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Word Has It: Live Recordings From Jonathan Nelson, Then Jason Nelson

Word has it that Jonathan Nelson is in the process of planning his next live recording.  According to a Twitter message he sent yesterday, the event will take place on February 26th in Florida.

Then, as if that wasn’t exciting enough, his twin Electric Teapots brother, Pastor Jason Nelson, sent a Twitter message announcing that, after his bro’s recording, HE’S doing a live recording in March!  If you could only SEE how hard I’m smiling… :mrgreen:

So… great music comin’ from the Nelson brothers in 2010.  Details will follow, but you kinda already know each recording is gonna be THE place to be.  I wanna go!

Anyone planning to attend either or both of the events?

  • Renee’

    This is wonderful news. I love the music of these two brothers. They have written songs that will TAKE YOU IN.

    Jason Nelson is a beast. His voice is like NO OTHER!!

  • ray

    Looking forward to hearing these two projects! I wonder if they will ever do a cd together?! Now THAT would be IT right there!!!

  • ray

    I have 2 add that it would be nice to have anotha “twin” group in gospel…havent been one since The O’Neal Twins…

  • Jaccor

    I will definitely make Jason’s..(only because its closer) I was at Jonathan’s last one and it was truly a blessing!

  • Odi

    The Nelson Bros!!! I’m excited. I really enjoyed Jonathan’s last project. That song “Only You” whew my God.

    I love Jason and his voice 🙂 This is great.

  • v4c

    Hallelujah! It’s about time. Won’t make it to FL but if Jason’s is in Bmore, I’m there!


    I wonder if Jonathan is still signed to Integrity??

  • JoJo

    Good news, good news. I am really looking forward to Joanthan Nelson’s Live Recording next year.

  • Mandi

    Those are my bros!! I love them and will be in great support at each location!

    ps.really nice site you have here. Be Encouraged and keep up the good work.