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Video Pick: Soul Seekers & Marvin Winans – "It’s All God"


That’s pretty much all you wanna say in response to “It’s All God,” the new single from the Soul Seekers, featuring Pastor Marvin Winans.

I added it to the PunditPlayer a few weeks ago, but they just released the video for Tea Cup and Saucer Sets it (from their live recording) and it’s even BETTER to listen when ya watch it!!!

Is that vocal performance an instant classic or what?!

  • Roshonda

    I wish more quartet groups would take lesson and know that you don’t have to pick ’em up and put ’em down every time to get God’s attention. This is a very heartfelt song with full content. Love it and nice to see Charlie Bereal on bass on this one.

  • Raven

    Instant! Thanks for the video, I love it! 🙂

  • Marshawn

    OK WARRYN!!!! lol. I didn’t know he had some pipes. I saw that, trying to sneak in some MR. MARVIN WINANS adlibs.

    Marvin Winans+Microphone/Platform=BEAST!

  • KennyKnight

    Watched this video, and I was 2 seconds from telling Jesus to take me on home to glory! I love Soul Seekers, and I love Marvin Winans! Great voices, and a greater anointing!

    I agree with Marshawn. I had NO CLUE Warryn or Teddy could sing like that!

  • Tam Tam

    What makes this group a quartet? The matching suits?

    They sound great and they got great mentoring from one of the masters (Pastor Marvin)….

  • Yeessss!!! My seekers are BACK baby!! LOL!
    I just don’t like it that it took this album like 3 years to come out. They did the recording of this in 2007. @marshawn- how you NOT know teddy and warryn had pipes like that?? Go back and listen to the first album, teddy does most of the leads and warryn leads a song,plus when erica and warryn’s church,faithful central did an album, warryn led a song on the album.
    I love how they’re young guys, but their anointing is that of 50 and 60 year old men!!
    I can’t wait till their album comes out!!!

  • Michael Jenkins

    It is a instant classic for sure, I love the song!

  • DCov



    Bro E.J.! You’ve blessed us once again!!!!!!

    Instant classic….instant tears watching & listening to this!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • EaZy

    “I wish more quartet groups would take lesson and know that you don’t have to pick ‘em up and put ‘em down every time to get God’s attention. ”

    true, but i loves a good hip slapper every now and then. i like this song, although EJ posted it awhile ago, this is my first time actually listening to it. i would have loved a little more of Pastor Winans in the beginning though – no disrespect to the Soul Seekers. maybe i’ll give the first album a listen…

    “What makes this group a quartet? The matching suits?”

    *passes out*

  • Gilbert Gary

    Well done, soul seekers. God bless. Of course my favorite vocalists have always been Marvin sapp and Marvin winans so this was a treat for me. Had no idea waryn had that voice, we need more quartets to let people know who and what God has done. Amen.

  • Kwartema

    @TamTam – you are hilarious. A quartet is when 4 people come together to sing just as a duo is when 2 people sing and a trio is when 3…not sure whether u were joking or asking a real question.. ur so funny….

    Re the song I loved Pastor Marvin Winans bit the best….love his vocals .. and was also amazed that Warryn could sing??? Never knew he was a singer thought he was only a musician…Teddy adlibs were cool tooooo loved the tag adlibbing he did with Pastor Marvin …but like someone else commented I could have done wih a loooooooooooooot more Pator Marvin..heheheee

    ok so the song… the harmonies are tight ….but doesnt this sound like a mellow male version of God In Me ie lyrical contentwise… Dont have anything against that perse but I’ve always felt that um gospel artists can take a few notes from the CCM crew when it gets to songwriting……our content and lyrical delivery isnt creative enough .. I dunno maybe I’ve been listening to too much CCM so they’ve spoilt me with their lyrical creativity….

  • Tam Tam

    Hey, Kwartema: It was a real question and I wasn’t trying to be funny but now I see how the question makes me look REAL DITZY! LOL! When I saw the term “quartet”, the image that immediately came to mind are those real old (Southern) gentlemen in the crayola colored suits “pickin’ it and puttin’ it down” like Roshonda said! LOLLL!!

    I used to have to listen to “quartet sangin'” during my childhood on Sunday morning when getting ready for church and didn’t like it at all! I do have a greater appreciation for it now….

    I promise, y’all: I am not that ditzy! LOL!

  • Moe

    Great Post! Thanks EJ!

    Looking forward to the cd when it drops!

  • W.R.


    • Fawn

      I was on the couch in a deep sleep and this video came on and woke me up. It was like hearing voices from Heaven!! This song and the harmony is absolutely Beautiful.
      Marvin Winans (all the Winans) are always awesome!!!