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Kim Burrell Premieres Music Video for “Sweeter”

Kim Burrell has released her concept music video for her new album’s lead single, “Sweeter.” Shot on an exotic private island, the video is the first from Kim Burrell’s new project, The Love Album.

Check it out!!!

  • Ray

    I love Kim but I am just not feeling the direction her ministry is taking lately.

    • Tahj Jones

      I agree. It just didn't seem like the Kim we have listened to for years and grown to love.

  • Jeremy

    I love Kim and i don't mind the direction she's making. I'm not homing in on you Ray, but there's life outside of the "ministry". Why can't she make good music instead of a gospel album every time? I think she can do well in this area. She can make positive music and still minister,right? Al Green and others have done it for years…

    • Cookie

      Al Green is the measure of success for this? Really? Yikes! Talk about low expectations!

      But so noted… I wish they would just stop insulting sober/sound-minded folk by slapping a gospel music label on a smooth-listening, easy jazz, quiet storm type of song/CD….

      And the low-budget feel of this video is extra unfortunate for this decent song…. Instead of putting all the money into securing a "small, private island", they could have simply filmed it in a studio and put the bulk of the budget to better lighting, editing and other critical post-production details. And since video is such a visual medium, I couldn't help but notice the wardrobe. Some of those outfits looked very nice and she looked nice in them.

      I heart Kim and her music, Lord knows I do! But this new musical niche she's trying to carve out is both confusing and it's being executed poorly…. And notice I made no mention of her pastoral ministry or other ministerial obligations. These points are not among my top reasons for these comments.

      • Jeremy

        Are you saying Al Green isn't a success? Come on now. Just because he's not as prevalent now as he was in the 70's and 80's doesn't take away from the success he had. He was a pastor and still made great music.

        I'm just saying… and maybe it's me… but i tend not to look so DEEP into certain things. I like the song and didn't see anything majorly wrong with the video. Yes, she's a pastor. Yes, she has a ministry, but she can't have a career?

        • Cookie

          Well, is anybody checking for Al Green as either a source of spiritual guidance (your words: was a pastor) or to get their R&B soul groove on today (your words: still MADE great music–as opposed to currently MAKING great music)? I suppose one difference is that, to Al's credit, I don't think he made a CD using non-gospel songs to convey messages of Jesus Christ.

          A double-minded man is UNSTABLE in ALL his ways… and that includes a CAREER….

          I get it: careers (and our lives) should change and grow (for the better). But we also have to be careful about where and how they grow.

          And again, I have not made mention of her pastoral role and whatnot because those are not the main reasons for my critiques of her latest career direction. But since you keep bringing it up, consider this: I would hope that she would begin to use more wisdom and discretion in balancing her pastoral role with her gospel entertainment career. I mean, I'm grateful that I don't have an image of my pastor in bedtime clothing laying in a bed singing about something/someone being sweeter, even if it is (supposed to be) about the Lord. And I'm a mature Christian but at the same time, I am, like all of us, have to deal with living in this flesh.

          It may be "lawful", but it's not expedient.

    • TAG

      I agree with Jeremy. I belong to the Potter's House. Bishop is about to release the 2nd Sacred Love Songs CD with different artist on it. Married ppl (or single dating ppl) don't want to be romantic to "Just a Closer Walk with Thee" lol. I think artist that tastefully broaden the gospel field are wonderful. She isn't changing who she is, the God she serves, or the sound many of her fans love about her. I SAY GO GIRL. On top of all that she is showing that you don't have to look like a twig to feel and be sexy. AMEN AMEN!!

      • Paul

        A women of God should only want to be "sexy" for her husband.
        No scripture endorses public sexiness.

  • Chucky

    I absolutely love it

  • Gospel

    This is a joke. Isn't she a pastor and VP of COGIC's International Music Department?? So is it a good look to portray yourself in bed adorned in lingerie? It seems like ever since she lost the weight, she's lost half her marbles too. Her business partner, Krishnar Lewis, is also very creepy and looks to be behind the brainwashing of this "new" Kim Burrell. Listen Kim, don't ruin your ministry behind a couple more dollars and exposure. God will not be mocked.

