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Word Has It: Latice Crawford & Jeff Spain Reality Show On BET

Dunno if you knew it, but Sunday Best contestants Latice Crawford and Jeff Spain met during the nationwide talent competition and have been inseparable ever since.

Now, not only are they getting married, but BET Cast Iron Teapots is giving them their own reality show, Almost Married, chronicling their relationship and leading up to the big day!  The show will premiere THIS SUMMER… I’ll keep you updated on airdates and times.

I think it’s great that they found love, but having recently gotten married, I dunno that I’d want a camera following me around during an already STRESSFUL time like that.  My wife raised a good point, too– not only is it all on film, but the nation is gonna feel entitled to COMMENT on every aspect of their budding relationship.  I pray that their relationship can withstand that type of pressure… cuz it’s NO JOKE.

Whatd’ya think?  You tuning in???

  • Keisha

    Umm…what….who….and WHY?

    They’re just handing out reality shows to ANYBODY. :-/

    • pumpkin

      I was thinking the exact same thing. Are we that desperate for reality tv? Not everyone watches Sunday's Best and if so you would think the reality show would go to the winner
      who would be the more famous. Latrice and Jeff who? let's have a reality show on the judges. i would certainly watch that.

  • Rae

    are they serious?!?!?

    i’m NOT hating, but i will NOT watch this MESS.
    #1 WHO ARE THEY?
    #2WHO CARES?
    #3 WTDTA??

    BET, get a clue, PLEASE.


    …ummm, and THEY are?! what do we know about them?! why do we care?! **think again**

  • SB

    BET…*hangs head*

  • FalTinSC

    I’m sure they’re great ppl, but I can’t see too many ppl being interested in the show. I hardly keep up with Sunday Best let alone these guys. BET do better…

  • v4c

    I’m with you, EJ. Relationships are hard enough on their own without the cameras and opinions of others.

    I don’t watch BET anyway, lol. And this won’t change that.

  • I think cameras could b intrusive, but if any network approached any one of us and said they found our life stories interesting(enuff to pitch a reality show), would we tell them NO! Nobody knows me? The viewership of Season 2 of Sunday Best was over a million households……I think its exciting for them…watch the writing BET….

    • pumpkin

      i can see where you're coming from but still; they are no more special than any of the other contestants. So should they get reality shows also? I have a feeling that this was pitched to BET instead of vice versa. I wish them the best in where ever purpose take them to; and whatever God's will is for there life will manifest itself. It may be this reality show; but I still feel people are growing tired of the drama of relationships as shown on reality tv. This is getting old. I can only speak for myself; but I will not be watching.

  • Jayofunity

    I remember these two from Sunday Best ain trying to down nobody congrats to them both but honestly are they that important to have their own reality show. I mean its jus weird who thought of this? They could put this show on the air but cant keep 106 & Gospel…..come on BET we can get better then this!

  • Jenise LaVonne

    Totally excited about this show! Congrats to both of them!!! God is GREAT!!!

  • Eric Stancil

    Maybe “if” they both are truly saved and following how the word of
    God says married people should live the world will see how marriage is supposed to be. On the other hand I agree with most of ya’ll it might be a bit too eary!

  • Anthony

    Well congratulations to them but a reality show may be a bit much.

  • T. Giles

    GREAT NEWS……I’ll be watching!!!!!!!!!

  • Tami

    Ok…I’m ready to get slammed :)…but come on guys…maybe alot of people may not know who they are, but those of us that do…CAN WE JUST SUPPORT THEM!!!! Let’s just pray that they are Godly examples and maintain Godly principles through the show. This could be a great way to allow God to show Himself!

    Now I agree with EJ’s wife. I wouldn’t necessarily do it because it is intrusive and marriage is hard enough without the cameras. But since they are doing the show, let’s just undergird them!

  • ebonisun

    Awww, that’s sweet – I had no idea!

  • Liz

    I just ran into Latice and she is just a sweet heart! I am so looking forward this show. She told me look forward there will be more coming soon and I had no ideal that she meant a reality show. Wow, God rain down on me!lol

  • Michael Jenkins

    Not a big fan of the show, but since it features Latice;then I will give it a try. However I would point out, that gospel artist have to be very careful with putting their marriage on camera. How are we different from the world if we are doing the same thing they are doing? Jesus did not call us to be entertainers, but servants so I hope that Latice and Jeff know that. I am not judging the show right away, because It has`nt premiered yet, but I hope that the gospel of Jesus Christ is not blind by a secular arena!

  • Marnette Crawford Jennings

    Do you have relatives via way of Barbados, W.I.? My grandfather, uncle and cousin were pastors via way of Barbados to Montreal to Toronto. I also am an ordained pastor from Toronto via to Cheektowago (Buffalo) New York. We are missing a great uncle, John, who lived in Brooklyn, New York and has ancestors still living there.

    Please let me know if any of this information relates to you?

