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Voting Is Now OPEN: Will Amber Bullock or Andrea Helms Be Sunday Best?

Folks, you now have the chance to make your voice heard and pick the winner of this season’s Sunday Best on BET.

It’s down to Andrea Helms and Amber Bullock and, if you’ve been paying attention all season, you know that each finalist has pros, cons, supporters, haters and everything in between. It’s kinda up to you, now.

My recap of last night’s episode will come in a bit, but Vintage Tea Cups in the meantime…

3 Ways to Vote:

1. Online.  Visit and make your pick.

2. Text. It’s $0.99 per vote, but if you wanna do it, send a text to 53055 with either a 1 (for Andrea Helms ) or a 2 (for Amber Bullock).

3. Call. Dial 888-5-BEST-01 for Andrea Helms or dial 888-5-BEST-02 for Amber Bullock.

You can do vote by any or all of the methods above, up to 10 times per voting method.

Voting closes on Saturday, September 3rd at 12:00pm ET and the winner will be announced on Sunday, September 4th at 8pm ET!

  • ajee evans

    i think amber bolock done a great job she was bringing the heat all season long she was not only tryin to win she was doing what God wanted her to do she prased God in so many differnt was and i love her for that because uyou should just be there to win you should prase God to

  • Alan Thompson

    The Anionting is not turned on and off by or because of Talents and abilities. Give me THE ANOINTING over gifts and talents. Gifts and calling of God are without repentence. Andrea Helms sings for an audience of one (GOD) and we get the pleasure of hearing it. Amber and Andrea are in different catagories and places in life. I am disappointed in the judges helping sway the audience toward Amber by the words used when they talk to her. They are showing the mindset of some in the black church community. I praise God for discernment of the spirit by the Spirit.

    • Amen! Well Said! My Sentiments Exactly!

    • Rezana

      I totally agree! Amber is talented, I can't touch that but when I want to enter the throne room of God, which is quit often, I want to hear Andrea.

    • Unique Wilson

      You know what it was Alan, people are not ready to true and the real anointing. People still want to be entertain and they do not want a real encounter with God. And Andrea gives you just that, a real encounter with God The cast of Sunday Best is not ready for that.

  • teresa

    I think that both amber bullock and andrea helmes did a fantastic job and it will be very hard to pick a winner but I think andrea helmes shows her love for god more in her songs but amber nailed for every mountain you could clearly see the anointing that fell in that placeon Sunday it was awesome and I just wish both contestants the best and I’m not even voting because they both are amazing

  • teresa

    I agree with alan thompson asfar as andrea helmes singing for god and not the audience and I totally agree because you can clearly see that she always thru the whole season sang only for god and it is awesome that she represents god in every song and she is not singing for the audience and she does not sing for the applause she is giving all the glory to god and worthy is he for it. But when amber sang for every mountain this was the first time I expirienced the god in her and I think that the sundays best winner should be the one who you feel the presence of god and feel that in every song and on that alone andrea helmes comes out on top!

  • Sharon Stanfield

    You can tell that the judges really would refer that Amber Bullock win, but you can go to a night club or go buy a jazz cd if you want to here someone sing like her. She wasted time showing off her talent to sing rather than making sure the listening audience receive the message of the song from GOD and that HE got the glory. Andrea Helms really deserves to win because she made sure her listening audience receive the message from GOD in the songs and that HE always got the glory whether she wins or not.

  • Runtrell Skinner

    I feel that both of them did an amazing job; but i gotta be honest Amber Bullock made me cry when i heard her sing, and Andrea Helms is full Gods holy spirit. But far as talent i feel that Amber is a far more gifted singer then Andrea, plus Amber also have Gods Spirit, and she showed it when she song for every mountain. so i gotta go with Amber bullock…

  • cdm

    I think Andrea Helms said it best earlier when she answered her purpose for singing and winning Sunday Best was about reaching people for Jesus and Amber Bullocks reason was to take care of her daughter…clearly two very different answers. Amber is talented no doubt but the reason this show is different from American Idol etc is its gospel "the good news bout Jesus Christ"…..David had the heart of God and so does Andrea in her delivery of every song..its not forced..missing… is there very present and probably a testiment to how she lives her everyday life..for God and Him alone…

    • janice jamison

      Both ladies are amazingly gifted .Amber can deliver on all levels. Her tone, quality of voice surpassed Andrea int the fact that Amber just can plane ole sing. Now, Satan always wants to distract GODS people by deception. For a moment satan did just that with Amber. Their was pride and self that got in the way of the Anointing. But , when Amber was told to sing from her heart-JESUS showed up!

  • Lord You Know

    I would pay to see Andrea Helms in concert now. He rendition of "A Mighty God We Serve" was nothing less that awesome!! What come from the heart, reaches the heart. She has been consistant throughout the entire competition. Even if she does not get the votes she deserves; (for whatever reason) I am confident that the world will still hear her minister in song in the future.

  • andrea helms should get sunday best 2011 because when she perform she doesn't add worldliness to her singing like amber. andrea Helm is anointed with the real thing its not made up she is singing from the heart and God is glorify. For get about what color her skin is give the title to andrea helms because that what the show suppose to be about giving God true worship and praise.

  • Clem

    I think AH should have won. Just my humble opinion…and yes I probably should have voted more.

  • I voted for both of the ladies to be fair… they are both great when they sang together last night what an amazing night for the both of those ladies… I truly think they both need to sing together and allow God to just guide both of them together…