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Le’Andria Johnson Confirms Rumors: She’s Pregnant & Due In September

Sunday Best winner (and recent Grammy winner) Le’Andria Johnson has confirmed that she is indeed expecting another baby, and is due in September. Her public statement Electric Teapots puts an end to

weeks of speculation that the singer is pregnant, most recently peaking after her recent televised appearance on BET’s Celebration of Gospel.

In an exclusive statement to, Le’Andria states:

“In recent weeks, there have been numerous published reports stating that I am pregnant. I would like to take this time to confirm that I am pregnant and due in September. I have been feeling well and maintaining a healthy appetite. I have been busy traveling around the country with my music ministry. One can only imagine that as a mother and mother-to-be, my plate is quite full—taking the kids to school, doing homework, cooking—regular mother duties. I have been blessed to have the love and support of my church, family, friends, label, management, and fans. I have received so many beautiful and thoughtful notes and prayers from people all over the country. I ask that you continue to pray for me and my family. I cannot do this alone. I will continue to pray for God’s guidance and protection over my life. I love you all very much and I will be in touch soon.”

Let’s pray for Le’Andria. Keep her lifted up and pray for a safe, healthy pregnancy and delivery!

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  • Dequan

    * sits down and grabs popcorn *

    This comments section is about to get REALLY juicy and interesting…

  • KEM

    *opens pork rinds* I ain't sayin nothin,..

    • Dequan

      If that Le'Andria Johnson interview for GospelPundit was any indication, we're in for a real doozie…

  • Gloria

    "That was unexpected" When people are looking to you as a spiritual role model, their lives have been turned around as a result of your testimony, and the anointing that God has placed on your life through singing. Their is a godly standard that he wants us to uphold. We all have made mistakes and will continue to do so, but we also have to be watchful that we do not repeating the same ones over and over again. Let us be an example not a stumbling block. Be Blessed.

  • Virginia Harper

    I noted this before — I think her management knows she is unstable and that is one of the reasons they keep releasing these albums one after another. I don't believe they believe in her longevity. She looks like she is coming unhinged. Honestly, she looked deranged on Celebration of Gospel. What a shame. I think people in her corner are really really really going to have to help her. She needs help. My two cents.

    • Common Sense

      I agree LeAndria needs help, and in order to that she needs to step back from ministry to refocus on Christ and deal with her multiple choices. This pregnancy is not the only issue. I love her ministry and adore her, but LeAndria's witness is a poor representation of Christ at this time. It is more than O.K. to step back and regroup. Your ministry means nothing if the witness is fake. We are called to be living witnesses to the power of Christ Jesus and not just a revolving door for sin.

      • Chosen One

        he that is without sin cast the first stone……we all need help and because she is in the spot light only means the enemy is going to attack her even harder.. for those who are strong bares the infirmities of the weak, whatever happened to saints cover one another in their sins and praying them???? "Come on people really"

  • Common Sense

    I will post this again here: It seems the real reason for LeAndria's several projects done so quickly is that Michael Knowles KNEW she was pregnant and had been drinking–wanting to make sure that he got "his investment" before it hit the Gospel world; Michael Knowles planned this simply because he was unsure of how the Gospel community was going to react and wanted to make sure that he made money off of her….smh.

  • DEE

    Getting pregnant out of wedlock is a public indication of private sins. But we all have sins that need forgiving. And many of us have done the exact same thing LeAndria did. She needs prayer and a healthy community of saints to strengthen and encourage her in her walk with Christ- we ALL NEED THAT. And she may have to leave the gospel industry in order to keep her sanity- because it’s a crazy industry, more worldly than the secular industry, in my opinion.
    Yes, repentance is necessary and hopefully she has a true relationship with the Lord, but those of us who don’t know her and her full story need to refrain from condemning her.

    BTW, I think this should be for all Christian public figures, not just LeAndria. Those who are in leadership should be held to stronger accountability.