    • Paul

      Many of us could see that something was wrong when she came out saying she was doing secular stuff with this guy and on this very site were lambasted for it but now we can see the fruit of it.
      The landscaper is looking up at her in her nighty and she has a sensual look on her face running her fingers through her hair!

      This is beyond a joke!

  • tahj

    Lolol! okay i love kim burrell and the sweeter single is the bomb! i love the song but this video is not needed! What in the World is she wearing! when i hear the song, it ministers that everyday with Jesus is sweeter and everyday I love HIM more. I didn't get the same message after watching this video. I feel she just didn't need to make a video for this song. It's kind of funny because it's doing too much. I feel that a great song to do a music video for in the Love ALBUM is PRAY FOR LOVE! the best song on the album!!

    • guest

      With u tahj, love the song not the vid, that was weird! lol

  • Micheal

    Let us not forget that Kim is a Pastor and Leader of a church. I have no issue with her trying to reach a broader audience. The Video is not first class. The video looks like was shoot with a digital camera, the concept makes no sense – way over the top, make-up, hair and wardrobe staff must have ALL called off.

  • rocky

    I get what Kim is trying to do…love her, who doesn't?? but if it doesn't work (& unfortunately it clearly doesn't) you take a giant step backward. Decide which side of the fence you want to be on, then commit. If you go for the mainstream side, cool. But please create something that enhances undeniable talent. This is not it. Humbly submitted.

  • Walker

    Everyone in gospel cant be Yolanda Adams or Kirk Franklin!

  • walker

    Everyone in gospel cant be Yolanda Adams of Kirk Franklin! A lot of respect lost Pastor Kim!

  • Avery MusicianandSinger Brown

    I love this song! I LOVE this video! I love Kim's new CD (The Love Album)! I also love the obvious fact that Kim isn't doing what's "normal" in Gospel music!

    • Cookie

      Define "normal" in gospel music…. And know that pretty much any answer you give, it's going to contradict someone else's definition of "normal"….

      • Avery MusicianandSinger Brown

        What we know as "normal" for a Gospel music video is, (showing a church, a person dressed in a 3 piece suit, or a really long dress), (for a Gospel song) "normal" would be a person straining their voice, and a person hearing an audience, and people shouting, yet nobody's hearing the WORDS to the song. Kim's ministry (her songs) can be heard by the individual. They aren't technically considered "Gospel" songs, and I am fine with that. I'm only 16 years old, and when I was younger (even now) my parents would play her CD's, (and they still do) my parents LOVE the "Love Album" and "Sweeter" is their new romance song! They've been married for 19 years, and this song can be for the gospel lover, as well as the husband and wife. That's MY definition of "normal" in Gospel music, and that's why Kim is NOT doing what's "normal" in Gospel music. 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • Melly Telly

          Wow. I think you are confusing elements of a style of music (straining voice) with what is normal in Gospel music. When I think "normal Gospel music" I think of a standard set by God that we would glorify Him with our gifts and that our conduct be according to His standards, which does extend to our modesty in action and dress (read, long dresses) and really being mindful of the difference between ourselves and the world, to be in it and not of it. To inspire others to learn more about God and to let our light shine. I don't think that veering outside of God's standard is a good thing.

          And, unfortunately for Pastor Kim, a video is more than just words. Personally, outside the lyrics, I think you are right, she is not doing what's normal. And I don't know that that's a good thing.

          Anywho, if you think I am off base, I encourage you to mute your computer, watch it again, and share your thoughts.

          • Avery MusicianandSinger Brown

            Melly Telly, I am not confusing anything with what's "normal" in Gospel music… the standard for this song has been set, and I strongly believe that this video will help someone. She's talking about everyday with JESUS is "sweeter than the day before" Also, most Gospel artists DO strain their voice when they sing, but Kim doesn't. She's also not lusting after the gardener, and there's nothing wrong with her (as I said before) doing what's NOT normal in "Gospel music" The bible says, in 1st Corinthians 9:19-23 (NKJV) that we must become "a servant to all, so that I may win the more" then it goes on to say in the verses after that (until the end of verse 23) that I must become a certain person to win other people… (paraphrasing)… but, do you honestly get what I'm saying?

