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Mary Mary Featured At Billboard Covering Bruno Mars

Mary Mary has been featured at, covering Bruno Mars’ hit single “Just the Way You Are.”  It’s a dope performance and interview… and kudos on the feature!

Check it out–

The ladies also performed “Walking” live and unplugged.  Check out the full feature right here.

  • Marcus B

    I'm not judging them or maybe I am but please somebody pleazzs tell me why they are singing this song when they just came out with an album. I would be embarressed that they didn't ask me to sing my own song and although Bruno Mars maybe a great artist he is not a gospel artist. Oh I see it was to her daughter well then you should have sang it to her at home not to us. You know whats crazy I like Mary Mary but this one just don't get. Instead they should have use this opportunity to spread the gospel and show others its ok to be different from the world, not rationalize with them.

    • Dequan

      Its Mashup Mondaus…they have artists cover each other's songs. That's why. I agree…that would be so wrong if Billboard asked them to sing another song 🙂

      • Dequan

        Typo: Mondays

  • Stop It

    Oh my goodness!!!! The ENTIRE PURPOSE of a Billboard Mashup is that established artists perform OTHER ARTISTS’ SONGS. They aren’t selling out or missing an opportunity. And maybe, by doing this, some Bruno Mars fans who have never heard of Mary Mary (or their message) will be opened up to the Gospel after this.

    If you clicked the link, you’d see that they also performed their single, “Walking.”

  • Chess

    This is so wrong on so many different levels we are to be sanctified which means to be separate. I dont know about u but the devil is creeping in unawares and he is doing it through venues just like this and with people who say they are christ like. GOD is soon to come and everyone will give an account for everything they did GOD BLESS

    • Dequan

      Are you trying to imply that the devil is working through Mary Mary and Billboard? I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt that I misread this. If you watched the beginning, they clearly said they were dedicating this song to their daughters. They were saying God made them beautiful just the way they are– and there's no need to change that.

      • Chess

        Brotha dequan what i wrote is what i meant this world is soon to end and we have to be careful of satan and his SUBTILE attacks. JUst like if a child were to say a cuss word but say i only said it because it was to a bad person would that make them using the cuss word any better? or just like the harry potter films that underplay witchcraft and lul us by saying its witchcraft that we use for good? LIsten to me carefully i dont care if they say they were singing to thier mama,sister,daughter. wrong is wrong . Next and final point brotha dequan come at me with scripture that supports u but i have a feeling u have none cause GOd the creator of all who sent his son into the world to save us from our sins donesnt support foolishness . and if u read this and wonder if what im saying is what i meant then please wonder no longer i meant what i said and said what i meant the devil is cunning and will use anything he can to win souls and subvert souls to hell.

  • zion

    Oh wow…Isn't this the Bruno Mars who wrote the timeless song "F** You" for CeeLo…Wow, way to go girls! what a nice way to represent the kingdom, by indirectly endorsing those who spout profanity and support godlessness….they my heroes y'all!!

  • I love acoustic performances, and I think they did really good with both songs!

  • guest

    Has anyone covered one of their songs on Mash-up Mondays?

  • Lisa L.

    This was a flawless rendition of that song, Mary Mary does it again… almost effortlessly. We don't get to see you as mommies too much, this was a great representation of your motherhood and a beautiful pattern to follow for other mothers. Thank you. You are LOVED!

  • Michael Jenkins

    I am not understanding the purpose of this? I am not judging either, but this makes no sense to me. The song is not bad or anything and great performance but please be mindful on your audience. Please do not compromise your message because gospel fans would be confused on who you are singing about.

    I love Mary Mary but this makes no sense to me, maybe they written it for someone? I am assuming they do, but why cover in front of everybody? stick to your songs not someone else, much less a secular artist.

  • Gospel

    I guess people don't know is that has instituted a new attraction to their website that they call "Mash-up Mondays". They feature artists every Monday doing acoustic renditions of another artist hit song. Now whether you agree or disagree is another thing but THAT'S the purpose of why this video exists. For the record, they did a similar arrangement of their single "Walking" which can be seen on

  • Chess

    Brotha dequan this is gonna be my last post on this here subject. I know the bible is right and somebody is wrong. Holiness is a lifestyle not a choice to pick it up and drop it off when we want. no sir we have to live a holy life to the fullest. and brotha dequan i dont like gospel artists that dont represent christ well we are to win souls not take down. last but not least we can agree to disagree cause obivously u like this jeely back stlye of living for GOD u like people who take down and compromise. I dont stay blessed

    • Dequan

      Okay, this is my last post on this subject too. In fact, I'm done. I just want to say this, though– you don't know me so please don't attempt to asses my walk with God and how I live.

  • Jevon

    I was wondering if this is such a mashup then why don't they have the secular artist sing gospel songs? Because that isn't the purpose. I mean they could have had mary mary sing a gospel song from a christian artist but they picked a secular one and they sang it. I know the campbell's background singing experience but I'm sorry, while people like dequan are on here defending their actions and trying make wrong into right, the world is saying though they can sing they are hypocrites. They who are looking for the light if they saw this one clip would say there is no light or difference here and they'd move on to the next person. We are not perfect but we you say that you represent God as an ambassador you are to do so in a way where the people see him not you. And if Dequan answers this, it's not about what you think is ok because you have nothing of worth to redeem anyone, it's about what God thinks and has said PERIOD.

    • Paul

      well said.

  • Paul

    Your comment makes Zion's no less valid.

    I wouldnt support any of these artists you just put in this article Not anymore.

  • Jason

    Wow….I just love how people seem to love to point the finger at folks just living their lives. The "they goin' to hell cause every word out of their mouths are not Jesus Jesus Jesus" attitude is so lame. MOST people that I know that profess to live a life of holiness (never making a bad decision or mistake) are the ones who really need to be careful. Don't be so quick to point fingers and say what someone should do or say, because someone could say the same about folks who post negative things about people they DON'T KNOW online. My opinion is that God is the creator of all things, music being one of them, and church folk need to stop being so extra when it comes to music. God IS love and anything that represents love is Godly. Music about love is music about God.

  • Jason

    And if that doesn't fly for someone, then think about what you were listening to when you were courting/dating/making love to your spouse…….I'm pretty sure it was't "What A Wonder You Are", "Because Of Who You Are", or "Keys To The Kingdom." The God I serve hasn't taken his hand off of me because I listen to rnb and jazz. I'm careful about what I listen to and some music just hurts my ears, but if it's tender, sweet, and about love, then I'm all in. Go read the Song Of Solomon. (it's in the HOLY bible by the way) Good night.