  • Vincent L

    Sister Le'andria Johnson is pregnant with her fourth child. So what are the saint's and the church to do? Simple continue to lift her up in prayer, pray that her baby and delivery will be safe. Just because she's not married, and has three children with not a marriage in sight doesn't mean that she's not a Christian, or nor can one question her salvation. The best thing that we can do is pray that God intervene where ever in all necessary areas of her life. That doesn't mean that she has to sit herself down, stop singing, or recording, nor ministering gospel music. He who without sin cast the 1st stone. Think about it she's always been real and not a "Stepford" (plastic) Christian pretending to hide her flaws. She's not playing the hypocrite she tells all she's a work in progress as we all are! There are worse popular gospel artist out there doing much dirt & just never have got caught! Next!

  • lp

    LeAndria’s ministry is NEEDED in the body of Christ today. I’m praying for her faith to fail not. Look to the hills which cometh your help, your help comes from the Lord my sister. Be encourage,

    • Tired Of Mess

      NO, Jesus' ministry is NEEDED in the body of Christ. Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. Romans 1:25



  • Dettra Keys

    Dear LeAndria, I am a single parent of 2 sons and I sat where you sit right now. I know that a lot of people are judging you, pointing fingers, and speculating. I know how it feels. The only difference is that no one knows me and everyone knows you. Everyday, people sin and fall short and they do all kinds of things to cover up their sin and continue to live a life that is fake and phoney. I admire you because you had the courage to not only admit to the world, but make the conscientious decision to keep your baby. There are so many options, but I am glad you chose the right one and you will be blessed for it. I will continue to pray for you and your ministry. You have truly blessed me through your song and testimony. I pray and speak healing over your life, your children, and your ministry. You are a precious jewel not only to God, but to all of your fans who love you. Donnie said it best, "We fall down, but we get up!"

  • C davidson

    The sister needs prayer and deliverance

    Above all SHE need to be ministered to

    She is in no position to minister to others at this time

    Take a step back…fon’t leave the church, the saints or the Lord

    Just go back in the closet and keep calling

    Jesus Jesus Jesus

    • Rosalyn

      "Let he without sin cast the first stone." there you go I ministered to you it seems like you very much need it! Her getting pregnant isnt any worser than you judging her, they are all sins. What does keep calling Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus do? Sends the holy ghost down like the day of penecost right? Well if you were holy ghost filled you would know that she is already filled and has a great anointing on her life and the gifts comes without repentance. With that being said I need you to kneel down on one knee now bring the other one down and pray that GOD will deliver you from that PHARISEES spirit that you have. If she is not position to minister right now when will she be? Whether she ministers now or after she has the baby she will still have 4 babies out of wedlock! GET REAL! WANNA BE CHURCH PEOPLE GET ON MY NERVES!

  • Christopher

    I feel bad for Le'Andria. It only takes a moment to get pregnant, and yet she's gonna be lambasted about it for the next year. If the baby is due in September, that means she conceived the child back in January. For all we know, she could've repented right after it happened but she has to answer to the body of Christ who feel they have a right to demand an explanation.

    I'm not condoning premarital sex, not at all, but we really don't know the circumstances around it. Who knows, maybe she was feeling lonely one night and caved in to temptation. It's not as if she's going around saying its okay to sleep with somebody before you get married. If she repented, why must she step down? She could be a witness to those who shyed away from God because they got pregnant and show that I saint is just a sinner who fell down and got back up.

    Again, I'm not condoning what she did, but it's really not our place to call her out– we don't have that relationship with her. Those close to her will set her straight. Let's just pray that she gets everything together and thank God that she didn't get an abortion!

    Donnie McClurkin had a child out of wedlock and nobody said anything…

    • emuzic

      Donnie McClurkin did step away for a while; should Le'Andria will do the same? I don't know. I guess it depends on the situation and your heart condition. It is harder when you are a Christian figure. It is right? of course not but it comes with the territory.