          • Paul

            Please Avery, first and foremost the Apostle Paul was not singing when he was talking about reaching all. He was simply saying that he finds a way to relate to them when he is engaging them with the gospel. If they are weak, he is weak, if he speaks to a roman then he relates that way etc. This had nothing to do with music and a video. This is a new thing (this using of music to "reach the lost ") that is not endorsed by the bible. and we do all kind of slackness like this vid and make an excuse about reaching people.

            This is not of God!

          • Avery MusicianandSinger Brown

            Paul, personally I believe that the Apostle Paul was relating that to music, ministry, becoming something to certain people (whether it's a Roman, a Hebrew, or any other person)…. people are not always going to respond to the "traditional" way of presenting the Gospel (i.e. , preaching and screaming at the audience through teaching… "high five your neighbor and say"… you know, stuff like that) this video crosses boundaries, and gets Christians out of the "traditional" box that we can't listen to love songs as the world does. Yes, I know what the Bible says about not "being conformed to the world, but being transformed…" etc, but there has to be a balance. God bless you. 🙂 Any comments, from anyone? Paul? Anyone else?

  • Dee

    It’s not working. I really want it to because I love Kim and always will. But they are pushing a Lalah Hathaway persona on her- and that’s not her! She doesnt look comfortable. It has got to be believable and authentic- it’s just not coming across.
    The styling needs work she’s beautiful, but it’s not quite clicking.

  • Renee'

    Love the video, love the song, love the cd and I Love KIM BURRELL. No one like her. She can straight up sing!!!! I appreciate her phenomenal gift (her voice).

  • Shuan

    I love Kim and I love this single…but this video is definitely off in all kinds of ways. The sexy vibe while talking to Christ is just plain ole creepy. The footage is so terrible in respect to quality. It looks like someone really did take their little digital camera and shoot this video. I will keep praying for Kim and that her focus will remain true to God only.

  • Renee'

    You guys are amazing with some of these uber negative comments. Really not necessary.

    • Gospel

      This video is what's not necessary.

    • Honestly

      It comes with the territory. Especially when you're singing about Jesus wearing your "let's get it on" apparel….sorry, but it's true.
      Noone has to agree with this video…I love Kim, and I like the song. Hate the video. Inappropriate. My opinion.

  • Wow….Is this appropriate ??

  • Honestly

    A few notes:
    1. LIKE the song as far as music goes. She's singing great, the lyrics are nice, very different, but the message is clear and I like it.
    2. Why couldn't this song be done on a gospel cd by Kim?? Did she really have to do a "love" cd or "non-gospel" cd in order to do this song? I could have taken this song on any of her previous cds.
    3. WHY are we being seductive while talking about Jesus? And lingerie?? I can't get with this Kim…she's still my favorite GOSPEL singer though.

  • Chess

    I wasnt going to comment but i cant let this go "mene mene tekel upharsin" U have have been weighed and found wanting. LIsten for Pastor kim burrell to be a PASTOR who is to lead the flock i find this video appalling and outrageous. What is the purpose? who are u winning? And why are u wearing lingerie in the midst of singing a gospel song. As i always say SHOW ME SOME SCRIPTURE TO SUPPORT SUCH FOOLISHNESS. when i see this video i dont want to get saved i dont want to cry out on the alter come on people of GOD we have to do so much better. i leave u with this all we are here to do is to win souls to christ but how can u win souls if u dont show them a difference.

  • Michael Jenkins

    I did not like the video at all, it sounds like she is singing to another man and not Jesus.

    • Honestly

      Hi Michael,
      I don't think I have a problem with the sound or the song. I think the only problem I have is with the video. It LOOKS like she's singing to the pool boy down below…lol

      • Michael Jenkins


        I have no problem with the song, the song is amazing. I love the simplicity of the song, but the video does not match with the song. Why did she have to have Lingerie on? That was completely unnecessary, it sounds so secular and it seems like she wants to target another audience. I did not feel like she was singing about Jesus, just by her moves and her flirtations,. I love Kim but I am very disappointed about her direction in music.

