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Ya Heard?: Listen To Tye Tribbett's "FRESH" New Single!

Tye Tribbett - FRESHI got my grubby little paws on the new single from Tye Tribbett, entitled Fresh, from the forthcoming album of the same name, in stores on October 19.

And, of course, I’m sharing it with you guys. πŸ™‚

Click here to listen to the new single!!!

For my tastes, I would have preferred a BIT less autotune and effects because it’s hard to understand some of the words, but I really enjoy the beat and the chord progressions enough to scoot in reeeeaally close to catch the lyrics. Β And I like ’em!

By the way, I’m REALLY diggin’ the cover for the single. Β It’s… FRESH!

What do you think?!

  • yeah that's a 'bit' auto-tuney. fresh beat tho.

    • Guybrush

      just so u all know: The effect he's using is NOT autotune (could be a little aswell) but a Vocoder. Thats whats making the lyric hard to hear. A Vocoder takes 2 inputs (typically a vocal track and synth track) and blends them togheter. It's whats making his vocal sound so "airy" and adds the harmonies.

      • Tam Tam


        First of all, WHAT'S THE POINT of making the lyrics difficult to hear/understand? Unless the lyrics are whack AND/OR the music production is pitiful and poor and nobody had enough skill in the studio to figure that out? I REFUSE to believe Tye did this ON PURPOSE!

        Second of all, the use of the auto-tune/vocoder is such a CHEAP, LAZY TRICK to get attention to this album. And this I WILL NOT ACCEPT from the brother who is responsible for the song "Bless the Lord (Son of Man)", one of my favorites of his.

        It's clear he can do better stuff than this.

  • RoR

    Ummmmm, nope. #thatisall

  • Kwartema

    Am even scared to comment……..what is this??????????? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaa I'll pass…

  • Not my cup of tea necessarily, but I bet radio will eat it up. And if you get past the auto-tune, the lyrics are on point.

  • mee

    hmmm… i mean, i actually LIKE this… its a summer single. Its cool. but i agree, i was having some problems understanding the lyrics cuz it was overly done with effects on the vocals.

  • Auto tune….nah, this is Gospel? come on Tye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael Jenkins

    Why does he have to do auto tune? It does not work for him, he is much better than that. I am not feeling the song, I can`t understand most of the lyrics. I am not impressed, c`mon Tye you can do better that I am disappointed πŸ™

  • cwatson

    I like it!!!!!!!!! It's FRESH and new. I can see me bobbing my head in my car once it hits the radio. Like anything else that is different from the norm, it just has to take getting used to. Hopefully once it's rotated on the radio, people will get used to the new sound.

    @ EJ…Yeah, I had to really focus to hear the lyrics, but I've got 'em now (well most of them) and the concept is obvious (thank God for the "new"). It's on!!!!!

    Go 'head Tye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zie'l

    Don't care what anyone says! I love it!!! I've been wanting some new Tye anyways… May not be able to decipher the words at this time but what he said in his interview with CoCo brother explains what hes saying in the song… God has done something NEW!!!! =) Love it TYE!!!
    Your official word of mouth street team (ZIE'L) hehe

  • Shayrenee

    I like the music. Maybe @Cwatson you can post those lyrics because I did not understand any of it! Lol

    • cwatson

      Shayrenee … Working on it! πŸ™‚

  • I like it. A little TOO heavy on the auto-tune though. Makes you have to listen extra hard to catch all of the words. Definitely a driving in your car feel good joint. Has lyrical substance too once you catch all of the words.

    We have to remember folks, this is not Tye Tribbett & GA. If you're expecting the new music to have that same feel your gonna be disappointed. We have to enjoy Tye & GA for what it was, but realize that that phase is over. Now we have to decide whether or not we connect with the Tye Tribbett sound.

    • cwatson

      I totally agree!

  • Calvin J. Barnes II

    I'm diggin' it!!!! I agree that they could have brought the background vocals up a lil more in the mix so that you could understand the words a lil better. But the song is really radio friendly and could easily be a encouraging word for a lot of people!

