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New Yolanda Adams Album– ‘Becoming’– Due 5/3

The newest album from songstress Yolanda Adams, titled Becoming, will be available on Tuesday, May 3rd exclusively at Walmart.

Track listing:

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1. “Golden”
2. “Rejoice”
3. “Be Still”
4. “Just When”
5. “Not Giving Up”
6. “Living Proof”
7. “Time”
8. “You Can (Taylor’s Song)”
9. “What Would You Do”
10. “Overwhelmed”
11. “Gotta Tell Ya”



  • Jason

    Likin' the new single. Very smooth and VERY Yolanda.

    • Michael Jenkins

      Be still.

  • GospelFan

    I like Yolanda and I wish her all of the success, however, something seems unusual about this release. The single JUST dropped last week and now the album is coming out before you can blink an eye? On top of that, it's ONLY being released to Walmart? Yolanda is a major, crossover gospel recording artist, plus, this is her first album in 5-6 years. I guess I just expected it to be more of an event…more hype…more buildup…some promotions? I didn't even know that she was in the studio recording…who are the producers on this project? What record label is she with now? It just feels like the album is dropping out of nowhere. I will support Yolanda but the handling of this project is odd for a major artist like her.

  • Emuzic

    I totaly agree! I am a FAN and I listen to her radio show just about every morning . I do remember someone calling into her show a few months ago and asked her about another CD. She was vague with her answer but you knew that something MIGHT be coming down the pike. But not like this, lol. This CD did just drop out of no where. I hope it doesn't sound like a rushed project. It all could have been a promotion thing.
    There is nothing wrong with the last min promo, it just seems very odd. Either way it should be a great CD and her fans will jump on it quick b/c it's YOLANDA

  • Michael Jenkins

    It is about time!

  • Cagin

    I cant wait to hear ”becoming”. I hope it’ll drop to europe music markets soon. What she sings is pure delight.

  • Derrick Wi

    This is her worse CD I lke only two songs

    • Punjit

      Are you serious? 2 Songs?
      Everyone plays the CD from start to finish! Most All songs are good on her CD!
      You must want Yolanda to stay in one lane.. I like how she has switched things up and went into a different direction, at least this one time. Its called growth!

  • Laverne

    I bought 3 copies of her new CD, when I first receive it I only like two song, but I took it home and really listen to the words, now I love all the songs on her new CD, I've turned many people on to her new CD it will give you hope. If rated this CD I would give it 5 stars. You go Yolanda, because when I heard be still I was in the middle of making a decision and it was if the holy spirit was talking directly to me. I had no choice but be still.