  • Mia_v4c

    First, I must begin by giving honor to God, who is the head of my life, then to my GospelPundit family…who maketh me laugh…a lot, lol. Cause some of these comments have me ___________________ *dead* over here, lol.

    Second, no, the quality of this video is not cool. If you are working within a minimal budget, I believe it's best to keep the scope and script for videos simple.

    • "First, I must begin by giving honor to God, who is the head of my life, then to my GospelPundit family…"

      No you did not! ROFL!

  • Mia_v4c

    Third, she's not just wearing lingerie all throughout the video folks, lol. I feel you, a bit unnecessary, but the idea was "I'm waking up thinking about the goodness of God". And, last I checked, it's pretty realistic for Christians (even Pastors) to wear cool Jammy's to bed, lol. Yeah, the perched lips were a bit extra…and the s.exy eyes, lol. And some of the outfits should have been altered to fit her better. But, I'm more bothered by the quality of the video. So, Krishnar is a business man, manager, stylist, video director…lol. "What don't you do?!" Maybe, Krishnar is just taking on too much and should pass off some of these hats to others so that he can focus 100% on one area of her career/ministry.

    I'm rooting for you, Kim…and praying for you. I'm sure the next video will be…sweeter. 😉

    • Paul

      does it matter whether she is wearing her nighty through the whole vid.

      "Yeah, the perched lips were a bit extra…and the s.exy eyes, lol"

      what on earth is funny about a woman of God being suggestive?

      This is heartbreaking! how have we gone so far to where a percieved woman of God can so such things and we laugh about it!?

      • Mia_v4c

        Yes, to me it does. There is nothing ungodly about waking up in a night gown…cause that isn't a "nighty"…huge difference. Had she been parading around in a "nighty" throughout the video, maybe I'd be outraged as you seem to be.

        LOL…look. Don't demonize folks cause we're not all ready to grab our stones and cast them on her over this. I can understand some of the issues with this video and I share some of the same views to a point, but I've got my own issues that need correcting that I should be outraged about…and truth be told, you do too. We all do. This matter will get minimal energy from me. Kim's attempts to be "s.exy" made me laugh…I couldn't take it seriously.

        Sorry if that breaks your heart, Paul. I laugh a lot about a lot…you'd have a hard time being my friend. And that's cool…

  • Marcus B

    I not afraid of this video I am afraid that sooner or later we won't be able to see the separation between the gospel and secular. Really what is she trying to sell in this video what kind of Love? Because my visual of the love of Jesus is a little different, I'm just saying. Not passing judgement I'm just a little confused. 2 Corinthians chapter 16 does talk about being separate and although some my argue she is trying to separate from religious traditions, the word of God my argue otherwise. Just something to think about.

    • Paul N

      You are righfully making sound judgment.
      Dont be afraid of that, if we dont make sound biblical judgment we will led astray.

  • I thought there was gonna be a storyline between her and the gardener.

  • Marshawn

    Ok, and if she was singing to a man she could do that! When y’all in a relationship don’t you say the same nice things to the person????? The music and video is clean. What is the problem?

    Its so funny, cuz the other day I met my boo’s grandma and she was telling us about the days when she and her group would travel the world and sing Gospel. They got to work with some of the greats like the Blind Boys, Mighty Clouds Of Joy, Shirley Ceaser, even got to meet Aretha in her hay day. But the number one thing that they refused to do was sing the devil’s music (her exact words), which she meant secular.

    I asked her why, she said because you can’t please to Gods. But on the same note she said that she used to love dancing to it, but refused to sing it. Now does that make any sense??? The church has brained washed people into thinking that there is something wrong with being in love and singing about it. If you can talk about it, why can’t you sing to the World about how happy you are?

  • bnfitdc

    She sure looked heavy at the gardener.

