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Ted Winn

EJ Gaines
November 10, 2009

In the current music industry climate, it’s refreshing to see artists who have taken the time to actually develop, rather than simply throwing an album into the marketplace.  And, in the gospel industry, I tend to expect that level of commitment to one’s ministry.

With his debut project, Balance, Ted Winn enters the gospel marketplace as a solo artist with grace, purpose, and a sound that is certain– a reflection of his experience in this industry Cast Iron Teapots and a decided commitment to God’s timing.

The 11-track musical offering tends to present Winn as more of an ensemble leader than a solo artist (perhaps a la Hawkins or Crouch), but it’s clear that he is, at all times, the captain at the helm of this album’s sound.  Writing on all but one of the tracks (a remake of “Moving Forward” by Israel Houghton & Ricardo Sanchez), Winn demonstrates that he shines as brightly behind the scenes as on stage.

Standout tracks for me include the album opener, “Connected To The Kingdom” and “His Favor,” featuring Vanessa Bell Armstrong, both of which are high-energy tunes with a bit of a throwback vibe to them.  “Reap” and “Trust His Name” are both more mellow grooves that display the vocal agility for which Winn is well-known.

Other gems on the project include the worship track “Oh My Soul,” which is reminiscent of a beautifully penned Richard Smallwood ballad (the song is, in fact, inspired by Smallwood, Winn’s mentor) and “Great Is Our God.”  The latter tune is both catchy (it’s an instant Sunday-morning praise team or choir hit) and cleverly done, in that it features Winn in right company with three of the industry’s other new, premier male vocalists– DeWayne Woods, Jonathan Nelson and Myron Butler.

In short, Ted Winn’s Balance provides just that– a collection of great music able to both nourish and encourage the Body of Christ.  It’s an impressive debut project worth purchasing.

You can click here to check it out.

  • Novella

    EJ, I am loving Ted’s CD!
    Please don’t sleep on this one people, support this brother because he has really blessed the world with a wonderful project. I am spreading the word about it!

  • matthew5and9

    I bought this cd and was pleasantly surprised. Many people that get in my car enjoy the journey he takes the listener through. Ted, you did an excellent job with little theatrics and runs and rifts. It’s something great that I love working with in the background.

  • ByronN.

    Ted Winn’s project is EXCELLENT. “Great is Our God” is a favorite. He definitely has a vision.

  • Joe

    I am wearing out Ted’s “Balance” CD! It’s just so anointed and well-crafted. God has certainly blessed Ted with a gift for powerful, insightful and introspective lyrics, as well as the ability to set those lyrics to wonderful melodies. I hope his music reaches the masses, so that it can minister to their hearts and spirits like it ministers to mine.

    Well done, Ted. I’m excited to see what God does through you next!

  • Joyce Pettis

    Where can I purchase this CD of Ted inn? It is a must haven a daily basis for the spiritual soul.

  • EJ

    @Joyce Pettis–

    This is an awesome album. Click here to listen and purchase it at!