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Just In: Now, TINA CAMPBELL of Mary Mary Is Expecting New Baby!


In an exclusive given to Essence Magazine

, Tina Campbell of Unique Teapots Mary Mary divulges that SHE is now pregnant with a new baby!

The news comes just weeks after sister, Erica Campbell, gave birth to a new baby girl.

Essence writes:

“Initially we felt overwhelmed at the thought, but then my hubby and I reflected on how rewarding it is to love and be loved by another baby,” said Tina in a statement to “After thinking that our last child was our last child we’ve been surprised with an unexpected blessing almost 4 months and growing. We thought our home was exciting and busy now it’s about to be even more exciting and busy. We are looking forward to it.”

Read the full story here.

Congrats to Tina and Teddy Campbell!!! 🙂


  • Joseph

    These sisters sure are a fertile couple ain't they?

    • somethingsmallz


  • price

    always trying to 1up each other…lol

    • shida

      Seems like that's Tina's mo

      • shida

        Happy for Tina but when I said "that seems like Tina's mo," I meant she seems to compete with her sister a little bit. However, congrats.

  • Congratulations to Teddy and Tina Campbell…

  • Michael Jenkins

    WOW they are just popping out babies.


  • meme

    great news ! KEEP um coming you can start a lil band!

  • meme


  • Renee

    The Lord says be fruitful and multiple, keep listening to God. He has a plan for all that happens. Love all of you guys


    I ,m very happy for u TINA

  • annette danso

    very happy for them.

  • Lisa

    Happy for her