    • Honestly

      LOL….yeah she did…

  • Christina

    I love the song it's beautiful, but I don't think the video concept matched the song very well. The video is nice though but it would fit better with a different song.

  • justin @

    I love this entire CD…my parents love this CD and they are old school gospel lovers….the video looks cheap…lol…she’s not doing anything different than what bebe and cece, the clark sisters, the hawkins family and the mighty clouds of joy did….but laying in the bed..looking at the gardner..ummmmm might sned the wrong message…but I’m a Kim fan for life

  • TAG

    This is called crossover. Everybody won't cross with Kim. Artist appeal to different ppl on different levels at different times. That is the reason we have so many. I like it as a love song. Why was it okay for Be Be and Ce Ce but not Kim. They didn't even use the words God, Lord, Jesus in a lot of their crossover music. The ppl in gospel understood the message and the ppl in R&B understood what it meant to them. In either case it was about love. It's all done in good taste and she has us talking about it so I think she can say "WINNING" Some of us are standing in judgement while listening to Cee-Lo Green in the background.

    • Avery MusicianandSinger Brown

      "TAG", I agree with you 100%!!! Kim is doing what is not "normal" in Gospel music!!! Be-be and Cece did it in the past (and on their last CD, Still) but when Kim does it, it seems to mess everyone up. The bible says, in 1st Corinthians 9:19-23 (NKJV) that we must become "a servant to all, so that I may win the more" then it goes on to say in the verses after that (until the end of verse 23) that I must become a certain person to win other people… (paraphrasing)… So, Kim making this video WILL WIN SOULS TO CHRIST! I AGREE WITH YOU, "TAG", AND THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Paul

        Please dont say Be Be and Cece did anything like this, the vid is appalling and sensual and thats the point.

        How will this vid win people for Christ? you are being decieved and in the process twisting the ball to suit your veiws. Total missapplication of I corinth 9:19-23.

        • Paul

          Twisting the "word"…

          • Avery MusicianandSinger Brown

            Paul, Bebe and Cece made songs (and videos) similar to Kim's in their time… This video WILL win souls for the kingdom!!

          • Lil D

            Music videos don't win souls. Ever.

  • jay

    I don't have an issue w/ her doing love songs. Why not im married and i sing love somgs to my wife. Solomon did poetry & he prob sang too.
    my issue is the video it just wasnt good. And i think we must be careful and how far we go over to the other side under the banner of winning souls when we don't. Not to mention her manager is openly gay and promotes the gay agenda.
    too many saint went over and never came back or play both sides…..i see her, mary, mary & others going that route

    • Paul

      Jay, this has nothing to do with winning souls, unless souls is the new name for money.

      • jay

        my point was that alof of these gospel artist crossover to secular under the banner of winning souls. to me its a lie b/c its all about the money..
        in ref to kim B. yeah this has to do with money…

  • Paul

    This is a comment from an unrepentant unbelieving homo-s-exual about this vid posted on another site.

    Posted May 25, 2011 at 6:38 PM
    Even I can’t believe how ridiculous this is. This isn’t spirituality, its extreme carnality. Wow."

    This should put those of you defending this vid to shame.

    • Avery MusicianandSinger Brown

      Paul, where did you get that comment from?????

  • gospel1fan

    Go head!!!! Ms Kim Burrell she have lost a few pounds and is feeling herself….that I will applaud anybody knows losing weight is hard so y not flaunt it…the only thing is I don't if it was appropriate for this song….it almost comes off as trying too hard… but congrats on your new album and I love "Sweeter" thanks for posting the video i come to guys for the latest gospel news always!!! anyway I know this is off subject but I notice a couple of gospel artist music videos been featured on this site Kirk, Mary Mary, & Vashawn Mitchell new video. Trin-i-tee 5:7 just put out two amazing videos to their new songs "Heaven Hear My Heart" & "Over & Over"….I appreciate this website for giving me the latest gospel music news but I think its unfair to only cover the "popular" gospel artist and not everyone! Trin-i-tee 5:7 video should be on this site too "Over & Over" is such a powerful song and so is the video….I hope someone consider posting it up here so other gospel fans can see & hear this anointed song! smile

  • Katydid

    I'm shocked at EXACTLY 2:43 of this video! What in the worrrrrrrllllldddd????? And don't ask me what I am talking about. If you don't know, get the video.

