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Listen To Maurette Brown Clark’s NEW SINGLE — “I Hear The Sound”

Maurette Brown Clark returns to the music scene with a new single, “I Hear The Sound,” from her upcoming project (her fourth), entitled The Sound of Victory. It will also feature a DVD component.

The album, recorded live in Norfolk, VA, was widely Cheap Tea Cups acclaimed as an incredible worship set and recording. There are very few artists who can lead people into worship like Maurette Brown Clark… her knack for driving a song (and message) home is practically unparalleled.

For your enjoyment (and super duper blessing), I just added “I Hear The Sound” to the Pundit Player. Peep the black bar on the bottom of your screen and take a listen!

If you’re liking what you hear, make sure you buy the single when it hits iTunes in two weeks!

  • Raven

    I like it!

  • Todd

    I love it!! YESSSSS! The sound.

  • thesinger&pianist

    I love the new song! I hear the sound of VICTORY!!

  • Yes, yes, yes. Maurette. Sounds wonderful. I can hear us doing this at church.

  • Lamartz

    Do she have a release date for the album??? LOVE THE SONG!!!

  • Kingdom

    GREAT SONG!!!!!!!!

  • Vanessa

    Love it!!!! Love her! Okay, I'm a little biased….maybe more than a little…Sing Mo! …: )

  • Michelle

    I love it!

  • Drew

    Maurette Brown Clark is underrated. I will be buying the album when it comes out. I am late she has done 4 albums? When was her first album released? I enjoyed her last album.

  • Michael Jenkins

    I love the song, she is a praise and worship leader!

  • William1

    Glory Maurette that's tight it will bless the body of christ

  • Royalp

    Love it!!!! Encouraging song too!

  • Tish

    Yeeeeesssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! I CANT WAIT NO LOGER!!!!! GET ME THAT ME THAT CD!!!!!

  • Percila Smith-Cooke

    Proud of You!!! Love Auntie Percila …. May God Continually to Bless You!!!!— God's Anointed Vessel…

  • Indiana Norfleet


  • Danita

    Maurette Brown Clark is a powerful woman of God with a divine purpose to lead people into a life-changing praise and worship experience. I can't wait to buy her new CD! This song is a blessing and you will find yourself bobbing your head and then before you know it you are shouting hallelujah! Giving God the highest praise:)

  • Chad H.

    I was at the live recording and I had an awesome time! Cant wait to hear the CD and watch the DVD

  • William C.

    Did Donald Lawrence produce this song? In my opinion, it sounds very similar to "Giants"

  • Ebony S.

    New favorite song! Can't stop listening to it. I know my victory is on the way!!!!

  • This is an awesome song to remind you that YOU VICTORY IS ON THE WAY!!!

  • Rosa Abdulmalik

    Love this song, the words are so true and very meaningful. Keep on singing praises to God!

  • Brenden

    Maurette Brown Clark is a diamond in the rough. THERE IS NO AD-LIBBER like her! She's got the OIL! Wondering if anybody might have any info on this:

    Maurette seems like she has some vocal issues (i.e. nodules). I watched her on TBN last night, and she really seemed like she was having a problem, MORE SO than she ever expressed live on stage. She seems to always seem hoarse when she sings live. I'm not trying to stir up anything, I'm just wondering if there's something going on with her voice.