to buy it when it hits stores.

In this interview, I didn’t hold back and neither did he… he’s a great guy whose sincerity doesn’t end with his music.  No need for intros… here’s the one and only J Moss.

*     *     *

J MossEJ:  Hello!


EJ:  *laughs* How’s it going, man?

JM:  Man, I’m absolutely wonderful!

EJ:  That’s a good way to be.  I really appreciate you for taking a minute to chat with me.

JM:  No doubt.

EJ:  Well, let’s jump right to it by talking about this new album, Just James.  I think it’s incredible.

JM:  Do you, man? C’mon EJ!  C’mon, man.  Go’n and be real with your boy!  Let’s have a real session.

EJ:  For real!  I’m tellin’ you… and I said it in my review.  I’m pretty sure that I love it more than any other album you’ve done.  You have a way of taking pretty familiar ideas and just makin’ them completely different, completely fresh and completely relevant.

I mean… it made the car.  And when we put a CD in the car, that means it’s something special.

JM:  You sound like me. *laughs* Yeah!  If it can make the car, it works.  So, okay, I’m talking to real folk right now.  Ok, I’m good! *laughs*

EJ:  *laughs* Talk to me about this project– what does it mean for you?

JM:  Awww, man… God’s heart.  If I can put it in two words– it’s God’s heart.  The first record, I was hungry, I was a rookie.  I just wanted to be out there.  I had a great machine behind me with Vicki Mack & GospoCentric, and PAJAM.  And it took off.  And I thank God for them because it was really the truth.

EJ:  Sure.

JM:  But then the next record, V2, was coming off of the success of V1.  So, now I’m feelin’ myself.  I’m calling all my friends–  I got Steve Harvey, Anthony Hamilton, the list goes on.  Great record– live strings, live band, all kinds of stuff.  But that was MY record.

THIS record, V3, is God’s record.  It’s the heart of God.  It was probably the record I was supposed to do first.  But, it didn’t happen that way.  And I can really say that I’ve moved J outta the way, PDA [Paul “PDA” Allen] was able to move himself out of the way, and we just allowed God to quarterback and drive the whole thing.

EJ:  Yeah.

JM:  And every song, every chorus, every lyric, every stanza was just straight from the heart of God and I’m just glad I was able to nail it with His help.

EJ:  Most definitely.  Do you have a favorite track on this album?

JM:  Man… so many at so many different times.  Most of my life right now is dedicated to “Restored,” y’know?  It’s portrayed through that song on many facets– financial has been restored, strength has been restored, personal issues at the crib and stuff, that’s restored.

And then, spiritually, when we fall off, God can restore you back to His good graces, so I think “Restored” says the most to me.

EJ:  Quick question, outta curiousity: did you write “Anointing” for the Clark Sisters?

JM:  No.  No, actually I didn’t.

EJ:  It sounds soooo much like them to me, especially at the end, when you close it out with “the anointing.”  It sounds just like something Twinkie [Clark] would do.

JM:  Oh, dude!  It was definitely in TRIBUTE to Twinkie.

EJ:  *laughs*

JM:  I love Nat King Cole and I’ve always wanted to do a loungy, big band, big ballad kinda joint.  And I said “I wanna kinda take a little bit of Twinkie’s vibe,” which is in me anyway because of the bloodline, “and mix it with a ‘We Must Praise’, Nat King Cole kinda thing and see what we come up with,” and there it was, you know?  But it was not written for the girls, it was actually written for me.

EJ:  I love it.  Listen, I want to, respectfully, talk about what’s happened over the past year or so for you, because it seems to provide a strong basis for really understanding your album.  And I think that if people get that, then the healing that is in this album is more apparent and potent.

JM:  Absolutely.

EJ:  By now, many people know that there was an extramarital affair that took place, and that a child was conceived from that.  When I reported what was happening, I wanted to preempt the rumors and kinda stop people from condemnation.  And I said, “guys, don’t knock him, just cover him and his family in prayer because that’s the best thing we can do right now.”

JM:  Right.

EJ:  But one thing that I said at the time is that your music talked about, or kinda foreshadowed, these struggles and these temptations… like on “Livin’ 4” and “Florida,” your lyrics talked about how rough it is.  Were those songs real for you?

JM:  Not at the moment.  They were just me being a great writer.  A lot of that stuff wasn’t necessarily where I was, it was just me being able to paint the picture.  God has given me that gift.

EJ:  Absolutely.

JM:  But when it actually happened, you get the Just James project.  You can feel the heart.  It’s not just a story going forth– it’s you.  So, I think that when I went through that affliction, it beefed up everything.

I think the writings, at the time, were more prophetic than anything else.  With “Livin’ 4,” I was just coming into the game.  But after I went through it… And a lot of what I went through, EJ, was my OWN doing.  This wasn’t peer pressure, it wasn’t industry pressure… it wasn’t groupies flocking around.  This was just J Moss feelin’ himself.