    SN: I know that alot of people are bashing the whole auto-tune sound but i want you guys to realize that to do certain effects with auto-tune takes really good vocal control and skill. And from listening to this song and knowing Tye's vocal ability from live performances I'm sure he didn't try to skate his way through this record. At the end of the day he still represented his vocal ability and creativity VERY WELL in my book!

  • #Awisemanoncesaid… "this is death of autotune, moment of silence"

  • This is hot! The music sounds so 80's and i love it! Yea the auto-tune on the hook is a bit much because Tye's voice is already high but the vocoder is hot too. The lyrics are true. I can't wait to see this done LIVE! It is what is "Fresh" A new fresh start.

  • Lameshia

    bring the choir back!!!

  • Mia_v4c

    Wow…not quite what I was expecting. But I think it's supposed to be um…fresh, lol. So, I'm not looking at that as a bad thing. Besides the fact that I have no real clue what's being said in the song, the beat is pretty cool. I'd like it more if I could hear the lyrics.

    WHO listened to the final mix of this song prior to the singles release and honestly thought that the vocals were mixed well?! Maybe it was one of those "I know what it's saying so I can hear it" moments, lol. Like when I create documents for work, send them off for review after staring at them for hours, and the tech writer will STILL find errors. Sometimes, you need fresh eyes and fresh ears on something for a REAL sense of what new listeners will hear and think…

  • cwatson

    Ok, I tried my best. I'M QUITE SURE there are discrepancies here and there and a few uncertainties, but I gave it a try…

    Time for change ________ going on something new
    Not the same, something more, something different, something
    Out with the old, just let it go and let the Lord breathe (bring?) something
    Eyes haven’t seen, ears haven’t heard
    You can’t imagine what God has is so Fresh

    (I want) Everything new, like it went out the box, something supernatural
    (Something) That’s never been used that nobody’s got, Cause I’m tired of the same ol’, same ol’
    Need a brand new start, with a brand new heart, forgetting those things behind me
    (I’m) Ready for the new thing, Lord
    There’s got to be something better
    (I know) There must be something more
    What God has is so, Fresh

    continued on next message…

    • Joe

      re: "Time for change ________ going on something new"

      The lyric is: Time for change. Let it rain. Pour down something new.

      • cwatson

        Thanks Joe!! That sounds much better than what I thought it was. LOL!! Hey and if you find any other oversights, please let us know.

        • Joe

          No problem, cwatson! Thanks for transcribing the lyrics!

  • Liz

    This isn't exactly my cup of tea, but I do like it! I don't expect the whole album to sound like this (please don't let the whole album be like this, lol) but this was a smart move for Tye; if the single sounded the same as all the rest of his stuff then it really wouldn't be "fresh." Furthermore, Tye held those youtube auditions for background singers not even a month ago, so there's gotta be some vocals other than his on the album. I'm expecting great things from this new project!

  • cwatson

    I want what’s next, I want only the best, time for me to move forward
    I want what’s in store, an open door, I want life and that more abundant
    I want You to breathe, breathe on me, release your power and glory
    I, I, I want something more
    Make, make, make me over Lord
    Not gonna live life down no more (?)
    Cause I know, what God has is so…Fresh

    • Shayrenee

      Wow you are good! I listened quite a few times and never got that far! Thank you

  • Shawn

    I like it….its fresh

  • DCov

    I liked it. Nice summer jam. Not to hype on the auto-tune though. I agree with you Mia. I really hope that wasn’t the final mix. Please go back in the lab & mix that bama correctly!

  • Jayofunity

    ummm this song im def feeling it but like some of u said the effects maybe a little too much the reason why I'm saying that is because it's hard to understand what's being said besides that this song is hot and its fresh gospel pep yall so late lets get with it every song dont got have a organ playing behind it smh!

  • M. Watson

    I hear a serious heart cry for change and I understand it totally. However, worship and Gospel music should always be about the good news…never about the worshipper! Just wish this song ended with a focus more on Christ…he is the Change that the world needs. If you have Christ…no other change is necessary. Just my opinion!!! Love you so much Tye -always praying for you

  • In My Realm

    Ahhh Junk; where are my addias with the big shoe strings and my boombox. 80s for real LOLLL I guess the choir got dumped like they always do! Why cut expenses when they probably wasn't get paid anyway! CD cover says it all; don't know if Gospel Radio is going to spin this single, the Elders/Mothers are not going to tempted to drop it like it's HOT. I just played it 3 times, nice groove, catchy, must have for the roller rink. Don't bump this in the sanctary, I feel my flesh about to about to throw it up LOL

  • DloBlack

    Kinda reminds me of early 2000's Tonex!!!!! And, I didn't like it when He did it. (Just from the musical standpoint…Not getting into whether it's anointed or not)

  • tyetribbett

    Dude stop singing, this is wack!!!!!! get back with your old stuff, oh wait you cant, you aint got your crew anymore!!!!

