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Gearing Up: Deon Kipping To Record Live This Month

Singer/songwriter Deon Kipping and his group, New Covenant, are gearing up to record a new live project.  The recording will take place at 6pm, Saturday, November 28th at Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Bridgeport, CT.

In addition to his own artistry, Kipping Electric Teapots is responsible for penning such gospel hits as “Praise Him In Advance” (Marvin Sapp) and “Incredible God, Incredible Praise” (JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise).

Click here to view the full flyer for the event!

Anyone planning to attend?

  • Joe

    This is great news! I loved their first project, and was wondering when they would release another one. Glad to hear that it’s in the works!

  • liz

    I love Deon he is awesome and God is definitely doing and going to do GREAT THINGS in his life

  • Angela

    I am glad to hear that a new able is soon to come. I am still listening and enjoying their first project.. it is such a blessing. Deon is really an anointed and talented man of God.

  • Soft Spoken Prophet

    I know the project is gonna be fire. Deon is one of the most talented dudes in the game right now. Awesome ministry gift. I’m gonna need to reserve my copy in advance. Cait wait 4 the recording!

  • Courtney Williams

    I’ve been a follower of Deon Kipping for years now. His ministry has always been a blessing to me. His music never gets old and he never ceases to amaze me! Minister Deon has a message for the nations and his Live Recording will be SPECTACULAR! WORLD: GET READY!!!

  • Steve King Jr – APA – 1906

    Awesome, awesome, awesome….

    Unfortunately, Evelyn and I will be in Louisiana for Thanksgiving.

    However, continue to let the Lord use you… Lord willing, we’ll see you again soon!

  • Keya

    This is such a blessing, I already have my ticket, I can’t wait. I know I will be blessed. Keep up the GREAT work Deon.

  • Seidel

    God has really blessed you to music that has reached the world, I look forward to hearing your project!


    Very gifted, blessed and talented artist. Looking forward to this event and his movement is gaining momentum. A very influential artist with a great large following of young people. Keep your eye on Deon Kipping and New Covenant!

  • candace

    He is an awesome man of God! His music is annoined and I can’t wait fioir his new project!!!! 🙂

  • J.eason

    Been knowing Deon musically for yrs not only is he a humble dude but he defintely puts his all into his music he is defintely one of my role models and i love to see him in worship. I cant wait to hear another sample on friday night. Again Deon your killing me with the sample I still got the song you did a few months ago..Rebirth will defintely be in the building later on this month to support your new project…p.s…can you put JESUS on there

  • David J. Driskill

    I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE CD TO COME OUT!!!! I’m gonig to tell everyone about, and I mean EVERYONE! I met Deon at GMWA and just by talking to him for 5 minutes made an impact on me. His annointing and just the way he chooses to live to live his life for God and represent the kingdom is such an inspiration to me. I’m 18 years old, and I can’t wait to get where Deon is in music and in everything else. Great man of God. SUPPORT DKNC!!!

  • Preston Davis

    I’ve known Deon Kipping for many years now. I know God is going to do wonderful things for him and his group. I believe he can change the world through his music. I still listen to their first album and it still blesses me. I’m very excited about the live recording!! I’m positive I will hear Beautiful, Anointed, TIMELESS music. Everyone please lets support our Kingdom Workers. God Bless DKNC!

    P. Davis

  • beats2lyrics

    You don’t wanna miss this Live Recording…its going to be more than a concert …its going to be an experience. please buy tickets online at This recording will complete last phase of the sophomore project from Deon Kipping and New Covenant. (release date tba) Great things are on the horizon for this Brotha and his camp…please believe it…!!!

  • S.Jackson

    I can’t wai!!! I’m still listening to the first cd.

  • Lynn

    I know the Live Recording is going to be bananas – nothing but pure worship. His ministry should be heard across the world – and it will in due time. He has definitely touched the innermost parts of my soul with the words and adoration he sings to God. I find myself humming the tunes – so simple, but yet so sweet. I’m so excited to see where God will take you and how He will use you to reach the multitudes. Stay focused and prayerful. May God continue to bless you and show His favor upon you!