      Also…you can tell when someone needs deliverance in a particular area b/c they keep falling in the same sin. I have seen this in my own life! Of course we sin but the power of GOD comes to keep us from returning to that same sin. The bible describes it as "returning to our own vomit". So let's pray for Le'Andria that a true change comes that will allow her to remain pure until she is married.

      And let's pray the same thing for all the Christians we know who are struggling with this same issue. The ones who really want to change and the ones who think staying pure is impossible in this day and time.

  • sick of all y'all

    Donnie did sit down.


    It’s evident that you are caught up! It happens to the best of us when we get a little bit of attention and/or money. It goes to our head, this is normal. God is not normal! If we are to be like Him then we must not be normal. Normal is staying in our mess, messing up, saying we messed up and thinking because we said we messed up it will get better. The not-so-normal thing/Godly thing to do is take a step back, get in the Word, get back to God, Fast, Pray, Seek His Face and come back stronger than before. I guarantee you that if you do this, you’ll have much more than a Grammy, you may earn a spot in the Kingdom!

  • Tired Of Mess

    Let him who does wrong continue to do wrong; let him who is vile continue to be vile; let him who does right continue to do right; and let him who is holy continue to be holy." Behold, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to everyone according to what he has done. Revelations 22:11-12

    It's sin, it's wrong, it's unholy, it's fornication, it's defiled, it's unrighteous and we can say by His Word that God is not pleased. PERIOD. For those of you who uphold this and exchanging the truth for a lie…well God will deal with that. I think it's best that if you're not going to uphold the Word of God then Be Quiet!

    Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. Romans 1:25

  • Fan of TIRED OF MESS

    Amen to "TIRED OF MESS" AMEN AMEN. THESE OTHER FOLKS SEEM TO BE UNSTABLE. THESE ARE THE ONES that enable leaders to do anything, confess what they want and continue doing whatever they want. God is holy, PERIOD. If you gonna represent him as a leader, represent. If not, DON'T. This is why pedophile Bishops are justified to stay in the pulpit and pay off the accusers cause PEOPLE SAY ALLOW IT, don't hold these accountable because we are judging. SAD SAD and ignorant at the same time. Congrats on your pregnancy, but don't be kid's example.

  • Duh………

    The people of God forgive You. And hold no judgement against you. NOW go sit down, be restored and get some power to fight off sin. Then comeback and testify about being delivered. When you really are delivered. FOR YOU THAT DON'T BELIEVE IN POWER AGAINST SIN….WHY EVEN BE A CHRISTIAN……WHY WASTE YOUR TIME IN CHURCH….IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE……… Let your walk with Christ be a victorious testimony and example. All of you that say let her continue to minister, are saying Let the pedophiles continue, let the church embezzlers continue. Let the abuser continue, all you have to do is say God forgave me and I ain't stopping. NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL. Let all the rapist and thieves out of jail, they are forgiven and don't deserve time to work on themselves. God never did any of the stuff that is written in the bible against those that went against his way……THAT IS WHAT YOU SAY……WHEN YOU SAY WE SHALL CONTINUE IN SIN…..God Forbid….. She is not a bad person, sex is natural and people do have babies without marriage….but when you lead, you have to be held accountable AS A LEADER…… If you still from your job, they don't say OOOOOOOOh its ok, give it back and continue….. God is not mocked.

  • Duh…..

    Steal not still

  • I'm Confused…

    It is NOT my job to judge or condemn. But YOU cannot tell me, sing to me or Minister to me about what Jesus said or what God said or meant. When YOU don't do what Jesus said or what GOD said. How can you help me GET delivered out of what I am doing and YOU don't live a delivered walk or YOU don't EXEMPLIFY a delivered person but you can tell me I need Jesus or God for my problem. What has he done for YOU? How can you tell me he can help me be better AND HE DOESN'T SEEM TO BE HELPING YOU TO BE BETTER.