  • Lou

    What can I say???!!! This is not good!! Perhaps 'out with the new and in with the OLD' would be better!!!! Get back to what you used to do Tye!!

  • amazing

    I like this …it is Fresh.It also shows creativity

  • Andre Byrd

    Iiight Tye, Imma try to trust you on this new move.It most certainly is “Fresh”.

  • I actually like the song. It's different, fresh-which to me is very nice. I can respect this change in music. And we finally get a song that uses a real talk box…that's just lovely πŸ™‚

  • Justin

    Ummmm ..okay i have a wide range of music taste, i like the song and I hope and pray the whole cd isnt like this…I do miss G.A. They made Tye tribbet….but im gonna give this cd a try. I will purchase it. Tye don't let your fans down

  • Tam Tam

    How far into the song does one have to listen before one figures out that he's actually singing about the Lord? LOL! Sigh….

    The auto-tune ought to stay rested with Roger Troutman and Zapp (I just dated myself again! Ha! LOL!)

  • Novella

    Sorry, I can't take auto tune, no matter who does it!

  • Courtney

    love this, TYE….its really fresh…i really like the music and lyrics…its bumpin' (do they still say that?)…dont know if gospel stations are going to play it…they are stuck on that "cheesy praise and worship Hosanna" sound…Tye, continue to do what u do…be different and crazy for God!!! keep hollin' and jumpin' up and down!!

  • Jazz

    I wont be supporting this effort. I like the message behind the song, but it doesnt sound "fresh". In fact its kind of annoying.

  • jonez

    I guess he didnt get the memo that autotune is dead. I still love me some Tye. Maybe it will grow on me.

  • Ann

    I don't like the auto tunes. I can't understand what he's sayin'! I will pass.

  • Marcel in Brooklyn

    Oh my Godddd… have we finallly reached the age of the Jetsons? This has such a strong house-clubby feel. Did Lady GaGa produce this? Seriously… I think I'm going to cry right now because it seems that Gospel music is starting to morph right before my eyes. The lyrics are sacrificed at the hands of the dance music. I will pass….

  • Keith

    Sorry i hope he changes his mind and releases somethin diff. this sounds like trying to hard to fit in the autotone is a distraction

  • Kiesha M.

    I agree with what everyone else said about the autotune. It is a nice song otherwise. I didn't expect much because I've never been a Tye fan anyway. GA or not.

  • tyrone

    I like it and I can see him all over the stage performing live…lol

    • Michael

      I think a lot of you don't realize he (Tye) is not what I call a "Singer". He does more screaming than anything else. He definitely needs the auto tune and the Choir behind him. I guess he is a solo act now? Okay, I'll wait for this one, but will still be praying.

      • RoR

        Thank you…finally. Someone who mentioned that Tye really isn't a singer. There are a handful of people who have led choirs that can't sing (all that great)…They serve somewhat as hype men or talk throughout tracks. #nobueno

  • jay

    Don't like it one bit everybody wants to do auto tune sorry to say but horrible smh!

  • Kierra

    I loooove Tye, but I'm not really feelin it. The chord progressions are sweet but the song REEEKS of mainstream and I hate mainstream. Maybe the rest of the album is better.

  • Melly Welly

    Um, yeah… I can't understand the words in the chorus at all. But I do like the song overall.