  • Katydid

    Perhaps that is how videos should be tested: Turn off the sound and see if the visual (Part 2 of the message) matches . I thought that was the professional procedure, and I do not create videos at all.

  • Three issues I have with this…
    1.) (And this is a pet peeve I have with alot of videos today) The video concept has nothing to do with the lyrics or the concept of the song. How many different videos can we see with artists lip-syncing in various locations. Gotta start stretching a little bit and come up with video concepts that tell a story. This ties in with problem #2.

    2.) This whole video has NOTHING to do with Jesus, who the song is supposed to be about. Not only that, but it's another attempt to merge sensuality and sexuality with Jesus. The video opens with her in a candlelit bedroom with her sitting in the middle of a bed in white lace LINGERIE!?!? I don't think there's one adult in this Earth who doesn't know what that setting says it's time to do. Standing on a terrace gazing down at a sweaty gardener? Lying on a beach by the fire at night? These are things that send the message of everyday with Jesus being sweeter? smh The video comes off as nothing more than a 4 minute opportunity for her to show off her new sexy figure and image.

    3.) In regards to the opening lingerie bedroom scene, she is a role model to other young women, a leader in COGIC, a wife, a mother, and a PASTOR! There is only one person that should see her in that light, and that is her husband. Some things need to be left to the imagination, and some things I don't even want to imagine. As a man, if I were in her congregation, every time she got up to preach that is the image that I would see

    • Renee'

      @ED Ummmmmmm Kim Burrell is not married.

      Some of these comments are just really ridiculous. What do you all suggest that Kim wear on a beach? sackcloth and ashes?????

      No, the song doesn't really match the video but whatever she is wearing is in good taste. She's covered. If any of you see something uncovered maybe it's just YOUR dirty carnal mind. Be serious.

      I've said it once and I'll say it again. This song is awesome, the cd is awesome (BUY IT IT'LL BLESS YA), and Kim Burrell is uniquely VOCALLY UNMATCHED!!!

      • If she's not married then that is my mistake. I thought that she was.

        However…this is not a question of vocal ability. This is not a question of whether or not this is a good song. We are talking about the video here. It's a question of appropriateness and a standard of holiness. The truth of the matter is the ONLY reason Christians defend stuff like this is BECAUSE of her singing ability. The body has become so desperately enamored with talent that we will excuse just about anything if it comes from someone who can sing or preach us happy. Plain and simple…the lyrics of the song are about Jesus and nothing in this video is. We want to make Jesus sexy but he's not! Candlelit bedrooms and lingerie means it's time to get busy. EVERYBODY knows that. You can't then display yourself in a setting like that and then say "Well…all the men need to just control their flesh." NO! That's the same as an Eddie Long preaching in a skin tight muscle shirt and rebuking a sister he catches gawking at his biceps. As men and women of God we should be the examples. We should be the ones denying ourselves and pointing people to Christ. Boobs in lingerie points no one to Christ.

        • Renee

          Ed, how about you and the rest of the negative commenters read the very respectful interview with Kim on the site DaGospel Truth.

          The UNMARRIED Kim Burrell will give you and others a very different insight. Check ALL truthful sources about a person before you post things. Don't just post what you THINK. Try being FACTUAL.

          And to your comparison with Eddie Long and his skin tight muscle shirts (laughing hysterically). Trust me I as a saved heterosexual WOMAN, no one wants to look at him. Not a good comparison. Be serioius.

          • Who's being unfactual? I stated that if she is not married then that is my mistake on THAT part.

