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Mary Mary’s New Reality Show Airs On WE tv In March 2012

Mary Mary is heading to primetime with a new reality show on WE tv! Tentatively titled Mary Mary, the program will premiere Cheap Tea Cups on Thursday, March 29, 2012

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at 9pm ET. It’s expected to chronicle the daily lives of Erica & Tina Campbell, as they live out their roles as sisters, mothers, wives and recording artists. WE tv has already presented successful reality programming, including Braxton Family Values and Bridezillas. This could be a great opportunity to see real Christians living out real life in a gospel-in-action kind of way. Let’s pray for the ladies!

  • lilkunta

    I'll have to watch online bc We(like own) is a premium channel. I cant add more to my bill.

    FAKEALITY shows are a success bc of fights, backstabbing, gossip, etc. This ia a Christian duo so Im interested in how the show goes, how the producers edit things to make it seems as one thing happened when it didnt.

    Also, i didnt know that mrs/mr atkins have been married and divorced THREE TIMES! I thought with them being a evangelist /quoir director(momma thomasina) and youth minister(daddy eddie) they would go to marital counseling and try to work on the relatonship. Dont vows says "what god unites let no man break apart"? I really think after the 2nd marriage & divorce they shoulda jus stayed friends. & if they did fall in love again just dont marry.

  • Renee'

    Ummmm why do they need a REALITY SHOW? (Blank stare)

  • Michael Jenkins

    I really don`t see the point in this at all.

  • Avery L. Brown

    This new reality TV show should be very interesting. I'm looking forward to watching it! I encourage everyone to support Mary Mary, and their forthcoming reality TV show!

  • P man

    I'm amazed at how people hate on others. The christian community is the worst when it comes to this. The gospel community is stuck in the same position because of the lack of support. Who cares about their past and what they been through. We all got junk that needs God's hands to help even after salvation. It's a great thing to have some christian representation on TV. Reality TV needs a makeover. And there are some shows that are not negative. WEtv actually has some good programming. Everything is not House Wife of ATL material.
    But I guess we don't see the point in "Go out to the highways and hedges and compel men to come…."
    It's like the ones who do the judging got their stuff together and are making a major impact in the world. (Probably not) Get a purpose other than tearing people down.

    • Avery L. Brown

      You're right! The christian community is so judgemental. They will use the bible verses to talk about why someone shouldn't do something, but, when a group, like Mary Mary, tries to showcase their daily lives, to glorify God, the christian community thinks that it's a "sin".

  • Godschosen

    All the best to the Marys…Donnie McClurkin should have a talk show…he is a great communicator.

    • Avery L. Brown

      I believe that Donnie could have a talk show, one day. He already has a radio show, so, why not have a talk show as well? Interesting. Very interesting. 🙂

  • yeyo

    This will be a great chance for them to be witness to the world, and to let people know that you can be saved and filled with the holy spirit and still have fun. And that living for God is the best life possible. There will be some difficulties/hateration as with anything positive, but I’ll be praying for them!

  • latoi berry

    i cant wait for their show cause they are real and it will show how all black people arent crazy and have nothing but drama. I know for a fact they will do better than the braxtons.

  • kmvb

    I have seen the show and I am not impressed at all. Tina is very annoying and selfish and I am not being judgemental I think the show is hurting their image.