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Word Has It: Kierra Sheard Engaged To Marry

Word has it that Kierra Sheard is getting married, with news of her engagement spreading across the web on Saturday evening.  The blessed beau is Pastor Welton T. Smith IV, of Detroit, MI.

Even cousin J Moss sent a congratulatory message, sending a photo of her ring via Twitter (niiiiice!).

Mega congrats to Kierra & Welton.  Let’s pray for a beautiful, lasting and God-glorifying union!

  • Jasmine Goddard

    This is so wonderful!! I saw the facebook post of this on yesterday..congrats to them both.

  • Raven



  • Joo

    Aww congrats to them… Alright now Pastor Welton! All God's blessings!

  • yvonne s.

    Congratulation to the couple of Pastor Welton T. Smith & Kierra Sheard. Trust in God, he is able to keep your marriage fresh & new for life. Kierra is stepping into the shoes like her mother Karen clark sheard becoming the first lady of a church. Please let the door stay open along with mom , church 's business and people affair. I hope you've less stressful and concretrate on marriage and your career. Whatever the Lord take you through be grateful.

  • That's wonderful! Praying for them.

  • nice

  • Precious HaRT

    I am so happy for them! I'm so happy to hear that my favorite singer is getting married! I pray that their marriage is blessed.

    • Katydid

      That's wonderful news! I second that prayer: Couples that continuously work towards progress in the church setting will set an example for others like a divine team. I have friends who want to get married, some who regret marrying a person not involved in church functions, and then there are those who have heard way too much negativity in that area. Above all that drama, I believe God holds to what he has promised, and in his word marriage is honorable…so kudos to this couple.

      *I remember viewing a concert on Youtube with Dorinda Clark and Kierra Sheard. Of course they were jamming (as usual, you have to love them!). At one point during the song Kierra sings, "Wait on your husband!". I cracked up because she was still holding it down in sync with the choir, and it was also just so unique and pretty cool to hear someone her age blast that during a song. Just beautiful!

  • Melu

    2010 is having an overflow of marriages (including MINE)!!! Praise God for each covenant! And that ring is righteous- YES LAWD! GLORAAAYYYY!!!!!

  • Michael Jenkins

    WOW this is shocking, congratulations to Kierra and Marry.

  • Me32040


  • Congratulations and i wish them the best of everything. Thank you so much for sharing to us this simple and short information and This will serve as a good news to us.

  • jimmyprogers

    Congratulations for both of them, May God bless them towards their new journey in being husband and wife. baby eagle

  • Daughter

    They are no longer engaged. Kierra called it off.