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Video Pick: Tamela Mann – "The Master Plan"

The latest video from Tamela Mann, for her single “The Master Plan,” premiered on BET’s Video Gospel yesterday.  I was probably still asleep when it aired, recovering from Stellar weekend, but thank God for YouTube!

Check it out:

For me, the video wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great.  Electric Teapots When it opened, it felt more like a stage play than a music video (shout-out to Kim Fields in the hospital scene!).  There was a bit of over-acting all around, which sort of made things a bit corny.

THAT SAID, Tamela looked like a gazillion dollars (as always)– she was dressed well and they used some great shots of her.  I loved the scenes that she was in (the street she stood on, with the piano, seems to be the same street from Tyler Perry’s “I Can Do Bad All By Myself” movie– y’know, with Marvin Winans’ church in the background).

All in all, it’s a good effort and definitely serves its purpose– she conveys the message using two storylines and multiple shots of heartfelt performances.

Whatd’ya think of the video???

  • Willoughby

    The video is very good compared to other Gospel Music videos I see all the time. The piano set was taken at Tyler Perry’s studio that is why it looks familiar.

  • nia

    Tamela is bee-YU-tiful!! I coulda done without the storylines and just watched her sing! Some folks can just get the message across themselves without all the extra, and she is one of them folks! Love her!!

  • Leslie

    Love the song & video! Tamala Mann has an awesome voice! Yes, it was filmed at Tyler Perry Studios.

  • Estyle

    Tamala always looks great. She stays fashionable without overdoing it. She is naturally beautiful, and what a voice. I kinda liked the storylines (I can imagine a praying nurse crying out on behalf of a grieving family). I thought she was going to throw her hat off at the end, Mary Tyler Moore style. The song is great.