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On TV: Marvin Sapp On GMA & Fred Hammond To Perform On THE VIEW

I like this news…

Make sure you tune in to ABC tomorrow morning to catch Marvin Sapp perform his hit single, “The Best In Me,” on Good Morning Vintage Tea Cups America in the 8:30am-9:00am ET segment.

Then, catch Fred Hammond on The View at 11am ET, where he’ll be performing his single “They That Wait.”

Shout-out, also, to Sherri Shepherd (co-host of The View)… Fred’s coming to perform as part of her birthday celebration (last year, she brought The Clark Sisters)… that’s cool!

*clappin’*  Yay!  I love broadened horizons and mainstream access.  Congrats, guys!

Who’s tuning in???

  • Keisha M.

    WOW! This is incredible. It’s excellent that Sheri is using her platform to bring up these people of God before the masses. First, The Clark Sisters and now Fred Hammond. Too bad it can only happen once a year but it’s still a great opportunity. What can you say about Marvin Sapp – it’s just his season.

  • v4c

    Good news, indeed!

    The bad news…I don’t have a DVR! *smh*

  • me

    Good news, you dont need DVR. Just about every network show you can image can be viewed in full on the network website. (the show will post sometime later today)

  • v4c

    me – THANK YOU!

    I must live under a rock, LOL! Why I didn’t know that? I don’t know! LOL

  • Gayle

    I can see all the church folk saying that they should not be on network television–Give me a break, these artists are doing what they supposed to do and that is share the gospel in places, even secular television.

  • Michael Jenkins

    I am surprised that so many gospel artist(s) are performing on shows like that, nevertheless, that is a good way to spread the gospel to these dying souls.