  • Andre

    THIS IS JUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • kwartema

      loooooooooooooool @ Andres response…reckon you've summed it all up

  • Shaylah

    *sigh* 1st things first, NOBODY'S OBLIGATED TO LIKE ANYTHING TYE DOES. WE WERE ALL CREATED WIT CHOICE. PLEASE understand dat dis album was NOT made to satisfy people. it was made to glorify and honor GOD, and we as people CANNOT dictate what GOD accepts as glorifyin to HIMSELF!!! DAT BEIN SAID, I LOVE FRESH!!! God is doin new things and whoever aint ready to move forward and accept change DON'T HAVE TO!!! let DAT MAN do what GOD got for HIM to do. nobody's gonna lose sleep over whoever don't like Tye and whatever WACK comments were made on dis website or any other. for everyONE dat DON'T like dis single or anything else Tye does, der are PLENTY dat extend der FULL support. when u've got Heaven's endorsement, nothin else matters anyway. so, HAPPY HATIN. hope it fulfills ya life like nothin else. :o)

    • bln

      Uh, this was made to made to satisfy the record label – do you think they would let him get away with, say, Gregorian chant?

      Auto-tune is like spice – a little here and there in the breaks may be good, but too much overwhelms the ears…hope they remix this…

      • Shaylah

        bin, ya opinion is just dat, YOUR'S, as is my OPINION MINE. it's as SIMPLE as dat.

    • Mike C

      OH PLEASE…Tye is trying to sell albums, and the album was made to SELL RECORDS, because if it wasn't he would be CUT from his label, get outta here with that bunch of hogwash, u must be related to him…lol This song was lame as is all songs with excessive autotune

      • Shaylah

        Mike C, i guess u told me, huh? lol wow, MY OPINION bother u dat much? anyway, it's a vocoder, not auto-tune. der two TOTALLY different things. if u think it's lame, DAS FINE. why waste time even respondin to my "hogwash"? i don't even KNOW u, hence, my comment wasn't even directed AT u. it was a PERSONAL opinion displayed publicly like every other. later…

    • Mia_v4c

      Sidebar – "Hate/Hater/Hating" (and all other variations of the word) has to be the most misused term(s) EVER! We need to lock down rules of usage and stick to it already. Sheesh…

  • Ok so here is my opinion… I think it will sell because it is what main stream gospel listeners want. I think it will have to grow on me for me to like it. I also think that Tye does better LIVE than in the studio. I wasn't feeling it when I heard it and I am a HUGE supporter of Tye. I think he has to come ALOT better than this to match Victory. I heard a youtube clip of Tye singing with some of the old member's this churchy song (I give you glory, I give you praise, because the enemy DID NOT TRIUMPH) I pray this song is on the new album and I pray the whole album isn't all Auto tuned up! I will still support Tye as well as pray for him.


    There needs to be a reconciliation with ALL of the old members, is that possible???

  • jayjay

    no no no wat the heck is this i thought this was suppose to be sick but its like huh?

  • In My Realm

    I've been playing it for two days now. I've never been a Tye Fan at all… But I can see myself cleaning up, clicking through eblasts, shredding junk mail, doing laundry, oh did I mention cleaning soap off the bathroom mirror. FRESH, Oh yes, lemon scented, and shined. Just making fun saints. I LOVE THE SONG; I REALLY DO! Keep spinning this track over and over, you will feel it! Maybe some of you had too many Praise Leader Tunes! SPIN IT AGAIN DJ!

    • Tam Tam

      Or maybe you haven't been exposed to ANY amount of quality music of any sort. Turnabout is fair play πŸ˜‰

    • "lemon scented, and shined" —>lol

  • Clara

    I'm not feeling the autotune at all. I'm not going to run out and get this. Hopefully the next songs will "stand out" instead of sound like the "same old, same old" that's out now.

  • I kinda like the new sound and i kinda don't. I'm gonna have to listen to it again to get the gist of the song. But everyone is entitled to a second chance. But i will buy the cd when it comes out. Don't let me down Tye! I'm beliving in you!!!!!!


    This is what i would I come to expect from you borign and stale individuals. Tye would fare better promoting this to the secualr music industry who would embrace this song. More importantly, this is where the Gospel is needed the most. The young folks need this.The tired choir, contrived cliches heard on every other gospel song has gotten so played out (in my opnion)

    • RoR

      interesting you talk about cliches (something that has become commonplace due to overuse) given the auto-tune in this song…oh the irony.

