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On TV: BeBe & CeCe At Good Morning America

Finally got around to watching BeBe & CeCe Winans’ performance of “Never Thought” on Monday’s Good Morning America… love them.

What about you? Watch here–

  • B Boston Johnson

    this should have been their led single, I love the message to this song! -B.

  • Shannon


  • CARL

    I love this song b/c I got this song ON MY iPOD Sing Bebe and CeCe I love Bebe and CeCe they are MY Favorite Gospel Artist.

  • Jason

    Can I just say that CeCe looks and SOUNDS like she did back in the "Heaven" days?!? Just beautiful! They are Gospel royalty! Love Love Love BeBe and CeCe! "Go vintage Detroit!!!!"

  • Jason

    …..Furthermore, can I just say how they (CeCe especially) represent Gospel sooooooooooo well! They are what I aspire to be as representers of the Kingdom! You can be "fly" and covered up. You can praise God and SMILE! You can share the good news and be relevant! I'm just filled with so much joy right now after watching this!

  • Courtney

    i was soooo glad that i just happened to be on vacation and watching TV when this came on. This was a great performance…i know this song was serviced to R&B stations, it would do great with a remix. this song is my bump!! cant get enough of my favorite singers!

  • I knew CeCe could sing low, but this is a new place in her register… she's got Debbie's low notes now!! Love how after all these years, they sound as fresh and together as ever and NO ONE sings lLIVE like them. Really gifted.

  • toe

    I did not like that there was no Jesus or God in this song…it was a generic you/he/she song–a trend they made famous, might I add

    • Jason

      Oh boy…….I think it's implied that BeBe and CeCe, who are GOSPEL artists, are talking about God/Jesus. They might have charted on RnB charts in their career, but they are GOSPEL artists. BTW…Marvin Sapp's "Never Would Have Made It" and "He Saw The Best In Me" don't mention God or Jesus, by name, but everyone knows who he's talking about! The Bible even say's you/he in talking about God/Jesus. Their names are not specifically mentioned EVERYTIME they're talked about, but we know that it's implied.

      • Tam Tam

        Sigh…. the road to hell is paved with IMPLICATIONS.

        Definition of implication (root word: imply): to indicate or suggest without being explicitly stated: His words implied a lack of faith.

        "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." Not IMPLY the name of the Lord.

      • Phill

        I have PERSONALLY seen Marvin Sapp's "Never Would Have Made It" as well as BeBe/CeCe's "Close to You" be used for the purposes of thanking/honoring grandmothers and other important family members, so I wouldn't say it's AUTOMATIC that they are talking about God or Jesus…… looking at the words to those songs, it's really not at all hard to substitute Jesus Christ for a grandmother, a church mother, a pastor, a mentor…….

        Let's be honest, if the same words/arrangement in those songs were to come from a SECULAR musician/singer, it would be somewhat of a reach to assume they were talking about the Jesus of the Holy Bible.

        I think toe and Tam Tam are on to something here IMHO.

  • Jason

    "…the road to hell is paved with IMPLICATIONS" Huh? Where is that in the Bible? (Church folk love to throw daggers) Check Psalms 9:2-5…"I will be glad and rejoice in thee (you): I will sing praise to thy (your) name, O thou (you) most High. When mine enemies are turned back, they shall perish at thy (your) presence. For thou (you) hast maintained my right and my cause; thou (you) statest in the throne juding right. Thou (you) hast rebuked the heathen, thou (you) hast destroyed the wicked, thou (you) hast put out their name for ever and ever…." Now where is God/Jesus specified in this passage? There are many more like this in the Bible. If you skip certain verses, you'll see this. Verse #1 of this chapter mentions the Lord, but if someone were to write a song using verses 2-5, then you won't have the specified words God/Jesus. Question, why don't YOU ALL write songs that say God/Jesus every other word? And then you can pave your own road to heaven!

    • Tam Tam

      "but we know that it's implied." Where is THAT in the Bible? What's implied? Just because somebody sings a song that makes them saved? Wow.

      The worse dagger is the LIE you're perpetrating by saying it's acceptable to IMPLY the name of the Lord without saying His name: LORD JESUS CHRIST.

      Seriously, Jesus is about to crack the sky behind that lying demon/false doctrine.

    • Courtney

      Amen, Jason!

  • B Coston Johnson

    If you never seen CeCe Winans in concert (I have been 20+ times) you know what she is all about!!! She is the TRUTH, her CD's do her no justice! Her voice is like water flowing, it does not matter if she is saying YOU,HIM,IT or anything else you could call the FATHER, the passion in her voice and the adoration she has for GOD is sooooo visible! STOP listening to what you don't hear in her music and begin to embrace the "call to worship" that her music envokes! "NEVER THOUGHT" is a powerful song, with a message the world needs!