            I do find it very interesting that you quickly pointed that out (and continue to focus on it), but failed to deal with the real issues of what I posted. The issue is not whether or not she's married, the issue is the contents of the video. Please explain to me what ANY of those scenes that I mentioned have to do with the lyrics of the song, which is supposed to be about the love of JESUS being sweeter everyday. Please explain to me what a candlelit bedroom scene with a woman in the middle of the bed in white lingerie has to do with anything other than sex. As a matter of fact, turn the sound off and just watch the video and see if ANYTHING you see in the video points to or makes you think of JESUS (who lyrically is supposed to be who the song is about) at all, or if it just makes you think of Kim Burrell.

            On a side note, just because Eddie Long (who I used simply to make a point) doesn't float your boat doesn't mean that EVERY woman feels the same way. The point was that no matter who the man or woman is that's doing it, it is unwise and unrealistic to display yourself in a sexual light and not expect people to look at you in a sexual way. This is why the Bible tells us to be modest in the way we dress, and to NOT put ourselves on display that way, as to not give people the wrong impression and/or open a door for someone to fall.

  • gospo

    listened 2 this Song last week, very jazzy,….JUST WATCHED THE VIDEO: Doesnt compliment the lyrics…, Sounds like something me & my Husband would Romance


  • Renee'

    Since most of you all are speaking about clothing in most of these ridiculous comments, have you all SEEN or paid attention to what Mary Mary wears??? I don't see this much commenting about them. To me their clothing is MUCH VULGAR than what is in this video and most if not all of their videos have nothing to do with the lyrics.

  • MoM

    Minister Kim – THANK YOU for showing that there is TRUE sweetness in God. xoxoxo

  • Guest

    The answer to this dilemma that is (Pastor) Kim Burrell's prodigal musical journey is found in 1 Corinthians 14:33: "For God is not [the author] of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints."

    Regardless of the poor quality, conceptual design, and direction of the video, the poor choice of costuming, and the unexplained/unnecessary gardener, the bottom line from reading some of these posts is that folks are CONFUSED about the message of the song as well as the video. The Bible says out of the mouths of two or more witnesses, so let the word be established. Well, more than two folk on this board alone have shared that they are confused…. That means that Kim and her partner got something wrong. Just like a teacher in a classroom: if nobody is understanding the concept, then it's up to the teacher to adjust the content so that the students can understand…. I hope that she will address the confusion or if she doesn't, either she doesn't care that people are confused or she thinks that people are too simple-minded to understand a so-called "high-minded" concept….

  • ok i love kim but what on eaaarth is this?? i laughed soo hard? whats with the, ive lost weight so i can finally shoot a sexy video with my sassy self looking longingly at the gardener gardening-sitting up in bed in my morning gown looking erm…-pushing my chest out whilst singing-pouting from here to the moon-strutting my stuff on my rich friends borrowed boat, and all the while 'singing for Jesus'? n the song aint nothing new..the whole days of the week thing? boooring!!!! oh dear!

  • AD

    I see a women celebrating the joy of the Lord and celebrating how she has over come her weigh issue. I don’t think she has sinned! There is nothing wrong with celebrating joy for the Lord and all that he has done for us. She just wants us to feel the same Joy~ And I do~ I am free

  • kay

    We need to pray and stay in the face of God acknowledge Him in all our ways so that he is directing our paths! So that all we do is for His Glory and His HEART alone is manifested in lives daily and our endeavors to reach the world through gospel music, movies, etc.

    • Max

      Amen it needs to be about Christ alone

  • Please note that during the day Jesus walk the earth he did things that the church folks didn't like! He healed on the Sabbath day and he also hung out with the people church folks judged and turn their nose up at and didn't approve. But he knew he didn't have to answer to them..So please watch what you say because she is a woman of God and God cannot be put in a box, who is to say God didn't want her to put on every outfit she put on, you do not know but trust the God in the Woman and not what is familiar. Lets go beyond our traditions and support this Great Woman of God and know that God is getting Glory out of everything she do! Spend your energy on making sure you are doing what God has called you to on a level of excellence! God Bless you Real Good!