  • DJChazz

    Like I said (in another post) this is why I've given up on the gospel music. Most of gospel msuic listeners do not appreciate diversity and to be honest, do not know good music or creativity… You are so limited and quite ignornat. Anything fresh you put it down. Who cares what the mothers in the church are thinking. Do they have a heaven or hell to put anyoen in. The message of the Gospel is for everyone. Not just you traditionalist. Pharisees!!! I woudl have dismissed this to just preference however, I was a young person in church and the mothers and others did not allow young people to use their gifts s God gavethem to us. Instead, they attempted to box us into and mold us into clones. Most of us have gone on to produce and dosecular music. l. I understand why… Things have changed somewhat over the years, but still, there is a lot of ignotance judging by what i've read.

    • Mike C

      OMG, The is not good….PERIOND, because of the excessive use of auto tune, U can't understand what he is saying, which would not go over well on secular radio either, so what are YOU talking about…There's nothing fresh about this song, autotune has been used for the past few yrs by countless artist so please let me know what's so fresh about it, and it seems that you are the limited one, since u can't explain you're argument without being offensive

  • jay

    it's not all good in the hood

    I didn't like the autotune and effects it was a bit too much. as a matter of fact too many artist are useing it waaaaaay tooo much!

    I can understand the title Fresh new start giving what he has overcome. But I miss GA

    And to be honest with you it sounds like Diddys work and not the Tye we know or knew..
    On a scale of 1 to 10 I give this single a 5. half I like and half I don't and i'm grading on a curve so that really means it was a 4.

  • Kingdom

    What artist puts out an album not to sell records??? That’s so stupid! At the end of the day, every record label gospel or otherwise desires to make a profit. It’s still a business. So, yeah this album is about making money. But the ULTIMATE goal is ministry, which I believe Tye does in an incredible way. Why try to discredit his gift and strip him of his calling because of his shortcomings?

    Mike, you aren’t making ANY sense in that regard. What artist doesn’t draw from their personal experiences and their time with God to put together a body of work that is relatable and “Fresh”. Not everything will appeal to everybody and maybe this doesn’t. Stop rejecting the message SOLELY based on the fact that you don’t like the package it’s wrapped up in. Suppose God had sent his word down through and auto-tuned song? Many of us would miss it because we can’t take the time to try and GET the message before you judge the messenger. Jessica Reedy said it best: “The gospel is a MESSAGE, not a style.”

    It doesn’t bother me, that ppl don’t like the song. I don’t even like the heavy use of auto-tune by ANY artist, but I think it’s ridiculous the way some of you all carry on about nothing. When then aren’t the way you think they ought be or they don’t line up with what you’ve been taught or what you’ve experienced all of a sudden is TRASH and garbage.

  • MJKeys

    TOOOOO MUCH AUTOTUNE!!! Please Tye take it off!! Great music as always but I shouldn't have to struggle to understand the lyrics besides that's the point of the song anyway!! If I was supposed to hear just music maybe release a soundcheck album?? I don't know just a thought.

  • kwartema

    It always cracks me up when people get soooooooo worked up over anothers opinions….Traditionalists Pharisees??? tooooo funny DJChazz…we're not ignorant or boxed in – we can choose to like or dislike the song it really aint that serious ….looooooool

  • Lilly

    Really! ! ! I mean, REALLY?

  • Tam Tam

    The name of this song should be changed to "Recycled"

    Even "Reset" or "Renewed" would have been more believable than "Fresh"….

  • Drew

    Autotune??? Why Tye why? I had a bad feeling when GA got broken up. I wish I knew what he was singing and that there was no autotune. If this is the "Fresh" sound no more Tye cds for me.

  • Lou

    Tam Tam is a hoot! lol #teamtam

  • Zephaniah

    I LOVE IT! ITS POP GOSPEL! For who ever said "COME ON TYE THIS IS GOSPEL?" YES it is! Scriptures/The WOrd is all in his lyrics… THE MESSAGE IS THE GOSPEL, NOT THE SOUND! PLEASE Understand that! How effective am I if I only minister to people who already know God?!

    SN: When Black Eyed Peas, etc use 100% auto-tune… we still understand the lyrics..if we don't rite away we play it enough till we get it.. THE MESSAGE will get across. The dance life are really gonna grab hold to this.

