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Slept On: Monique Walker – My Genesis

Many folks anticipated a solo project from Monique Walker while she was still killin’ leads with Hezekiah Walker & Love Fellowship Crusade Choir. Years later, she gives it and what did y’all do?  Slept On it.

Tea For One Sets width=”125″ height=”125″ />Well, I didn’t!  The project was released last year and I still listen to it on the regular. Any Monique Walker fan would be super duper thrilled about her debut solo project, My Genesis.  She provides a variety of musical styles, from praise & worship to churchy ballads, and even some great urban stuff.  With production from heavy-hitters like Kevin Bond, Steven Ford, Fred Jerkins and Cedric Thompson, the album is masterfully crafted and well-done.

The single, “Crazy Praise,” didn’t get nearly enough play at radio, in my opinion.  Other fave tracks for me are “Psalm 61,” “Tried In The Fire,” “Starting Over,” “Right Now” (wowwww), “Greatest Gift,” and “I Can Make It.”

Here’s a video of her singing “Tried In The Fire,” on TBN. Watch… it’ll bless ya:

Do you have this album?  Did you sleep on it?  Talk to me!

  • gospelfan

    Got the album.

    Yep people slept on it. But I can see why. The production, song selections, bkgd vocals, and Monique was superb! Awesome Job. I really like the album.

    But overall marketing, graphic design, promotion of this project was very weak and hurt the overall presentation of this album.

    If you’re going to spend money on quality production people, please make sure you allocate enough money in your budget for quality graphic design and great marketing/promotions team.

    It’s good to have a well musically produced project, but without the marketing dollars, no one will hear or support it.


    Why do you think people slept on it? I didn’t see very much promotion or press on her.

  • Klugh

    Truthfully initially there was a lot of buzz about the album but the release date kept getting pushed back until I think people forgot or didn’t know the the album was released (case in point me, I didn’t know the album had been released.) I will go check it out. Thanks EJ for bringing to our attention.

  • Brenden

    I, too, have the album and it was slept on majorly!!!!!

    The live tracks are the bomb! Dennis Reed and G.A.P (I think that’s their name) did a wonderful job with the vocals! The songs were suited for her…and I agree with EJ, “Crazy Praise” wasn’t given the credit it was due. Great CD…but you know how things/people are with artists who aren’t “major label”….

  • Estyle

    I just recently became aware that the project was release. Honestly, even when I heard it, I wasn’t too excited. It was a big departure from what we are used to from her. Crazy Praise is my favorite song. Other than that, the album didn’t offer me much. Sometime it is not a great idea to stray so far away from what people are used to on the debut. I love new cutting edge, ministry merged with artistry, not all fan are alike.

  • B Moore

    @ Brenden

    You are right that is their name. (Dennis Reed and G.A.P) They are in the studio now working on their second cd. They are also killing background vocals on LeJeune Thopmson cd.

  • me

    “Put it down crack head…put it down crack head…put it, put it, put it down crack head…”

    true fans would know what i’m talkin bout…LOL

  • luda

    have to agree with estyle, the project was just ok for me. My favorite is “more of your glory”. I love that song. There were a couple other songs that were cool, but I wouldnt say it was slept on. I expected a lil more especially with the big name producers that were on there and too was a lil disappointed with the graphic design.

  • luvgoodsangin


    who wrote ‘more of your glory’?

  • luda


    can’t recall, and I don’t have my cd jacket on me. I LOVE the vamp to that song!


    would have to agree, the choir sounded great.

  • tory terron

    I remember her from “God of a Second Chance” and “Let’s Dance”. And I remember seeing her on a TBN program with CeCe Winans, but other than that, I just slept…in deep hibernaton. I will listen to the album after this though.

  • Chad


    LOL hey but that was her song and she saaaang that song too God of a second chance will probably always go down as a Hezekiah Classic if not a Gospel Classic and favorite

    I’ll admit I did sleep on that album but i think it was because the promotion I have to agree with gospelfan you should put as much money in marketing you put into production, myself being a graphic designer I can see why it exactly didn’t “pop out” but more importantly it should be about the artist and Monique is a great artist. The only song I’m familiar with is Crazy Praise and that’s because our kids choir at my church be rippin that song to pieces!!! seriously they get down lol

  • jones

    Im glad someone brought this up, because Monique was majorly slept on. I picked up the album on a whim ( something I rarely do,but it was on sale) and really enjoyed it. “we need your glory” was a highlight for me and the prodduction was clear and on point. It’s a shame it didn’t get the marketing it deserved.

  • Raven

    I slept on it. I heard her on the radio singing a remake of one of the songs she did with Hez and LFC. It sounded great! Is it on this cd too? I like the song that you posted EJ. I think I have to get this one.

  • Ryan

    Yes this was slept on unfortunately, BUT I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! This album was a breath of fresh air for me much like Lejuene Thompson’s cd. I love Monique on worship tunes. Some of my faves are “Tried In The Fire” “Starting Over” “Psalms 61” and “More Od Your Glory.” Oh yeah “Crazy Praise” was crazy sick. That was my summer jam

  • Crossed

    right about the graphics.. But i only saw 1 piece of graphics i think it was the album cover..

  • Senequa McKissic (NEQU)

    I know that I am late BUT My name is Senequa I got by Nequ, or Ten Notches whichever you prefer. I am apart of Dennis Reed and GAP. I am an alto you can find us on myspace at we are also on facebook. Dennis wrote Crazy Praise for whoever asked (cant remember lol) but Yes. Im not saying this because I was apart of the CD but I think Monique Did a wonderful job… The only thing is the release date did keep getting pushed back for what reason I have not the slightest clue… Thanks to all the critique and feedback though ya’ll Im sure Monique Appreciates it as well as DR n GAP… SEE YALL SOON!

  • Cherry

    OMG this record is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shame on everyone for sleeping on this one!!!! More of your Glory is my fave!!!!


    hey gurl its jewel! i don't think you need a cd to minister to people. its not the same as in person. people are always gonna voice their opinion but the main focus is left out and that's GOD! he should get all the glory…i love you girl and i missed you since i've moved to jackson, ms. i will be in ny with devon kelly in july 2010. i hope to see you then.
    keep singing for God…i've always been blessed by your singing….WUB U