    • Jason

      I concur! Thank you. I think some people don't read. I typed out Bible text, word for word, to make an example and some people STILL didn't get it. I'm over it. People that are always sending people to hell need to get the boards out of their eyes instead of trying to get the specks out of other people's eyes. (Hmmm….I think I'm going to write a song about that)

      • Tam Tam

        TO JASON, not just "some people"… see how I read THAT?

        You think THREE VERSUS out of the THOUSANDS of versus from the Bible justifies your point that a PRONOUN GOSPEL is acceptable? This entire exchange is about 100 kinds of wrong…and 1,000 kinds of sad because of the lack of knowledge and almost celebrity worship going on here.

        And I say this saying that CeCe's ministry is one of the FEW ministries I still respect in this day and time, but I also AVOID putting her and the rest of these gospel artists on a pedestal because they are just flesh and blood just like all of us.

        I hope you say the Name of Jesus in your song… or maybe you think pronouns are enough because you're so holy and everybody knows it. Sigh….SMH.

        • JaeB

          The WHOLE book of ESTHER doesn't mention GOD at all..

          • Tam Tam

            One book out of 66 books is the justification of this logic?

            Dear Father God in the Name of Jesus, please forgive (insert names here) for the blindness that causes them to think that it's acceptable to avoid your NAME in a song that's supposed to be about YOU.

        • Jason

          @Tam Tam….Do you believe God is love? Well, can someone write a song and use the word love in lieu of God since they both mean the same thing? Just a question….

          • Tam Tam

            This question, while relevant in the big picture of this life, is not applicable to the topic at hand.

            Matthew 10:32-33: "Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven. But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven. (KJV)

            Everyone who acknowledges me publicly here on earth, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven. But everyone who denies me here on earth, I will also deny before my Father in heaven. (NLT)

          • JaeB

            Tam Tam just a question(s). Do you walk around with Jesus on everything that you wear? Is Jesus in every sentence that you say? If your job requires you to answer the phone at some point. Do you answer I LOVE JESUS can I help you? If you just so happen to answer not to all of the above. Does that make you a sinner that is being hypocritcal and is going to hell?

          • Tam Tam

            I see you attempt to shift the conversation to my personal perspectives. Again, this line of questioning is not applicable to the topic of gospel MUSIC. If the conversation or the music is SUPPOSED to be about Jesus, then say the name.

            I do not think a gospel music career should be built off of pronouns. Maybe that's one reason why BeBe and CeCe stopped being a duo. We see what has happened with their careers as solo artists. We see how their careers have taken different paths. If we were to do a count of how many of their individual songs actually said the name of Jesus and then measure which career has been more "successful" (depending on a reasonable person's definition of that word), well…do that math.

  • Awesome ministry performance – awesome. Go CECE and BEBE! Awesome song. I love this song!

  • Michael Jenkins

    I love the new single, they look great.

  • T.T.

    BEAUTIFUL song!!! Love me some Bebe & Cece Winans…I pray God continues to bless their ministry!!!

  • Courtney

    Let us enjoy BeBe&CeCe as they minister to us about God's goodness…and others (who it applies to) DONT HAVE TO LISTEN so they can enjoy the artists they like, Rev. JackLeg and the Spirit Tones , and count the number of times Jesus was mentioned in their hit song on the charts, "JESUS JESUS JESUS, I SAID IT 8 TIMES" . Thank God that confident, godly artists aren't swayed by what WE say/critize and go on and do what they are called to do!

  • marshawn

    @TamTam Why question BeBe & CeCe’s lyrical content? This is nothing new. It is known that their music has been geared to both sides. Lyrically you could take their songs in two ways…. That’s just the way it is. Their singing about being happy. There is no need to mention God’s name. It’s a general statement.

    You can take the song in many ways. And as long as the message is inspirational what is the problem?

    • Tam Tam

      @ Marshawn: as you make a necessary moment to read through the previous posts so you can have a CLEAR understanding about the motivation for my posts, I'll begin with this:

      I was compelled to respond to this particular post from Jason, which, in part, said: "BTW…Marvin Sapp's "Never Would Have Made It" and "He Saw The Best In Me" don't mention God or Jesus, by name, but everyone knows who he's talking about! The Bible even say's you/he in talking about God/Jesus. Their names are not specifically mentioned EVERYTIME they're talked about, but we know that it's implied. "

      This post STARTLED me because it begins a slippery slope of removing the Name of Jesus out of everything, for example "XMas" instead of CHRISTmas, the removal of the name/reference to the Savior Lord Jesus Christ. So it wasn't about BeBe and CeCe's music specifically.