  • The Bull

    I never though I would say this, but Tye Tribbett is wack now. I can't put it any other way. I can't even listen to the track. It's so distasteful. I was curious to see how he would sound without G.A. I didn't think it would be bad seeing how Israel still managed to make a great album without his New Breed. But this right here, oh no, it just doesn't work. He has to take it back, 'cause this is garbage.

  • #fail. He needs God's Anointing back. Point Blank!!!

    • Micahel Jenkins

      God`s anointing back? That is a bold statement. The music he puts out does`nt have to do with the fact that he is anointed,although I am not feeling the new song.

    • Greater Anointing, God's Anointing. I meant it in both ways! @Jason and @Christina But to address you Michael… what is the point of doing Gospel Music if God's presence is NOT in it? Please do not tell me you feel God's presence in this new song because that would not be right… lol…. I'm just saying… this type of gospel is whack and is a horrible copy of T-Pain and his autotune. So again I say #FAIL

  • Jacki

    I agree Mia..Janelle FRESH.

  • Jacki Cordery

    I dig it! My daughter probably will like it more than I will, but I'm looking forward to the cd. I kinda figured it would have a 'commercial' sound when I heard he was working with Rodney Jerkins, but that made me look forward to it…and I still do.

  • bluheiress

    Horrible, just horrible I am really dissappointed!

  • Bernard M. Walker

    It's definitely something "FRESH!" I actually like it! I went in with an open mind and not focusing on the past cds Tye put out and I think it will reach a new audience and once he draws them, he can give them the message more clearer. Go head Tye!!!!

  • Kasablanka110

    Well, inclusive of my own comment, this thread now has about 90 posts – so if you ask me, Tye Tribbett must be doing SOMETHING right. And it isn't even as though you all are saying something different, for the most part each person is simply echoing the sentiments of the next which is why people like Shaylah or DJ Chazz (and now probably me) will often get the side-eye for their OPINIONS.

    Yes, for the last time, the song has WAY too much vocal effects for most of our taste – we get it. I don't dispute that not one bit. My issue here is those people who would dare have the audacity to try and determine what is or isn't Gospel. Please; there are 66 Books in the Bible, and no two are exactly the same – which to me says the Bible is a bit more versatile than a lot of you would like Gospel music to be.

  • Kasablanka110

    The Word of the Lord is pure, perfect, holy, God-breathed – all of these things.The method/medium/approach used to convey this Word, this "Good News", this Gospel – is limitless. Or at least it should be.

    Call it junk. Call it trash. Call it whatever you wanna. If it aint good then say it aint good. Just don't say it aint Gospel. You've got to be kidding me.

    • Tam Tam

      ***stares eye to eye*** It. ain't. gospel.

      Let's just say it's a sad shame what (some of) today's gospel music has become.

      Auto-tune/vocoder/whatever name satisfies is one thing that does/did not need to be resurrected for Kingdom work.

      • Kasablanka110

        Ladies and Gentlemen, "The Gospel: According to Tam Tam".

        • Tam Tam

          ***light chuckle*** I see what you did there.

          How about this: we all have "A" gospel and as you so noted, the root definition of the term gospel– "good news"–hopefully, Kasablanka110, you have some good news somewhere in that life of yours.

          But "THE" Gospel–the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST–is what counts above all, and THE GOSPEL doesn't need cheap, circus trickery, i.e, auto-tune, to attract/get noticed.

          • Kasablanka110

            So let me see if I understand this correctly – the piano, the drums, the bass guitar, the tambourine, the Hammond B3 Organ, the mass choir, the foot-stomp, the hand-clap, call & response – were ALL courtesy of Tam Tam this whole entire time? Great, now nothing in the world makes sense anymore.

            I don't mean to be obnoxious but for once and for all, something must be said. You, my dear friend, have about as much say in the direction of Gospel music as you did in it's inception. Little to none.

            Your own personal preference of what Gospel music should or shouldn't sound like does NOT speak for EVERYONE else's. So please, save yourself the trouble of being imposing and try not to place an invisible cap or ceiling on something whose capacities are far greater than yourself.

            Again I don't mean to be a jerk, and I say this all out of love. But hey, if I had a boogie hanging out of MY nose, I'd want someone to tell ME right away.

