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Mary Mary Releases New Album Cover, Announces New Management

Mary Mary has released the album cover for their new project, Something Big, in stores on March 29th.

I love it.  I think it’s a departure from the standard “face-on-album” deal in gospel music, and I love the true artwork component of it.  I Cheap Tea Cups also love the throwback 70’s kind of vibe it’s got to it…

Check it out–

Also, after hinting at it via Twitter for weeks now, the sisters have announced that they have signed with Maximum Artist Group (management company for Donald Lawrence, Natalie Grant and others, run by Mitchell Solarek) to represent them.

Mary Mary will be co-headlining the ‘Still Something Big’ tour with BeBe & CeCe Winans in select markets beginning in April.

  • Makaziwe Q.

    Hmmm…not too excited about that design. I think the execution is too sloppy. The cover for the Walking single was much slicker. I’m sure the music will more than make up for that though.

  • Byron Cage

    Erica and Tina…..Will yall stop playing and come on and put this CD out….YOu know I gotta get my box…LOL

  • Michael Jenkins

    They look colorful but decent.

  • James

    LOVE the new album cover, great job Mary Mary!!!

  • bnfitdc

    Niiiice cover. Reinvention…. they do it well. "Something Big," "Walking" and "Get Up" are driving my fitness clients crazy. MARY-MARY-FEST!

    • Barbara Sanders

      I don't like the cover,because I think you all are tying to look like the world, instead of looking holy like JESUS, this look will really question your salvation are you saved or not, chose this day whom you will serve, you can serve to master , you will love one and hate the other, i see you all have made you chose with new management.,

  • No Name

    The new look appear more like an R&B or Jazz cover. It does not have a Christian flavor
    to it, but Mary Mary’s music has a close touch of R&B sound to anyways. This sister group seem not to know if they want to sing Christian songs or R&B songs so they mix it together like a lot of other So-called Christian singers. Today its more about self, egos, fashion and money than music dedicated to God.