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Marvin Sapp Is Looking For 6 New Background Singers

According to a post made by Marvin Sapp this weekend, he’s on the hunt for six background vocalists to travel with

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him for the 2012 touring year.

His words:

BACKGROUND SINGER AUDITIONS: After much prayer I Vintage Tea Cups have decided to give and opportunity to 6 saved and vocally skilled individuals who have a passion to minister to the masses with me as I spread the gospel musically in 2012. Email your Bio and Picture to to receive info of when the auditions will be held in Grand Rapids MI. God Bless

Okay, if you have what it takes, send in your info and start getting ready.

EJ’s tip: it’s not about riffs, it’s about tone and attention to vocal nuances. If you hear them, do them; if you don’t hear them, pray that you start to. Lol And be dope!

  • Skeptical

    Dont know how legit this is. Seems to be another Marvin Sapp publicity stunt. One day he is looking for songs! Everybody submit! Then, its this. Then its that. Will he actually release a list of the people he chose. I would be interested to see if this is actually true.

    • Pk2012

      This was not a publicity stunt I went to the audition….It was great…..

  • gospoman

    I think Issac Carree did something similar as he was in the process of creating his new CD. I actually like this method of recruiting singers. It seems more open to the public, and it could give some people a good opportunity that they wouldn't otherwise get.

  • iworshipp

    It would be nice if it was true, since some people never get a chance in this field unless you are apart of the elite. So hard to get out there and it is nice that he wants tone and not so much riffs, riffs have become over rated and some no most have no anointing it is just skill. Firmly believe still that the anointing destroys the yoke.__

  • e13194

    I too got a chance to audition. It was a wonderful and exciting experience. Most local artist will never get a chance like this and Im glad it's about tone and pitch rather than how many riffs you can do or if u can get up in the ceiling. Still haven't been notified yet but I am grateful
    for the opportunity