EJ:  Wow.

JM:  PERIOD.  This was simply coming off of “We Must Praise,” being a big dawg, V2 over 100,000 [units]… this was just J being “the man.”  Being told he was fine every day, being told he was sexy every single day, being told that people wanted him to be their baby’s daddy… you know?  EVERY DAY.  You think the R&B people have it hard?  The gospel people do too.

EJ:  I know it.

JM:  So, I began to move further and further away from Christ, and got further and further involved with those temptations.  And it led to that situation.  And I have to tell you– when I get up now to talk about it, a lot of people say “J, you’re talking too much, we’ve moved on, we’re good.”  And I say “nah, man.  There are people out here DYING from this stuff.”

EJ:  Absolutely.

JM:  The Bible says that the wages of sin is death, but I gotta get up and tell people that the wages of sin almost KILLED me, in terms of suicidal thoughts.  I was plotting it out, thinking it out… all kinds of depression.  I was going through the scrutiny in the media, the blogosphere, everywhere… that stuff was rough!

And when we sin, we chip away at salvation.  Every time, we KILL something– we kill faith, we kill credibility, we kill relationships, we kill families… every time, we kill a piece of something.

I realized that people who are not going to Bible class, or to church on Sunday morning, will listen to me at a concert because they love me or they love my voice.  So, NOW is my chance to say “you know what?  Now that I’ve got your attention, let me tell you what’s really real.  Let me stop making you feel good all the time, and let me tell you what’s real.”

EJ:  Amen.

JM:  It’s been a great ride.  I know that’s sort of a paradox, but it’s been a great ride.  Very painful, but it’s been gratifying to know that my ministry has been propelled to a different level.

EJ:  I hear that.  Someone told me, recently, that conflict is just an opportunity, if we can embrace it as such.  There’s something to learn from everything.

JM:  Yeah.

EJ:  Lemme ask you– would you have talked about what you went through had it not been publicized?  For you, we saw newspaper reports where a woman was coming forward, charges were being filed in courts… but there are other artists in gospel who are doing the same dirt.  They just haven’t been exposed in that way.

JM:  Yep.

EJ:  Would you have embraced this reality?  Would you have talked about it, had it not been publicized?

JM:  Well, I’ma be real with you.  I tell my wife every day, I say “babe, had it not made the paper, I would’ve never said a word.”  You know?

EJ:  Wow.  That’s real.

JM:  For one, I didn’t want to leave that lifestyle because it felt good.  And, you know, people say “affair” and they think it was some long-term thing.  This wasn’t that.  It was something that I got caught up in.  But I wasn’t afflicted until it became public.

So, I feel like it was GOOD that it came out like it did because had it not, I wouldn’t have been able to learn His statutes even better.  I don’t think I would’ve stopped because I was enjoying what I had.

EJ:  Yeah.

JM:  But being broken from that– when God broke the chains and broke me from it, I see the importance of making sure I stay on top of it and remain verbal about it.  And to say it over and over again.

J Moss - Just JamesEJ:  Absolutely.  How much of this album had you finished before all of this broke… I mean, the album is transparent and reflective, but what direction were you going in?  How much of this album had you done before and what did it sound like?

JM:  None really.  With the exception of a few choruses or some unfinished stuff that we had, I think “God Happens” maybe, but other than that, nothing.

Everything about this project– it’s not dedicated to that situation, but it’s just a celebration of actually being down in the valley, down in the slums, and being able to somehow claw your way out of it and get back to being a person again, back to being a vessel again.

EJ:  That’s powerful.

JM:  Yeah.  Because I gotta tell you– when I was down there, I felt like “why bother?”  And that’s why I wanted to kill myself– it was like “ok, all is lost… all is over, I can’t recover from THIS.”  And there’s so many people out there going through the same stuff.  And that’s what God showed me in that affliction– He said “what you’re feeling right now is who I need you to speak to.  I’m going to put you back on your platform, back on the market, to now tell people who won’t listen to anyone else.”

EJ:  How are you maintaining this newfound perspective or this clarity?  Do you have accountability partners in place?  How do you prevent a “V2 mindset” from happening again?

JM:  It’s effortless, man.  Effortless.  Once you go through a deliverance process like I did, the taste I had in my mouth for certain things is just simply gone… where I am, how I greet people now… I’m just very cautious about my anointing, who I hang with, who I walk with.  Having to almost have LOST it all, it gives me that much more drive to do this right.

I’m a lover a righteousness and I’m trying to stay on this horse and do it right.

EJ:  That’s great, man.  One more question on this topic before we move on– we talked earlier about other artists going through similar stuff.  It’s not just “the talented J Moss” who fell prey to something… it’s more common than that, where other artists are finding themselves in the same situations.  RECENTLY.  It’s just not in the newspapers yet.  And maybe it won’t be.