            This will be my final post. Wish you all the best. God Bless!

          • Tam Tam

            Wow…. all your keystrokes completely missed my point.

  • M. Danielle

    It's not auto tune, but the effect (vocoder) is really too much in the song (even though I do like the song). I think one of the main issues is that you can't understand EVERYTHING he's saying without listening to it a second or third time. And regardless of how nice the music may sound, I would think that understanding the lyrics is a very important thing…but to each his own, we're all entitled to how we feel about it. Some like it, some don't, and I for one am not losing sleep because someone says they do or do not like it. That's a personal preference, which is cool. I won't say that Tye's new music is all bad, because I have not heard ALL of the new music & it's unfair to judge a complete record when I don't know what's on it. So that said, can't wait for the album to come out. And I agree with Mia in an earlier post…Janelle Monae is definitely fresh πŸ™‚

  • Christina

    @Michael Jerkins God’s Anointing was the name of his group GA was the nickname they used for it.

    • Jason

      Ummm… GA=Greater Annointing. πŸ™‚

      • Jason

        (-) the n. (typo)…..:)

  • Gayle

    Hey freinds, the same ‘ole tired argument about with Tye happened with the Hawkins, Andrae Crouch, Kirk Franklin and others. And no wonder people leave the industry because of not embracing new ideas by the traditionalists who want the “Hammond Organ and Piano” mentality. With that said, I heard Tye’s single last night and its different, but its good. And I have to disagree with those who does like the single .

    • Tam Tam

      If a little bit of criticism is all that it takes to push a gospel artist out of the industry, then that's a PUNK MOVE, period. I could think that they weren't in it for the MINISTRY. I mean look how much they hated on Jesus. Thank the Lord that Jesus wasn't a PUNK.

      Not asking these gospel artists to nail themselves on a cross but my goodness, keep it real: if it's more about money than the ministry, go make that money just don't pimp the Lord to do it.

      Secondly, the issue isn't about that it's just "different". It's that it's a BAD/POOR kind of different different: the use of auto-tune/vocoder/whatever is a cheap trick and Tye can do better because he's done better before.

  • Virginia Hall

    I believe Tye and his people had two responsibilities/goals: lighten up on the fire and brimstone style and continue making money. What we hear is the result. Some will like it and some will not.

  • Virginia Hall

    This is America and people can express themselves as they desire. We don’t have to like how they express themselves. Tye can autotune till he feels better. How and why is that an issue? My problem was his holier than thou attitude. He has worked through that phase.

    • Tam Tam

      Well, you might want to tighten up your knowledge about The Constitution. Freedom of speech/expression has costs/consequences. And some of those consequences can include loss of income (due to a POORLY MADE PRODUCT).

      • Virginia Hall

        Point taken. i might add that a poorly made product will give the person who 'lost income' an opportunity to do something different. They will find another way to EXPRESS THEMSELVES to bring all that money back! It will be couched in terms like 'a newer fresher annointing, God is doing a new thing with me, etc. etc.' Then, we start all over again because some people will like the newer fresher annointing…. Some people will not like the newer fresher annointing. Because this is America, it is all ok. I have determined to know God for myself. These people — as I have noted — are entertainers in the Gospel industry. That is the truth.

        • Tam Tam

          "Some people will not like the newer fresher annointing."

          How does one like or not like the anointing of the Lord? The only being who wouldn't like it is the devil himself and his associates. An unspiritual person might not understand the anointing. But the whole point of the anointing is to DRAW people to the Lord and then they can begin to know and understand the TRUTH of the Lord.

          True ministry shouldn't be about the money. If one is doing for ministry for money, then he/she is no more than a hireling. I do believe that the Lord can and will BLESS a person out of their OBEDIENCE, including making music, if that's what the Lord told that person to do. And yes, those blessings can be in the form of money because the Bible says your gift will make room for you and place you before great men. That doesn't mean you're supposed to ABANDON or PIMP your gift.

          Auto-tune is NOT the way to a "newer fresher anointing". It just ain't.

