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Marvin, Carvin and BeBe Winans Form New Group, Album Coming

Marvin Winans, Carvin Winans and BeBe Winans have formed a new group and will record a new album together.

The group has already begun recording its first song, a tune in tribute to their late brother, Ronald, and Whitney Houston.

They talked about it in an exclusive video interview with ET Tea For One Sets Online. Check it out–

Ready for it!

  • Nikki

    This is EPIC! Can't Wait!

  • price

    this is great but i still wish marvin would do an old school CD lik he sings b4 he preaches…

  • yvonne

    wow bebe lost so much weight when he first came out wit his sister he was the cute chubby kid lol

  • Raven

    I'd like to hear the new Winans group's sound with Bebe in the mix. I was hoping for a little taste of it in the video.

  • Renee'

    Can't wait.

  • Mar

    Where Michael? Wonder if that ponzi scheme stuff got anything to do with him not being in the group. They might as well add him and call it a Winans reunion…. lol.

  • Michael Jenkins

    I know ths is going to be good, the whole family is gifted to song.

  • Jason Williams

    this is amazing news, its going to be off the hook, (as the young people say) lol

  • Thomas Corbin

    They only know how to do it right ,so I'll just be waiting for more of "THE WINANS WAY", Amen! The best to them as they minister in song.

  • Royal

    This is great news! I know there’s good music to come. Marvin is AMAZING…but where’s David II, Michael, and Daniel O_o …and i wish Debbie would release an album! smh C’mon guys

  • Blessed

    Great news! I wonder what the name of this group will be?

  • Lorraine

    Can't wait either, I need something that doesn't have a great big choir behind it (not that I have anything against big or small choirs), just need to hear those God blessed voices to the max.

  • Dwayne Jackson

    Man I've been thinking about this happening for years,For these brothers to get together and perhaps form a group and then possibly tour,I promise you that it will sell,The winans/the group style of music has been lost in the christian music circuit.Praise and Worship is what alot of artist are doing,which is great;but I truly miss their style of music,the quartet thing.I sure hope that Michael comes around and join,but you know some years ago when the Winans family did a tour with ,the winans,Bebe & Cece,Mom& Pop and the winans phase #2 neither Michael of the Winans or his son Michael jr. showed up for the family music tour.I pray that he get with his other brothers and then blow the top off of the music scene.TO THE WINANS….GO GET IT MY BROTHERS,YES.

  • elder william sowell

    God has heard the cry of the gospel music world and answered with the voices that he anointed to take the message of the hour to a people in whom the love God is waxing cold. This is just an album winans its a calling. Minister in song with the voice of angels brothers in Christ.

  • revp

    Just add Daniel to these three and you have the best of the Winans male vocals. Miss him singing with the fam. He had such a worshipful innocence and presence to his voice. I remember him on the choir album singing "holyness"