    Just a thought.

  • SupergirlCR

    My question is, how many of you are single and a virgin or 100% celibate (no sexual intercourse, oral sex, masturbation, anal sex, no nothing at all), and how long have you been that way (if indeed, you are) ? My point exactly. So everybody needs to shut up and stop acting like you ain’t never did nothing wrong in your “perfect in all your ways life!!! (I can’t STAND self righteous people!!!) . Le’Andria is a human being just like everyone else. Her struggles are for God to deal with. HER relationship with God is HER relationship with God… So everyone needs to mind their own business and “work out their OWN soul salvation and stop judging her… All the Bible Quoters, I’mma need ya’ll to shut up too. Doesn’t the Bible say that “they that are stong should bear the infirmities of the weak, considering themselves, lest THEY be tempted,” and for “those who think they are strong, take heed,lest they fall.?” SHUT UP AND PRAY FOR THE GIRL before YOU find YOURSELF in a situation!!! The ones with the most ammunition ALWAYS end up in a situation… And it might not be the same situation as Le’Andria because fornication might not be your struggle, but guess what? You’ve got one! I don’t care how many scriptures you can quote, or how anointed you THINK you are! EVERYBODY has a struggle, and it’s only God’s grace that is covering you! Remember that! You ain’t too good to fall. CHECK YOURSELVES, and do it QUICKLY before God comes to check you!!!! And by the way, this is Le’andria first child out of wedlock. Every other child she has was conceived during marriage, so get your facts straight at the very least… Smh. (Church people make me so sick. Always got a mouth full to say when they themselves are nowhere near perfect… And the One Who IS perfect says “With lovingkindness have I drawn thee.”)

    • To SupergirlCR

      All twelve of my brothers and sisters are saved and nobody has sex before marriage. Mama was not having it. If you wanna be celibant you can. You are saying no one has self control. So you check yo self. Just because you can't keep your panties on don't mean that no one else can't. BEing saved is and inside job. JUST SAY NO TO SIN AND STOP WATCHING PORN. If Jesus did it you can too. Cause you are having a hard time DON'T MAKE IT RIGHT!!!!

      • Ipray

        No reflection on your sexual purity…But sin isn't just limit to no sex in the champagne room honey!! You may not have had sex but you told that lie and you talked about that brother down the street. And you signal somebody to look at the guy who is struggling from homosexual…you told the bill collector the had road rage…you stuck you middle finger up…you did something…somebody halo is not on right side up…something halo on lay away..momma did play that because sex and baby having is so big and apparent to the public eye. somebody smoking a blunt or cigarette. somebody listening to rb and somebody drinking and taking a sip or two….no reflection on you and your sexual purified family however long skirts come down too just like draws!

  • SupergirlCR

    … Even demons don’t turn on each other. Didn’t JESUS HIMSELF say” a kingdom divided against itself would fall?” We’re the only soldiers who are willing to kill our own… Smh… Le’Andria, I’m praying for you. You came to my church in January of 2011, and I SAW the anointing of God on you. I SAW the effects of your ministry. I KNOW HIS hand is HEAVY on your life. You stay in God’s face and nevermind all the hatred coming from all these PHARISEES. Seek GOD for your affirmation and for your deliverance and your strength. You gonna be alright after awhile. I’m gonna keep you in prayer.