But having gone through that, how would you now petition OTHER gospel artists to govern themselves?  What is your word to the wise?

JM:  Learn from me.  I always say this– my brother, 3 years older than me, went through so much stuff that it actually shaped me into a better dude.  I knew what not to do because I wanted to avoid those consequences.

J MossSo, hopefully, I can be that beacon for them.  I’d tell people “you may be in something, it may feel good, but God sees and knows all.  When He’s fed up, He’s gonna come and get you.”

EJ:  Wow.

JM:  So my prayer is that you can use your big brother, your little brother, whoever might be reading… and use me as an example.  You can even call my name if it helps you– “I don’t want to be another J Moss.”  And you DON’T.

You don’t ever wanna go through what I had to go through with my wife… telling her and seeing her reaction.  You don’t ever wanna have to go through what I read daily on the internet screens, y’know, after giving so much to people.  You don’t ever want to have to go through people looking down their noses at you as much as I had to.  And you don’t ever want to fall out of grace with God.

So, if you can, use your boy’s life as an example and get out.  Walk away.  It’s not worth it.  You’re hurting way too many people and it’s not a good feeling.  But thank God for victory.

EJ:  Dude.  Amen to that.  Good stuff.  Hey, you’re on Twitter now.  You enjoying it?

JM:  Yeah!  I’m afraid of the internet– and I know that God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear– but the human side of me is very leery and hesitant about the internet because of what I went through.  I can’t even Google a movie without feeling like I might see my name pop up and see something negative.  That’s how much I was scarred.

EJ:  Aww, man.

JM:  But on the other hand, it’s been good.  I can honestly say that people have really shown love– people like you and other sites, pastors, well-wishers… everyone has just embraced me and said “we’re good.”  It’s still a bit of a struggle, but it feels great to be back.

EJ:  Well, we’re glad you’re back, man.  Any tour plans in the works for this album?

JM:  We’ve got a promotional run that’s on the website at, we’re closing up the tour I did with CeCe [Winans] with McDonald’s— we’ve got one more date for that in DC, and that’s just been crazy, man.

EJ:  Yeah?

JM:  Every night– sharing my testimony with people.  And GUYS… lemme tell you, EJ.  It was prophesied to me that the trajectory of my ministry would now be at the hearts of MEN– strong men.  And that’s who I’ve seen coming up to me after each show or writing in… saying that they’ve been delivered or that they feel better about where they are because of my situation.

So, I just thank God.  I’m sitting on top of the world right now.  And I don’t say that with arrogance… I’m saying it in a spiritual sense.  God has me on something else and I absolutely love it.

EJ:  That’s great.  I’m so glad to hear that, man.  What else?  You did Gospel Dream a second time around on Gospel Music Channel… how was it for you, especially compared to last year with Melinda Watts?

JM:  Well, I think that what the producers tried to add– with the boot camp, the on-screen sessions with the professionals, the TV portion– all of that was great.  I think they really stepped up the show.

EJ:  Sure.

Tony LeBron Wins 2009 Gospel DreamJM:  Talent-wise, I think it’s just like [American] Idol or Sunday Best.  You’re gonna have some years where the talent is through the roof, and you’ll have some years where you have to go with what you’ve got and maybe the talent is not as good as the previous year.  I think everyone on the first year that I did it– they were just phenomenal.

And that’s not to slight any of the contestants from this year– they were all good in their own right.  I think the winner this year was actually the real winner.

EJ:  Yeah, I like him… Tony LeBron.

JM:  But I enjoyed it– just to be apart of something like that.  Especially in the midst of what I was going through at the time, for them to still back me and say “we’re still gonna use J… we heard he’s accountable and doing what he’s supposed to do, he’s gotten right with his church, his pastor still endorses him” (because I did what I was supposed to do by my church and the Church Of God In Christ).  I just thank God that He sustained my TV contracts and my tour contracts, my record contracts… man, it couldn’t be any better.

EJ:  That’s a beautiful thing.  Man, I am honored that you took the time to speak with me.  And thank you for your honesty and your candor.  I really believe lives will be set free through your album and your ministry.

It really speaks to the scriptures that say that the steps of a good man are ordered by God, and that all things work together for good… I bet that if someone told you back in October that all of this would work systematically for God’s glory, you probably wouldn’t have believed it.

JM:  Right!  Yeah! *laughs*

EJ:  But, I thank God that He’s all about glorifying Himself through all things.

JM:  And you know, man, I’m just assignment driven.  I wanna say to your readers– well, to you first of all– thank you.  You have been more than helpful in supporting me and letting the public know “hey, we’ve got J’s back, we’ve got PAJAM’s back.”  Words cannot express enough how much I appreciate that, man.

