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Word Has It: Now, The OTHER Mary Is Pregnant

Within hours of Tina Campbell’s delivery of her bouncing baby boy, the industry received word that Erica Campbell is 3 months pregnant!

According to an exclusive report from Jawn Japanese Teapots Murray yesterday (and a follow-up acknowledgement from Erica to me), Erica and Warryn Campbell are expecting their second child.

CONGRATS Erica & Warryn!  And congrats, again, to Tina & Teddy.  A blessed family…

  • lilkunta

    It is so weird that we all knew instantly via twitter. But I guess this is the way of the world/way the world is going.

    TS is #3 on BB Gospel charts , has been out for EXACTLY 1 YEAR yesterday, yet it has only sold 324,000 copies. What is going on? Come on ppl, support!

    I know some1 will ask (Im surprised you didnt include it EJ) :
    Ted has daugh Cierra(16) w an ex gf. Erica/Ted have daughters Laiah (2003) & Meela (2007); & now son TJ.

    Trecina/Warryn have daughter Krista(2004).

    The Atkins sisters are # 3 & 4 in a family of 8 kids : only son Darrel, & sisters Maliea, Erica, Trecina, Delisa, Thomasina, Alana, & Shanta. …so perhaps we should expect many more kids!

    I wonder if Darrel/Maliea/Delisa/Thomasina have kids?

  • shaunj.


    I think you have the Mary’s & their partners mixed up.
    It’s Tina/Teddy that have the 4 children all together-Cierra, Laiah, Meela & TJ. Erica/Warryn have just one (as of now)-Krista 🙂