          • Virginia Hall

            Tam Tam, I see that you just like stirring conversation. Point I was trying to make — When people start talking about their new annointing, etc. — it is subjective and personal. So, when artists talk about their annointing — it is their experience and it is for their lives. It has nothing to do with me. They are singers. They are entertainers. I take it with a grain of salt. If they are annointed, that is between them and God. I have to know God for myself. You have to know God for yourself. You are gonna bust a gut about Tye.. LET IT GO!! It will be fine. My point was that these annointings change based on what these people are going through. I did not say the annointings are real. It is their annointing and their business. You just make sure YOU serve God. Make sure you don't use autotune. LOL. That was funny.

          • Tam Tam

            Before a conversation can be stirred, one has to understand a point. It took you TWO POSTS for your ONE point to be made. So noted.

          • Virginia Hall

            Semi LOL. I can't tell if you are kidding or not. If you are kidding — all good. Now, here is another point. You know more scriptures than the law allows — yet, you seem arrogant in your knowledge. In fact, you almost seem angry. I would rather Tye's autotune while he is also trying to understand his walk with God while seeking forgiveness for his failings. YOU in all your perfection should be delighted with the walk you have with Christ. I don't feel that in your writings — just arrogance. Breathe and live. Love

          • Tam Tam

            Sigh…. So instead of focusing on what YOU SAID and on said topic, you're choosing to go off on a selfish tangent from said topic to discuss your ill-informed opinion about me.

            If this is the best you can do, it is what it is.


  • The Bull

    Autotune + Gospel music = Bad idea

  • marques King

    why does the church have to follow everything the World does??? They do Auto-tune we do auto-tune. It shoukld be the other way around, Gods people should set the standards for kingdom music…not judging but to me it shows which artist are more about selling records than keeping the intergrity of a sound. Not that it has to sound "chruchy"..but God wants to hear a certain sound… Remember Satans gift in heaven before he fell was music, he worshipped the lord with sound.. it only make ssince that he would use that same thing to advance his kingdom and pollute the intergrity of God people….Ive heard Tye Minister on serveral occations and he is on point, and not just with his music but with an actuall Word ….I just hope hes not following in Tonex's footsteps

  • Mia_v4c

    I really tried to stay out of any debates but…I GOTTA say this.

    In general (this is WAY bigger than this song), we need to be careful not to insinuate that our preferences are scriptual ordinances. We need to be careful not to impose our preferences on others. We need to respect (not like) each others taste buds, lol…and not send folks (or their taste buds) to hell because of them (extreme…but you get my point). The Bible gives direction on what the "gospel" or "good news" is…and, yes, that should be found in spiritual music.

    • Mia_v4c

      Thought continued…

      But I don't recall reading in the Bible that songs that I write must have a certain amount of bars, a specific rhythm, no sound effects or enhancements, etc. It's just not in the Word. If what you're saying isn't "thus saith the Lord", it's "thus saith (fill in the blank with your name)"…which is okay. But I don't have to obey your words/preferences/theories/etc…nor does anyone else. All good things come from God…and unbelievers use those very things for evil. But that doesn't mean that once they do that, we can't use those good things for the Kingdom. They are still good ideas, tools, and resources…yes, when used tastefully/correctly/etc., LOL.

      Sheesh! Y'all can be rough! LMBO…

      • Amen Sis! Well said πŸ™‚

        We can all learn to share & respect each other with different opinions.

  • teemojo

    I def don't hate it. We need something that doesn't sound like "Sunday Morning" every once in a while.

  • ziggy_keys

    I absolutely HATE when people hear something different and automatically question the anointing!!! There are believers that CANNOT relate to yolanda, smokey, donnie, and the rest of them. I used to be one of them. I t took me a while to get used this genre (gospel) because I didn't come from it. The fact is, as more people come to Christ who haven't been "churched", it is going to be IMPERATIVE to have individuals who are willing to bridge the gap musically. Some of those individuals in the past were Andrae Crouch, Percy Bady, The Tommies, Kirk Franklin, Commisioned, Fred Hammond, Tonex, and a few others. This is needed in the body of Christ and I for one am happy someone is doing it. You don't have to like it. However, don't question the anointing when you don't even understand what God is trying to do with this.

  • aundrea

    i cnt wait!!!!! ima b buyin it as soon as it hits da stores!!!!