    Lady Annilia Mosley
    "Living to Walk Out Faith"

  • WOW! I love it! I love it! I love it! Sister Kim Burrell you Rock! I am so sorry that many people are so judgmental and totally ignorant to the fact that God called you and chose you to do something's different from what is popular and traditional. God has called you to go beyond tradition and trailblaze a remnant of people to him through this song and video. So for those who don't like this video then that ment it wasn't for you! So please keep your negative comments to yourself and understand and take heed to the scripture, for those of you that need scripture backing" God said I will do a NEW thing." Did he say how? No so learn to Go with God, Don't put God in a box! Where in the bible it says you have to only sing Gospel music? No where and please don't say secular is the devils music! If God created everything then it's all his music

  • as long as it gives Good News! Gospel- means Good News! So as long as R&B, HIP HOP, ROCK, COUNTRY, is giving the good news it is Gospel. Please don't be narrow minded but I know some people can't help it because they read the bible and take everything literal when almost everything in the bible is symbolic! Please note that during the day Jesus walk the earth he did things that the church folks didn't like! He healed on the Sabbath day and he also hung out with the people church folks judged and turn their nose up at and didn't approve. But he knew he didn't have to answer to them..So please watch what you say because she is a woman of God and God cannot be put in a box, who is to say God didn't want her to put on every outfit she put on, you do not know but trust the God in the Woman and not what is familiar. Lets go beyond our traditions and support this Great Woman of God and know that God is getting Glory out of everything she do! Spend your energy on making sure you are doing what God has called you to on a level of excellence! God Bless you Real Good!

  • Kim is a beautiful woman, and an exceptional songstress but I don't understand what direction she is taking. You branch out to secular and then open up a church? I don't see the missing link, it is beyond me. In any event, I will always be a fan of her music, she is truly gifted, no one can take that away from her.

  • ChiChi

    This video is highly DISAPPOINTING!!!!! The focus and message behind this beautiful song seems to be blurred because of scenes with Kim wearing lace/see through lingerie in bed while lusting over her gardener. Is Kim Burrell singing about Jesus Christ or her new beau she just fell in love with? Its almost like she wants to stay in the gray area to capture "secular" fans without losing her Gospel fans. If you are going to stand for something then GO HARD!! All this lukewarm-Christianity only weakens the Kingdom of God. I do have an appreciation for well-crafted music videos that correlate with the song no matter what the genre. Im not sure what to take from this video. Sadly, this video has disturbed the positive image I once had for this song. I understand married Christians (women) wear lingerie and thats no problem, but that doesn't mean we need to make music videos of Christians in lingerie. Some Christians sleep in the nude, does that mean we need to start making music videos of nude Christians waking up in the morning? All Im saying is we need to set the standard and stop following what the world does!

  • Enna Eirret

    WHEN I SAW THE VIDEO,I LOOKED AT IT FROM A SINGLE WOMEN'S STANDPOINT…SHE'S IN BED, I'M SINGLE AND CELIBATE AND I DON'T SLEEP IN RATTY TATTERED NIGHT WEAR,I LOVE NICE PAJAMAS,SHE LOOKED OUT HER WINDOW,SAW A FINE MAN WORKING AND LIKE ANY OTHER WOMEN HAD A QUICK THOUGHT, SHE THEN CONFESSED TO THE FATHER "SOME TIMES IT GETS HARD,DON'T KNOW WHAT TO Do" we've all been there….let's be real.. i love the upbeat chritian music,sometimes i end up feeling worse after listening to saddened ghritian gosepel music…we're christians,however we're people with desires and needs…so christians can't sit out by a fire, stand on a boat, it's time to stop looking at christianity as we do, limiting what it looks like to our closed ideas, that's the very thing that keeps unbelivers away, the boredome associated with the lifestyle…Christians are people that do some of the same things as non-belivers domi'm speaking in terms of travel…good honest wholesome things…let those things been seen as well!

  • Enna Eirret

    In no way by saying that we have desires and needs am I implying we give in to those desires, but we as people,christians should not be limited to just gospel music,i love singing and great music,as long as it is not demonic,sexual or disrespectful w/ profane language, i love to hear and sing it,

  • Neena


  • Selena

    Love the message in the song. Video is so peaceful and that's the way God wants us to feel at peace. All I can say is, You go girl.