      I have enjoyed A LOT of BeBe and CeCe's music down through the years. I still do. But at the same time, I guess I have outgrown or I have grown/matured into the need for my music to be specific. It's probably a milk-to-meat issue and so people have to learn and grow. Also, we all have styles of (gospel) music that we prefer over others. That's fine and good. At the same time, I have to speak up when it looks like the truth is being misrepresented, i.e., the removal or intentional exclusion of the Name of Jesus.

  • toe

    I'm with TamTam; i totally hear you…if you come under the title gospel artist, then do your job of presenting the gospel–that's like asking the plumber to come, but not allow him to use a wrench or plunger….if the network is not allowing them to present the gospel, of which Christ is the center, then why go on there in the first place?

    As the word says, I rather be a doorman in the temple of God, rather than a wealthy man in the tents of the wicked…

    This episode reminds of that time on American Idol last year, in which they removed the name Jesus from that Darlene Ztsech song "Shout to the Lord"…it is problematic, if not downright eerie…we in trouble saints…for real

  • Jill

    Again Tam-Tam is spot on. LoL! You guys are gonna have to learn that you can't take her when it comes to Logical points. Usually most points made at/against her are based on emotions and/or what the newest and "blingiest" TBN sensation has said. But basically. Her logic goes this way….

    Tam's Position:
    BeBe and CeCe are Gospel artist, therefore the music they sing should contain the Gospel
    Secular Logical example:
    Trees are found in the forest, therefore a forest must contain trees.

    … Might sound silly and actually pretty off topic. But I'm just trying to show the point being made here… it's obvious a forest has trees in it, Just as it should be obvious that "gospel" music sang by "gospel" artist should have the GOSPEL in it.

    We can paint it pretty and put a nice Sunday Hat on it but the truth still remains, and this is coming from a HUGE CeCe "supporter", that if a Gospel message is not presented in a Gospel song. It is not The Gospel.

    Truth: Love is apart of the message. But it is that God is LOVE and you can not truly know Love unless you know Him… the only way to get to him is though His Son Jesus Christ who died for humanity and who will return for those who He has called unto Himself. <–The GOSPEL

    • Virginia Hall

      Now, I love reading these posts. Wonderful information and differing points of view. I just listened to James Cleveland's Peace Be Still — which EJ has on this site. Cleveland sings God, Master, Savior and Jesus so many times you can't count them. As I was listening I wondered, however, about how he lived his life — YOU KNOW — adopting homeless BOYS and all…. Some people are just talented, gifted and EVEN remarkable. Because they say Jesus in their songs — it means nothing. It is what they are living that counts. We have to know God and the gospel for ourselves. These people — all of them — are entertainers. Yes, they are.

  • Courtney

    Interesting…Trees are in the forest, true…and the forest contains other things, too. How about plants, wildlife, nature, different sounds…a plethora of things…as the Gospel does…it includes sooo much and a great array of things…. as you read in the Bible. I dont even know why I'm entertaining the "forest analogy", but that's ok . LOL We always desire the Gospel to be in a package that we want and we love to get our "tingly feeling inside" when we hear the words, Jesus and Jehovah. We feel confirmed and feel that has to be Gospel because it had the word "God" in it (WRONG ANSWER!!). Let the true Gospel (the Good News) be that what changes our hearts, our minds, and our actions, and the way we live instead. The GMA episode was chopped up and edited…we don't know what happened before or after "Never Thought". Let's be open minded (including me) that just because you don't like the way its gift wrapped, others do and are blessed by it. Let's continue to lift up one another up!

  • novella

    Thank you Courtney!

  • Zee

    When they did this on GMC's "Revealed", I knew I had to have this song; I've loved it ever since! I'm so glad they got to minister this one on GMA!

  • Tam Tam

    Just like you cannot have a forest without trees, you cannot/should not label a song as gospel without (the clear mention of the name of) Jesus.

  • Courtney

    @Zee, exactly…Gospel artists do not get much opportunity on mainstream television. It's great when we see "our own" representing the Kingdom. The world can see our joy, and excellence in Him (Oooops, I meant Jesus)!!

    • Tam Tam

      Who's our own? Everybody saying Jesus ain't exactly for Him. See how I used both the singular noun (Jesus) and Him (singular pronoun) in the same sentence? See how the noun is directly associated with the pronoun? Grammar 101.