Plus, one of the things that helped smooth out the rough edges for me– I have GREAT people around me.  I can’t say enough about the PAJAM crew who did not justify what I did, didn’t condone what I did… PDA and Walter [Kearney] are my big brothers, they’re older than me, so I had to take my beatings from them.  But at the same time, they covered me.

EJ:  Good!

JM:  They kept my spirits up because they saw me fall into that state where I wanted to take myself out.  People like that, and then my siblings… and my LOVELY wife who, I mean… the interview wouldn’t be appropriate if I didn’t mention that SHE is the one who, ultimately, helped me out of depression.

She is the one who came to me and said “hey, I’m gonna stay with you, honey, even if it’s against my own carnal better judgment… the Lord told me to stay with you because I see where your ministry is going to go.  God has spoken to me.”  She spoke with my pastor, we prayed together…

EJ:  That’s encouraging to hear.

JM:  We just have a wonderful, lovely marriage, man.  My children love me… and I don’t talk about that much because I don’t want people to go and take that the wrong way, but I just thank those who are responsible for encouraging me and keeping me uplifted.

EJ:  That’s real.  God is a restoring God, for sure.

JM:  Yeah.

EJ:  Well, definitely keep in touch, man.

JM:  You got it.  Thanks, man.  Now can I get up on the TwitterRoll?  Can I get up on the TwitterRoll, dawg?! *laughing*

EJ:  *laughs* You’re on the TwitterRoll, no?!  I’ma make sure you’re on it.  And I’ll tell some folks to follow you today, cuz I know you just got on.

JM:  Yeah, I just got on it.

EJ:  Alright.

JM:  Ok, cool.  Thanks man.

EJ:  No doubt.

JM:  I’ll holla at you.

EJ:  Cool.

*     *     *

So how about that?!  I’m tellin’ you– bump what you heard… good guy, for real.  He’s not perfect, but he definitely ain’t claiming to be.  And I think he’s in a good place.  PRAY FOR HIM and his family, ok?

And make sure you stay connected with him at and on Twitter at

And uhhh… what did you guys think of the interview?

  • Keisha

    I was just thinking about you getting an interview with J.Moss earlier today when I read your album review. Then VOILA! It’s here. lol

  • Tyrone

    MAD RESPECT for J Moss and his interview and being real. The album will make it to the car because I’ve been listening to it all week from the website. Thanks EJ!

  • Odi

    WOW!!! is about as much as I can get out. I thank God for his restoration, for his love, for his power, and for his grace.

    I wholeheartedly believe that the more we are able to share our struggles and weaknesses with each other we will better be able to build each other up and look solely to the strength and grace of God as a body in our walk with Christ. Knowing that the work that he began he will complete.

    I am truly grateful for the honesty and transparency that J Moss conveyed in this interview, showcasing his struggle with pride and its offshoots in the issues he discussed. God will definitely use him to help other who are also struggling to seek God and to be restored to our place in him as we grow moving towards righteousness.

    Thanks EJ for being a stand up dude by grace and encouraging J Moss and all of us to look to Christ in this situation. Thanks for the interview. Sorry for going off, lol. God Bless Bruh!

  • Janice

    That was an amazing interview! You asked the questions I really wanted to know the answers to.

    I also really appreciate J Moss for being honest and not holding back the WHOLE TESTIMONY from the people! I mean, I appreciate artists who are willing to be transparent for the betterment of the people. It makes me enjoy his ministry even more.

  • Nicci

    Amazing interview! Just James is my favorite out of all of his projects. God Bless You JMoss

  • Keisha

    @Odi “Thanks EJ for being a stand up dude by grace and encouraging J Moss and all of us to look to Christ in this situation. Thanks for the interview. Sorry for going off, lol. God Bless Bruh!”

    I concur with this sentiment! This is why I like this site and I imagine those like Donald Lawrence, J.Moss, and all the other gospel artists do too. EJ has done a terrific job maintaining this site with a virtuous and Kingdom-building state of mind. Although things may tend to get out of control with differing opinions and sometimes heated discussions. You never do. Meanwhile, other sites try to act as the messy gospel alternative to MediaTakeOut and have the nerve to put God’s name on it. SMH. Keep running this site the way you do, EJ!

  • AkeraD

    That is an awesome interview! God is so good! I just thank God for testimonies like this. It is such a blessing to see God work out any situation we get ourselves into. Thank God that He is not a man! He just forgives us and brings us through and takes us out! God bless J. Moss and you, too, EJ! And J. Moss is so funny; I saw him at a concert a couple of weeks ago and he was making jokes there; he is such an awesome person. Well, let me calm down (*wiping tears from eyes*)…great interview!

  • Sydney

    I love the way that you conducted this interview with honesty and grace. You didn’t sensationalize it or downplay it and I think that gave J the opportunity he needed to really share. I truly appreciate you for that!

