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Yolanda Adams Launches High-End Luxury Clothing Line

This Thursday, gospel songstress, author, and popular radio personality Yolanda Adams launches her newest venture– the Yolanda Adams Collection, which appears to be a rather high-end luxury line of women’s clothing.

Touting a selection of designer knits, the Collection boasts in its ability to reach the market of taller and/or “ample-bodied” women. And it’s clear to me that this line is not just another gospel artist’s attempt to make church clothes. In fact, judging by the price tag, I don’t believe Yolanda’s target demographic is “church women” AT ALL.

With price points reportedly ranging from a minimum Tea For One Sets of $125 for a skirt to as much as $2,000 for jackets, this collection undoubtedly targets a broader audience.  Tanks and shells, for example, start at $165 each.

At 6’1″, and as a former part-time model, Yolanda Adams (who turns 50 this month) knows a thing or two about what women want out of fashion.

A couple of images from the Yolanda Adams Collection–

Visit to see more shots of the fashion line and to learn more about it!

  • Gospel

    All these clothing lines need to stop. PERIOD. No one is producing any clothes that you can't find in a million different lines on the market. It's all about money. I will give Yolanda credit here because these few ensembles don't look as tacky as the church lines created by other names in the gospel industry. But I do not see anything necessarily "high end" and certainly "luxury".

  • Christina

    Her line looks much better than the other lines produced by gospel artist. I like the brown suit it's very nice, but I'm not seeing anyhting I'd spend that much money on.

    Good luck to her though.

  • yeh right

    So unimpressed

  • ShirleysSide

    I like her line. It's classy. Not cheap looking like those clothes you see in catalogues you get in the mail with the wigs and stuff.
    Good Luck Ms Adams. I ain't mad at you like the haters above.

  • SavedandaSaint

    High end and Gospel dont mix. Her audience will not buy a tank for $165 from Yolanda Adams. Donna Karen yes or St. John yes. Even with these designers a very small group of women can afford this. I think Yolanda need to go back to the drawing board on this one.

  • For real, ya'll? How did Donna and St. John, Ysaint, Dolce, and all of the rest of them start? They had a dream and pursued it! That's what Yolanda is doing. Why are we hating? When those Gospel artist perform at concerts, visit churches, etc., they want to look good. They do not go into Rainbow or New York fashions to get their clothes. Can you imagine Karen Clark-Sheard going into Rainbow to get an outfit to do a concert. Where will Jada Pinkett-Smith go to get something to wear for a business meeting? Not Walmart.
    Be for real even if you cannot afford it. Whether we can afford the clothing line or not we ought to be proud that Yolanda is stretching out like these other famous designers that we spend money on (like a $500 purse from Coach).
    I am proud of her and ask God to bless her like she blesses and encourages us every morning. Maybe with her success, she can do another more affordable line. BLESS YOU, YOLANDA!

    • MINNIE


  • Renee'

    Raise your hand if you're going to be purchashing any of these hi$h end pieces seriously (not raising hand). Who can afford this kind of stuff now days? I believe I'll stick with ROSS.

  • gospoman05

    Best of success to Yolanda with this new clothing line! I'm pretty sure I remember her mentioning something like this a few years back, and I'm glad to see it come to pass. God is faithful.

  • emuzic

    I am an apirisng gospel artist and one of my dreams is to have my own line of clothes, shoes, etc is a dream of mine. Thanks for preparig my for the lack of support I will get from SOME of my christain Brothers and Sisters. Dont yuo have more than one dream. Why must a Gospel artist's calling and personal dreams only be limited to selling cds to the four walls of the church….and remember, high end fashion is not for those you can't afford it, lol.

  • LOVE, LOVE ,LOVE!!!!!!!

  • Allison

    The Scriptures tells us to be grateful for what we have, so we can receive blessings. Let us all be encouraged to continue reading the Word of God and each work out our salavation. Let us rejoice for her and be glad in it. Please do not hold this kind of envy in your hearts. This would only prevent God from blessing you. Keep up the good work Yolanda, and may God continue to bless you with his riches and glories. .

  • If I'm not mistaken, Yolanda attempted this launch nearly 3 years ago; I hope she finds success, this time.

  • staccdd

    I wish her luck with these high ocer priced clothes. I guess a lot of mega church preacher wives and mistresses will beable to buy these things. Too bad she didn’t think.of the average hard working woman that can’t afford them, but then maybe that was the entire idea. Us minimum wage,low income will just stick to Ross, walmart, sears, etc.

  • Godsinga

    Thank you Yolanda for infiltrating the entertainment mountain. It's a religious and uninformed person that can't rejoice. Do all that's in your heart to do and represent the Kingdom well! We are citizens of a Kingdom that has to have influence in the market place in order to be effective. I just began reading the 7 mountain prophecy and each citizen of the Kingdom of God may want to look into this. It really opens your understanding of taking territories like Yolanda is doing. Kudos to you Yolanda!

  • guest

    Whether it blossoms or not, it a dream of hers that has been realized. I hear the complaints about the prices, however you have to understand business to understand how it works. It is a better business move to start out high end to recoup production costs as well as fund the launch of a second more affordable line. Donna Karen came years before DKNY, St. John before St.John Yellow, and Dolce and Gabbane before D&G. Give it time.

  • lcockrell

    All Praise to God for he is good! Thanks Yolanda for going for it. I am doing the same. Much blessed and properity to you and your clothing line. I am doing something similar High End clothing for men and women. On web first and then brick and morter. Hopefully we will cross paths again. Be blessed

  • Misha

    Wow I'm pretty sticker shocked! And ummm, that brown suit…she couldn't afford one of her own shirts to cover ALL THAT CLEVEAGE!!!! Dang woman! You trying to impress the world with that, cause I don't think God is too amused with that!

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  • Probably this will be another one-hit wonder with another celebrety that wants to launch a clothing line?

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  • Great collection.

    Thanks for the article.

  • Freda

    Really NICE things. I’m like most women I’m a fan but I won’t be purchasing it. Can’t afford it. Obviously her target audience is different from her fan base. But hey I don’t take it personal, I get it: it’s business.