      Matthew 15:8: "This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me".

      And I'm not saying this directly about BeBe and CeCe. I'm saying that IN GENERAL, I don't believe/trust everything I see, hear, or read on TV.

  • Courtney

    Tam Tam, i wouldn't expect you to understand who "our own" is (Common Sense 102)…you have to be a part of the lifting up (not the tearing down) You have your own agenda. and the statement "Everybody saying Jesus aint exactly for Him" rings so true. I have seen that today already! People are dying without God and no hope and all Tam Tam's desire to do is put down people who don't fit your style or the way "YOU WANT" (not God) THE GOSPEL TO BE MINISTERED…. Yes, even IN GENERAL….Maybe you should show us how it is done….You talkin' so loud, We can't hear you!! So IN GENERAL, Let God handle it and let God be God, he does not need Tam Tam's help!! We appreciate your opinions, and we are all different, but you will know them by their fruit. Matthew tells us that. Finally, the scripture you gave didn't contain God or Jesus. You are slippin' 🙂 Love you, TT!!

    • Jason

      I love!

  • Tam Tam

    Respectfully, Courtney, I do not post here for your (or anyone else's appreciation). I sincerely seek to share in a healthy conversation, esp. as EJ offers a lot of good information to share and topics to discuss.

    With that said, your most recent post to me demonstrates either your inability or unwillingness to recognize the sincerity of my question to you of "Who's our own" or any other real questions and sincere assertions I've offered in this thread. That's very unfortunate.

  • Courtney

    Tam Tam, thanks for your thoughtfulness and opinions. Yes, EJ has offered us a great opportunity/forum to dialogue, share our thoughts and personal views,…I love it!! I'm sorry to infer that you knew who "our own" was. I just love to encourage and uplift God's people and receive the same, and NOT think that I'm so above others…That is very fortunate!

    • Tam Tam

      Courtney: I had an idea of what you meant by "our own" but I wanted to offer you the opportunity to clarify your definition in case my idea was in error.

      However, your knee-jerk post has pretty much MURDERED anything of substance that you could offer on this point. It also causes me to question your love and ability to encourage and uplift God's people.

      Again, very unfortunate.

  • Courtney

    @Tam Tam, I had no interest in "your opportunity" for me to clarify. Thanks for your reply.
    @EJ, thank you so much for posting the GMA performance. Keep them coming!

  • Tam Tam

    Proverbs 4:7: "Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding."

    The Lord admonishes us to get understanding. I'll let your own words underscore the glaring contradiction:

    "@Tam Tam, I had no interest in "your opportunity" for me to clarify. Thanks for your reply."

    "I'm sorry to infer that you knew who "our own" was. I just love to encourage and uplift God's people and receive the same, and NOT think that I'm so above others…That is very fortunate!"

    • Courtney

      Tam Tam, thanks for sharing. Keep edifying the body!!

  • Courtney

    This is excellent!! i knew you could use your powers for good!! There is hope!!! 🙂

    • Tam Tam

      Ah…. Your task to encourage and uplift as you claim you love to do is an example of hoping against hope…but OUR(?) God is able….

      Had to use the question mark (Punctuation 101) since you "had no interest in "your opportunity" for me to clarify" my question of who "our own" is…. (Wink!)

      • Courtney

        Tam Tam, stop it!! LOL…yeah, hence the question mark for OUR :)…i don't know what u all do at Kingdom Hall! You are gonna be my online friend whether you like it or not…I love all people of different beliefs…;)

        • Tam Tam

          Sigh…. references to the Kingdom Hall? Really? Now you're just trying too hard…. At least you're failing the "I just love to encourage and uplift God's people" mandate with a limited form of honor.

  • Courtney

    T2….Let your hair down…and come down to Earth…it's ok…I know you are all that deep and stuff, speak in tongues more than us all and float on clouds all day, but you are loved!!! Here, let me hug you. I come in peace! As you can see, i love to laugh and have a good time…is that ok?(and you dont have to confirm it with the merry heart scripture…SIGH)

  • Tam Tam


    1. First mockery and now a call for peace out of Courtney's combined keystrokes … .$0.02.

    2. Then a call to avoid referring to the holy, God-breathed holy scriptures…. Blasphemy.

    3. Quote from Maya Angelou: "The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them."… Priceless.


    • Courtney

      Again, thanks for sharing… The deepness has cleared…my planted seed reaped a miracle!! My job is done!!

  • marshawn

    Question…@TamTam What is your stance on singers who do both Gospel & secular music?