  • J Moss

    Heeeeeey GP family. I must admit that I have done countless interviews on this and EJ has been one of the best experiences yet. So many people tell me “J – Just let it blow over.” BUT God has given me a different directive. It’s because of my testimony and EJ’s site that lives r being changed, people are being freed and sinners are being delivered.

    Although the HUMAN side of me wants to ‘get-over-it-already’, but God says I can’t get over it until YOU get through it !!!!

    J Moss (restored)

  • tory terron

    EJ, you need some type of award for this one!

    I’m thankful for this interview…it lets me know that there is hope after any fall.

    I hope that God gets the gloy out of this one.

    and to all who read and ignore: DON’T WAIT UNTIL IT KNOCKS ON YOUR DOOR!

  • tory terron

    I meant glory*

  • Zephaniah

    This interview was excellent. EJ, you did this with such balance and grace, and I think J’s vulnerability and honesty was so disarming. Thank you EJ and thank you J Moss. What a blessing.

  • Marshawn

    I like J. Moss. He real, we need more people like him in gospel music. Sometimes people that are either Gospel performers or ministers get so caught up in keeping a squeaky clean image that people look at them as being inhuman, or not perfect.

    Life is life, because I’m a christian aint gona make my coming shorts any different then someone who is not. I tip my hat to J. Moss. He the real deal… No BS… SERIOUSLY. lol

    what we also gota realize is that he didn’t and doesn’t have to speak on the situation. Its really no ones business but his and his family’s. i can understand the disappointment from his fans… But the thing to remember is he is no different then me and you… shall we lay out all of our dirty laundry? lol. Cuz I have done things to shock millions. Main point is I have been restored yo.

    He is going to help many with this message. My respect level has soared for J. The album is straight fiyah. I’ve enjoyed his past work… but not like this. The album is seriously perfect.

    Ej you a winner, that’s all I can say man. Keep doing what you doing. You stepping all over these other gospel media heads.

  • Moe (Dj Excalibur)

    Great interview EJ!! I appreciate your willingness to discuss the situation and how God has restored J.Moss.

    It’s funny I copped his singles from itunes when you put the add up on here, just on the previous satisfaction of J’s previous cd’s. And “RESTORED” has been crankin’ and blessin’ me the whole summer (It’s made my itunes 25 Most Played Playlist, with the likes of Fred’s “Give Me a Clean Heart-so u know that “Restored” is serious!). Honestly, I would have never guessed this song was tied to his past situation (now testimony), but it explains the power behind this song (from melodies to the way it builds and of course his transparent lyrics). Def. gonna cop the cd this upcoming week.

    Honestly, it’s been a tough season and even year, for so many people (God’s folks and the lost), so this song really touches the core of people’s situations and gives you a better perspective on God’s ability to restore our lives from anything! From 1 man to 2 another, J.Moss, your transparency has really encouraged and sharpened me man!

    Lastly, the interview made me introspective about how I viewed/view gospel artist. I guess previous to hearing about this, I just would have never thought it would happen. I realized I placed them on a pedestal of being above making mistakes like these. So it helped me realize that though I don’t know J.Moss, he is human and vulnerable to the same things as me as a man. I think subconsciously, we think folks are above mistakes or reproach because they are on TBN or got a great cd out. When in fact, it’s our duty to “remember to cover them” as they go about doing the work of the Kingdom! (Great lesson learned for me)

    EJ, you are killing the interviews!!! It connects the everyday Christian to the artist they see on the tube. Keep it coming! Th

  • PZee

    Hey!! EJ, wonderful job, i love your site so much, i keep coming to it at least thrice daily inspite of my hectice schedule to nib at some new updates u put out there. Love ur transparent interview with J to bits. although i live in the UK, i have always followed J moss way back from his time producing Karen. Its just so good to see such honesty from him, am touched and need to be careful being that i am in the music ministry as well.
    EJ, one thing was missing in your interview, tot u would have asked J bout the music side of PAJAM, as in what artists and productions are they up to at the moment. anyways Good job Man.
    Be blessed.

  • DCov

    Words cannot express how much this interview blessed me! God bless you EJ & J Moss!

    God will get the glory out of this interview, & the new record!

  • camille b

    Thanks for speaking about it JM (you didn’t have to). Thanks for being honest and transparent.

    EJ, thanks for providing an honest venue for him to speak about it. We often have a warped sense of how restoration works; that we should never need it, that’s not the story of the bible.

    Thanks again.

  • Renee’

    EJ loved the interview. LOOK AT GOD!!!! I can only shake my head thanking God for both you and J Moss. I’m bout to have a hallelujah fit at my desk.

    J Moss, please know that you have blessed, encouraged and helped many with this interview. God will get the glory out of this. Be encouraged my brother.

    Can’t wait to get your new CD. You have blessed me with your wonderful instrument (voice) for years.