  • achawkins

    Congratulations you two and I enjoyed you on Sunday best.

  • Nichelle

    It’s amazing how people can only find the negative in anything. We watch all kinds of television… including church services. How is that any different than a reality show? There’s cameras, people who control the audience, commercials, saved and secular people paraded in front of us etc., people guiding the message they want us to receive VIA TV, so why judge one person’s way of reaching their ministry, just because you don’t have an air date/time? We need to learn to be happy for each other and stop chopping away at each other’s accomplishments.
    Last time I checked, GOD was Judge and Jury… and none of us were recruited for Jury Duty, so stop judging!

    • pumpkin

      wow! you sound more angry than supportive. People are going to say what they feel. No one is judging; just telling the truth; and God IS all about the truth. Be blessed and stop stressing over something you have no control over. It's not that serious. I'm sure BET is interested in hearing feedback from its viewers, thus the reason we are allowed to make comments. If Latice and Jeff are purposed to be successful in this show; then nothing can by no means stop it; but BET still wants to hear from us. its called ratings! 🙂

  • Lou


    Y is it that u claim we r “judging” when we are merely giving our OPINIONS? Clearly, ur a family member or friend of these 2. I know too many ppl like u. If some1 says something that YOU don’t agree with, u call it “hating” or “judging”. NEWSFLASH: its a free country so I’m entitled to my opinion! Get ur panties untangled…

  • Nichelle

    lol. wow Lou, such an intelligent response. Thank you. However, opinions are laced with judgments since you’re giving your view… or judgment on the situation. I am a fan of great music and ministry. Perhaps if we learned to be happy for one another more often, we can see the accomplishments made as a whole. As a people.

    From what I see, they are promoting marriage, commitment to God’s word and to one another. You are so quick to assume I would only promote this because I am a friend, so what does that say about you, NOT endorsing it? Anyway, I am happy for them just like I’m happy for anyone who doesn’t give in to the distractions of the world and works hard to see their dreams come to fruition.

    Whatever your accomplishments, Lou…. congrats on them as well.

  • M. French

    To all those non-believers: Just because you don’t think that they are important does not mean that God says their not; evidently He has a plan for them. Whether they do it together or apart He still has a plan for them. Now Latice is my girl and she does not even know me. I am just blown with your tone in your voice; so unique to me. I wish you could turn some of my poems into music. May God bless you and Jeff with your many blessings that He has bestowed upon you. Waiting to hear something from you girl, I am a fan…

  • Lorraine Burnett

    Congragulations to both Latice and Jeff. Iwatched them on Sunday
    Best and I thought they were both fantastic. I don’t see anything
    wrong with the reality show at all. I think it can be refreshing if
    it is done with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. If we can tune in
    to thousands of show about the world and all their drama, I
    don’t think it would be harmful to see how the saved folk roll as
    well. This could be a great eye opener and learning experience
    for young couples who are in relationships. I say Go for it!
    I hope they rock it!

  • Nana

    I watch BET and especially Sunday Best ardently from the UK, I couldn’t have been happier for Latice and Jeff. May God shower his blessings on your union, and may he lift you up massively above your peers, so you can heal and bless people the world over, with your voices. Wishing you a succesful show….. God bless you.

  • The LAST station I would want to air my new marriage on would be BET. BET (unlike those of other networks with reality shows), has the added "advantage" of entertaining primarily colored folks. And boy can they act a fool! I think we should have all learned a lesson from Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachae about the benefits and disadvantages of having the very private, and very tricky day to day happenings of a brand new marriage broadcast for the world. I am very excited for their marriage, and pray that they be led to the right decisions daily, despite the cameras, the pressure, and the media. #jesusbeafence

  • Gina Gee

    I am a friend of Jeff and he a sweet heart and I fell in love with Latice from the show…she is def a great singer with a blessed heart…. not because you don't know who they are don't mean they are not known… for whoever watched this season of Sundays Best def knows who they are especially Latice… she made it to the semi finals… stop being so judgemental and either tune in and enjoy or continue to be the miserable ppl you are that like to hate on everything!

  • me


  • BDC

    Here is the problem. The only reality shows that you are are use to is where they display African Americans who only now how to throw punches and drinks. put that nonsense on TV and we will miss prayer and break our fast to watch it. As one of the participants this family refused to air its dirty laundry on TV. Instead, they displayed a Christian family, representing God in their lives — normal people who do not deny that as Christians — we don't have struggles and disagreements. These two have now been married over 3 years. They have a wonderful son and they are doing fine. She has since signed a record deal with Verity. She still sings at small churches for free and so does Jeff. What she id doing now can't even fit here and she maintains her Christian walk. her husband does a great work in Ghana traveling back and forward helping people. Why cant be people positive and just wish them well. I bet if someone asked you to do a reality show and pay you for doing it — none of these concerns you all expressed here would matter!!!

  • Jazz

    I'm watching this show for the first time. She is very impatient.