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Donald Lawrence Shares Testimony Of Victory After Recent Cancer Diagnosis

At a recent public performance, gospel artist/songwriter/producer Donald Lawrence shared with Cute Tea Cups the audience that he was recently diagnosed with cancer. But, after months of quietly undergoing treatment and recovery in Los Angeles, the cancer has been declared “undetectable” in his body!

Donald Lawrence is widely known for his commitment to health and wellness, which I bet  contributed to the successful treatment. Above all, though, it appears that the artist– who consistently teaches us about the power of the confession of our FAITH– is living proof to the power of what he writes about and shares with the world.

Let’s keep our brother lifted in prayer. Love ya, Donald!

  • I have to play a praise break after reading this one. No time for that, just gotta go in. We're happy you are doing well Donald. To God Be The Glory.

  • Kevon429

    Praise God!

  • lilkunta

    yea! glad he is doing better.
    HOwever, what does it mean 'undetectable'? is the cancer lump gone or not? Bc undetectable could mean it is still there.
    Like Magic Johnson's HIV is undetectable but he is still hIV+.

    • rmo


  • DRamseur

    God takes care of His own. May the Lord continue to satisfy him with long life. He is an overcomer by the blood of the Lamb and the power of his testimony.

  • Michael Jenkins

    God is good, glad he shared that testimony!

  • Raven

    Thank God for the victory! Be encouraged Donald, God still heals.

  • Praying for Donald Lawrence that the Lord Heals His Body…Stay Encouraged


  • Jennifer Knott

    Amen our God is awesome!!

  • Mia_v4c

    AMEN AMEN!!!

  • mada

    beloved donald, u have kept us encouraged with ur prophetic music. now we join to encourage u.

  • Darnel

    Thank you Lord for always showing up for us even when we dont show up for you thank you for proving to us MIRACLES STILL HAPPENS TODAY… BLESS U DONALD AND THANKS FOR BEING MY MENTOR!

  • amoye dixon

    God is able to do what he said he would do. he who begun a good work in you is able to perform it .

  • Delores

    Thank God for FAITH Love you Donald