  • Jai

    Wow, this was a very REAL interview. I LOVE IT!!! I am a huge J.Moss fan and I love his honesty and the fact that he was candid and REAL about his trials. I love the fact that he was honest and said that it “felt good and he was comfortable” . If more Christians would be honest about temptations, I believe they will find them easier to overcome. I picked up a copy of Just James today and it is apparent that the “gifts of God are un-repentant” this guy has a true ANOINTING and God is magnified and exalted in his music. I love the fact that this album, reflects the TRUE, unaltered, voice of J.Moss–he’s a natural bred anointed singer. I hope this album sells more than all his others….this is true reflection of the RESTORING powers of GOD. Be Blessed!!!!

  • Jaccor

    Excellent interview..transparent..broken..WoW..can’t wait to see how God continues to use JM!

  • Glenda

    God is such a redeeming God. He is great, and I am grateful for his forgiveness and that THROUGH HIM, we can forgive others.
    Now, having said that, and I know someone is not going to like this, but I’d like to speak as a woman having gone through this similar situation. You see how I said “having gone through”? Well, I was the one on the receiving end of the extramarital affair, not the one who actually did it. Having said that, I just need to say that I just despise when someone does something and categorizes is as “going through” something, as though the actions or situation was somehow outside of their own sphere of control. Yes, the enemy tempts us, but the book of James says we are drawn away by our own desires and lusts. When I look back at some of the times I’ve seen J. Moss, I always got the feeling he was “feeling” himself. I know that there is restoration, but it seems we are too accepting of anything as long as someone is gifted. There has to be time, and PROVEN accountability before you are restored back to ministry; back to your rightful place. You never lose your place in God when there is repentance, but the place of leadership has to go through a testiing period. Of course I don’t know if all those things took place, but I sincerely do hope so. If not, this trap of the enemy is not just a thing of the past. It is not something you just overcome and never have to contend with again. It takes all the fruits of the spirit, and an accountability mentor to walk with you. I pray that you are still in the PROCESS, J. and that you keep this weakness ever before you, (Psalm 51) so that you do not fall again in this same manner.

  • Tiffany

    I pray for the child this man wanted aborted, and the woman that courageously gave birth to that child. Instead of buying a J. Moss album, you so called “Christians” need to support organizations that help women and children that are truly suffering in this economy. I volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center and we barely have the resources to help women who get put in terrible situations because of men who completely abandon their responsibilities. It saddens me and angers me that you people are praising this dude instead of praising our merciful Lord and Savior. Take off the ipod and pick up a bible before it is too late.

  • Janice

    Ok. Now I’m tired. Let’s be real and honest. The only “victim” in this situation is the child. Please don’t come trying to slander JMoss if you’re not going to the same to the woman who laid down with him, KNOWING HE HAD A WIFE!!! Praise God for her decision to have the baby. I agree that that is courageous. But I’m not naive to assume that all of her motives were pure, when they obviously weren’t from the beginning.

    As one who has hit “rock bottom” before, I wish we as Christians and people who consider ourselves noble would realize that sometimes we are all victim only to our own sinful natures. Let’s try not to sugar coat that.

    And Tiffany, since you’ve encouraged us to pick up a Bible, let’s think about how unfair it was for the religious leaders of the New Testament times to solely blame and desire to stone to death the woman who committed adultery, without assigning any responsibility to the man who committed it with her. And, Tiffany, you’ve done that today. If you’re not willing to assign blame to the woman, maybe you shouldn’t be willing to assign blame to JMoss. If the woman is worthy of grace and redemption, then so is JMoss. I don’t agree with either of their decisions to commit adultery. But God can redeem anyone and anything. You can’t be mad just because JMoss has the platform to talk about his redemption.

    It, too, saddens me that many women are in crisis situations. But just blaming men that you don’t see does not help them.

  • EJ

    @Tiffany: I think what bothers me is that I, or any of the readers of my blog, would be called “so-called Christians” for being glad about redemption. As you (an apparently “real” Christian) should appreciate, the entirety of the Bible you’d like us to “pick up” is a story of redemption… not a showcase of failures.

    I was incredibly disappointed with J Moss when I learned of his failure. But how, in your estimation, is he, or any one of us, ever SUPPOSED to be forgiven, because there, but for the grace of God, go I. It seems that you require much more than Christ requires… as far as man can see, he has repented. He’s a work in progress, one day at a time… and for THAT, we praise GOD.

    I pray that you never fall short of your own standards… there doesn’t appear to be much room for redemption or forgiveness in your law.

    But I thank God for grace.

