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Word Has It: It’s Now ‘GMC’, Not Gospel Music Channel

Word has it that Gospel Music Channel has changed its name to the hip and trendy name ‘gmc‘ to Tea For One Sets better represent its family-friendly (not gospel music-exclusive) content.  And they’ve got a new logo to boot:


The cable station’s website also reflects the name and logo change, and you can begin visiting their official website via the new url:  The channel’s new description– the uplifting entertainment network that features music and inspiring stories the whole family will enjoy.

I’m sure that gmc will continue to give us the best in gospel music coverage– they’ll just be covering a little more, too.  I guess this means I can’t complain about them airing Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman anymore. 🙄

I like it.  Whatd’ya think???

  • Bro. Edwin

    I like the idea of expanding the GMC brand to be more well rounded. We’re a world that’s very acronym(see: CNN,BET,VH1,MTV, etc.) friendly and adding another one to help audiences remember it more is a step in a good direction. I liked the the old logo better but I understand it’s about brand exapansion I guess GMC is working on being to Christian family programming as TV One is to African American centered programming.

  • Tam Tam

    What’s not to like about it? It’s a way to generate more money for the channel, right? It’s sorta like when Kentucky Fried Chicken changed to KFC because all of a sudden (LOL!) fried chicken became a “bad” thing to eat but yet they still sell fried chicken…. Right… 😉

  • Tamarra

    Yeah, it’s catchy!
    What does GMC stand for?
    OH, Gospel Music Channel–hmmmm…. the things we have to do for ratings.
    I’m not mad at ’em. Charge it to the game!

  • Kwartema


    you’re reply was hilaaaaaarious…cracking up

  • reynando

    I have some reservations about the whole ideology. When I turned on the channel just yesterday and saw all of the Pax-like network programming that had taken the place of the music programs that once dominated the station. I clearly take it as a sign that things may not be as cheery as we suppose. Alvin Williams has left to go on to other ventures………… time will tell what the end will be.

  • Katydid

    @Tam Tam:

    I really needed a good laugh today. Thanks!
    There is this guy on Youtube who explains why he had to leave a church. He later provides distinct characteristics and signs that tell when you need to leave. He said that institutions/companies that change names reflect warning signs of corruption..LOL. He gave a full documentary and list of reasons supported by quotes from authors.
    It makes you wonder what/if there are any legal issues behind the decision.

    *I think the change for the channel is positive in this case. I hope I will still be able to view those concerts with the artist in a relaxed setting. It is really something special about those episodes that should not be removed.

  • Z

    this is getting a bit crazy!!! it’s almost like i have to hunt for videos to watch on “gmc”. it’s not like before when i could come home and watch a good set of videos for a hour or two.

    i’m with reynando on this one. and i’m definitely curious as to the real reason for alvin williams’ departure…

  • PJ

    They are running Sister Sister, Cosby Show and Dr. Quinn. They fired the only black guy working there, who was supposed to be their “expert” in urban culture. If major networks are suffering, this one is bleeding to death. It won’t be long before a press release comes out that they tried the whole Christian music thing, but could not get any support. So, now they are going to try the ‘Family’ thing. Any day now people. Open your eyes. The writing is on the wall. I looked at their leadership a few minutes ago and they have a Jewish Vice Chairman (Siegel), over what was a Christian Network in the heart of the South and trying to reach Conservative/Contemporary Christians! Come on people, did anyone think that this was really going to work with all of the bigoted people out there. Answer: no how, no way. Gospel Music Channel is DOA and welcome to the Family Channel and their will be more ‘restructurings’ or people fired or let go just like Mr. Alvin. Time to clean house and make lots of money. That’s just what big business does. Can I get an Amen. PJ

  • Marion

    We just recently "happened" upon gmc and have been looking at it ever since. THANK YOU
    for some good and decent programs that we are enjoying immensley! The regular channels have gotton so bad that I was about to get rid of TV altogether until I caught your channel. Keep those "clean" programs and movies coming they are very much appreciated!

  • Marion

    No AMEN from me!!! I am greatly enjoying some good clean programs for a change!!

  • charles

    good clean programming,,, I likes it… beats the rubbish thats on many other channels

  • Kevin

    what happened to the Christian Music???!!! After all, that's the real reason for the "Gospel MUSIC Channel" in the first place. Now, there is no Christian Music Channels out there competing against the garbage on MTV & VH1! I mean come on! Those channels have multiple channels within the same unit (MTV, MTV2, MTVh, MTVj, VH1SO, VH1CR). All of the current programming on the "gmc" can be found on the PAX Network. Bring back all the music!!!!

    • Gina

      I agree. What happened to the music. I really loved the channel when everything was about Christian music. Sorry to see the change.

  • Provasek

    This is quite sad, and it follows the trend that MTV and CMT both stopped playing the music videos that made them famous. When Gospel Music Channel was on DirectTV in only a few cities, and then was taken off completely, the calls and emails and letters of many churches and gospel music fans got the network back on the satellite for the entire country. While good clean family programming is always welcome on TV, it is available elsewhere. The loss of the original purpose of the channel — The almost complete lack of gospel music during prime hours, and the name change to initials — Is really a double cross to the gospel music artists and fans who made the channel's success possible.

  • bruce

    i love the programing thank you so much good programing

  • Toni Vitullo

    I just now discovered GMC, working late in the kitchen, started surfing last evening and saw that, "The War" was on. I watched this movie and was mezmerized. Although I missed the beginning, I watched the remainder and thought it was enchanting.
    I am now on Google trying to find out more about GMC. I will tell my friends to check it out.

  • Nesta

    They are cowards! Anything to do with Gospel they run from. Now they will call shows such as Will and Grace,Sex in the City with its sexual contnt clean. They already endorse the filthy Liquid Plummer commerical during such “family” shows as 7th Heaven, Touch By An ANGEL and Cosby. They are now nothing more than a filthy TV channel. I watch INSP they are still true to their roots. With shows such as Big Valley, High Chaparral, Wind at my Back, and much more. I can sit my grandchildren down for Big Valley and feel confident the commerical Liquid Plummer will not be on. If anyone reads this I recommend INSP if you can get it. If not turn your TV off and play a board game and communicate with your family members. Listen to Gospel music, pray, talk, bike ride, play a sport together, read your Bible with your family. You might actually develop a strong family. As well as a realtionship with the Father who created you.

    • Judy

      I have to say I agree with you Nesta. When GMC first came on in my area through Direct tv I was thrilled and watched it faithfully. Then I saw subtle changes, especially in the advertisements. I have just discovered the name is now UP tv and I can't find any information online about it. There are a few shows I will watch but find myself moving away from it. I think it is going the way of most everything else in the entertainment industry. Where the $$$$$ are. Not for me. I don't need to be entertained so much that I will watch programs that support what I am against .