    • Tara

      Women have to take accountability for helping to ensnare so many men. It's one thing when it's happening to unbeliever's but when it rears its ugly head in the church, it's another. We talk about men fantasizing and 'sexualizing' women, but so many women sit in church Sunday after Sunday having sex in their minds with their pastors, deacons, choir directors, ministers of music etc. Don't let a brother lose his wife, then the vultures are circling. A man cannot fall where there is no temptation present. Women…looking for a pair of pants, to get taken care of or to satisfy a lustful desire are as guilty as the men who cheat and maybe worse if she is the one who leads a good man astray. Stop pushing up on men stroking their egos to satisfy 'YOU'. So many babies are conceived on purpose to have a strangle hold on men. As someone stated previously, the only victim is the child. Why do we not hold these women accountable? Many children are neglected and abused by these same women when the trick fails. Life is far too precious and God is far to real. It is holiness or hell and the greatest challenge to us all is SIN. Look at yourself in the mirror daily and monitor yourself. How are you lining up with the word. Repentance is always in order but accountability leads to credibility. Our ultimate goal as believers is to live with integrity. Always do what is right even when your flesh wants to do wrong. Continue to hold all of those who minister the gospel to a dying world because these are the individuals the enemy wants to silence. They are deadly to the kingdom of darkness when he cannot touch them. As King David did many times, Bro. Moss has done likewise. Only God knows the heart and if God has RESTORED, case closed.


    GO JMOSS. I’m amazed at what happens when Christians can be transparent about their shortcomings. Church folks have a hard time just being real about their struggles because of the environment. Some of this is healthy in the sense that we never want those who name the name of Christ to continue in sin. However, on the flip side when we fall, as we do, it’s important God gives us the grace to walk through the CONSEQUENCES and the PROCESS as J Moss said.

  • Tiffany

    EJ, give it a rest. This is same tired and weak argument that someone throws out there when they don’t want to deal with the real. This man tried to kill his own child, and has shown no remorse about that. All he is talking about is his own humiliation. He has a platform to speak out against the disgusting narcissism that leads to abortion and instead he is busy trying to sell records and line his pockets. You can be deceived by this charlatan all you want, but I am going to follow Christ and die daily, submitting to the Lord for the renewal of my mind. We are ALL works in progress, yet we will never progress until we admit fully our depraved nature, something J. Moss has clearly not done.

  • Tamarra

    @Tiffany- I don’t think J. Moss has tried to necessarily gloss over the fact that he entertained thoughts other than letting the mother of the child give birth. However, it was just a thought. Many of us have thoughts. Some thoughts in themselves are sin, and some without action are just thoughts that represent the free will God has given us.

    He admits he made plenty of mistakes in this ordeal. While we are not privileged to each and every mistake (sin) of omission or commission that he made we are aware that he has asked God for forgiveness of ALL of them. What I think people are applauding is not his past sins, but his candor and willingness to be transparent. You admitted to dying daily, but that’s exactly what he’s trying to do. If he’s trying to taking up his cross then who are we to try and remind him of the sins for which he’s been forgiven? The child is just one sin that we know of and we can’t use that as ammunition against him because it’s what we know. Not to trivialize abortion but for all we know that one decision (that never took place) may have been the least of things for which God brought him through.

  • EJ


    My blog is one that demonstrates grace, regardless of the level of offense. The same grace that’s been extended to you, for sins you’ve confessed and those you don’t even realize you’ve committed, is the same grace that God is prepared to shower on J.

    I won’t go back and forth with you, as that will only serve to detract from God’s redeeming work in J Moss’ life. In the end, it’s not about J’s interview, your hurt feelings, or this blog– Christ is being glorified in J’s life and J is being made whole.

  • DMG15

    @Tiffany: You really sent me to the Bible on this one! My first thought was to suggest you read Matthew 7:1 “Judge not, that you be not judged”, ’cause that’s the FIRST thing I think of whenever I hear someone talk about “so-called Christians”. However . . . before I could finish reading that chapter, I went to Matthew 6 which, in addition to gently advising us against the ways of hypocrites, contains The Lord’s Prayer.

    So Tiffany, please give thought to the verse that follows (Matthew 6:14), “For if you forgive them their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you”. Perhaps a more thorough reading of the Bible will ease some of the pain and suffering in your life.

    GOD bless you for providing me with an opportunity to reflect on what it REALLY means to be a Christian. Keeping you in prayer!

  • martha

    im a fan but i have not heard the just james project. i lost my job so im unable to afford it. i pray for you all j.

  • Paul

    I am blown away once again, at how God takes our mistakes and gives us the choice of destroying ourselves or becoming victorious through Him! I’m not only glad that James chose LIFE and he is totally transparent about his former infidelity, but his wife’s choice to STAY and help her husband to heal! I’m sorry, but THAT is God’s love working very mightily!!!!
    I pray for the Moss family and all other gospel music artists struggling with similar afflictions, and that they be purified through Jesus, so that they may let their lights shine for HIM. In the name of Jesus!

  • Renee’

    If you haven’t purchased J. Moss’ cd yet, please do.

    This is the best CD I’ve purchased in 2009. I’ve been playing it everyday since I purchased it on the day it came out. God’s dna is all over it.

    J you knocked this one out of the park.

  • Chelle

    I am a fan of J Moss, but hadn’t heard of this situation. Initial reaction-shock, but I’m glad I heard it first through this interview. EJ, you did not inflame the situation, but allowed him to speak candidly and from the heart. I didn’t hear lame excuses from him, and you didn’t try to grill him or crucify him to make yourself look good. This was a mature conversation about a serious situation that because of the way it was presented and its tone will be able to minister to God’s people on many different levels.
    Thank God for restoration. I will continue to support J. Moss and pray for him and his family. I must applaud his wife. She is obviously a prudent wife with a true love walk that not many would be able or willing to stand on. He, as I’m sure he knows, is blessed to have her by his side.
    By the way, this was my first introduction to your blog. I will definitely frequent this site because of the graceful way you handled this interview.

  • EJ

    @Chelle: May God bless ya! I’m glad you enjoyed the interview. Glad to have you aboard! 🙂

  • Angela Coleman

    REAL….J Moss is real and I applaud him for his honesty. People can be delivered because he simply told the truth and didn’t try to justify his sin. Thanks J. Moss – I love your music! I will continue to buy it and listen to it. You and your family are in my prayers.

  • rockel joseph

    i think that its a good thing that you have that happening to people that dont care

  • rockel joseph

    i hope things work out fine for you

  • rockel joseph

    i think that you are a good preson and i wont to say that i could sing to im going to do something to put it on line so people could know about me

  • Steve Clark

    This is an awesome blog and my first time visiting. I’ve heard rumors concerning J Moss so I figured I would search the web and find out for myself. I have to admit, I was SHOCKED when I discovered the fall of J Moss and Ms. Hughes. Completely! I was even more shocked at how, according the interview, he requested to have an abortion, and then only paid minimal in support of the child that lead to further court proceedings. It was shocking to me because of the anointing that flows from J’s albums. I’ve purchased all of his projects, including other PAJAM projects and have been blessed by his ministry. He’s ministry-style is urbanisque and is something that allow my kids to listen to.
    As far as the sin, I think a lot of people are really missing out what repentance really means. J said in the interview that he never would’ve told his wife until the news came out. Conviction never set in with him until he got caught. He even said he was still enjoying what he had. Contriteness was needed because he didn’t feel conviction. Once the consequences and results of the sin was exposed is when we began to see conviction and repentance that includes deliverance. Whever sin is, grace abounds. Grace isn’t just there to remove guilt but also commands a change in behavior to prevent this from happening again.
    I’m disappointed at J and Ms. Hughes, but I also understand God’s grace and what deliverance is. If his wife of 13 years can forgive him, if his children can forgive him, and most importantly….if God can forgive him then what right does the court of public opinion have to punish him. The message that should also be learned is to all the anointed men and women out there who are walking upright and living a holy life… don’t have to fall to get up stronger. Strength also comes with consistency.
    I will continue to support J Moss’s ministry and will use his failure as an example to my sons; not just in what can happen when you “go to Florida” but how one night of sin has a lifetime of consequences.

  • Priscilla

    This interview was great, I didnt know about all of this until I googled his name. I bought the CD and I really like the growth. EJ, is he in the childs life??? Many times when this happens like most black men they move on without the child. He came from a God fearing family and I expect better from him. I love his music but cannot and will not support him as an artist if he doesnt support his child…..

  • Hi Ej. I was touched by your interview with J.may God increase your wisdom and enlarge your ministry.. Abt d critics of J,some times i wonder why some believers talk as if they themselves are too holy to be tempted or fall for temptation.the only thing we

    Hosanna. From Nigeria.

  • Ericka

    Glad to have this J Moss rather than the old one. As mu Pastor says, "Maintain your Deliverance!" Once your delivered, it takes daily maintenance to stay delivered. Maintain it. Bless:)

  • P. Dillard

    Here's a thought, maybe through the grace of God J. Moss would be willing to donate part of proceeds from his album sales to organizations that help single mothers. God can and will get the glory out of any situation if we let Him. My prayer is that we strive to be merciful and compassionate as Jesus was. Real love covers a multitude of sins and we should love one another and seek to reach out and help others especially if we have the financial means to do so. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. True love is an action word, Lets put love into action. Amen


    The Black Church needs to be constantly reminded that God has said that the flesh shall not be glorified! We in the Black Church are guilty of giving glory to our Black Gospel Artists and praising them with their swagger more than we should give all of the glory to God!!!

  • Marvel Eromon Aigbogun

    James Moss God bless you. The All Mighty God shall guide you on this new step u have taking n his anointing will be with you always. Go tell the world the great news which the lord has given unto thee.