  • Qwerty

    Leandria's worship is rehearsed. She reminds me of the preacher kids who mimic their fathers in the pulpit. It's evident that she has living any way she wants for as long as she's lived. God doesn't condone  divorce so what happened. God doesn't condone in adultery so what happened. God doesn't condone fornication so what happened. Also, it's unfortunate to see that her parents are Pastors and none of them could help her. I'm sure she has heard many messages on the topics that she's battling but it is to no avail. Sometimes people that grew up in church are only representing the image of church and not God. Once they get a taste of worldly life it overcomes them. Sunday Best is a gospel version of American IDOL! On another note, BET AND WORLD MUSIC promote gospel and secular music and the word states Doth a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter? When we long to see artist more than Jesus that is idolatry. When we pay for their CDs but won't give to God that is idolatry. When we sit around and let man decide based on talent who should represent the King then that is idolatry.  God allows what happens to these artist just like the God of the Amorites: Dagon in 1 Samuel 5. Matthew Knowles knows the industry and he has to make decisions based off of observation. Leandria is unstable and needs deliverance like I do and you do, too. Too much of a good thing is bad as indicated in Proverbs 25:16. I would love for her to take some time and get back to God if she were ever there. I honestly believe when gospel artist take their mind off of God and become unequally yoked with the greedy characters of this industry; they're also overtaken by the love of money which is a root of all  kinds of  evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. If these gospel artist would stand true then it would send a message to the greedy industry leaders, sinners and fallen Christians. The Word said If I be lifted up I will draw all men. Wake up PEOPLE this thang is bigger than how many albums someone put out, who got pregnant, who won Sunday Best or who signed Who. The end is near!



  • satan's kingdom

    I don't want you telling me God is a deliverer and a keeper and HE CAN'T KEEP YOU….PERIOD. (Don't tell me to stop sinning and you are sinning.) Don't sing to me about not struggling and you struggling. Tell me what God delivered you from and show me with you life, THEN I MAY WANT WHAT YOU HAVE. I can freak anybody I want and sing in the club. WHATS THE DIFFERENCE. ALL I GOTTA DO IS REPENT AND DO IT AGAIN. Cause I have no STANDARDS. You can sleep with any Gender, snort Cocaine and sing on Sunday and still go to heaven. ALL I GOTTA SAY IS…..OH SORRY LORD. Thanks for forgiving ME AGAIN. Long as I get paid, I'm Blessed. (Sounds dumb doesn't it?) And I ain't judging, I don't even like you all. I just hate hypocrits. Even outside the church I dislike hypocrit. GO SIT DOWN, AND REGROUP.

    • Ipray

      alot of people sing to you outside the gospel word and are not living the words they sing. do you do everything you say. Have you ever had to say "my bad" or "my apologies" for a mistake…Maybe your mistake isn't compared to OMG a baby on the way but please. That are not doing background spiritual checks on any of these contestant on Sunday's best. mental or pap smear and asking for blood types and dna testing to determine who they are or whom they are so when they fall why do folks get bend out of shape like really. Don't listen to her and if you were able to analyze some of the other gospel gurus you would have something to say too…

  • Concerned Saints

    JUST PRAY!!!

  • Eyes Opened

    i am so glad im not a Christian!!!!! You people are crazy and rough under the excuse of right…

  • you aint no better

    Smh read some of these comments make me sick like yall ain't done nothing is life thats a sin we all sin and yall ain't no better and we wonder why people not coming to church look how we do our on! Lord please help us as a people

  • mildred

    We all need pray in this evil world…….LeAndria god is there no matter what…

  • mildred

    People need to pray and stop talking about u because we all sin and come short god is the only one u answer to…….

  • twin1

    Praying for u LeAndria Johnson… u

  • Reason

    For the commenter polling those who are 100% celibate: Ok, one right here and I do mean truly celibate. No porn, no masterbation, no intercourse, no oral, no NOTHING. Why? Because I belive and know the Spirit of God to be a true DELIVERER. For All: What the majority of ppl in this forum are trying to convey is the simple fact that you cannot sincerely minister unto someone else in a broken state. So in essence, Le'Andria is performing the very act in Matthew 7:1 that many of you are using to defend her. She's continuing to 'minister' with a beam in her own eye.

    The assumption that everyone who stands for holiness is a pharisee/hypocrite is a dangerous and unfair assumption. How about, some of us actually obtained the fear of the Lord and a love for the Lord that keeps us on our faces and fighting for our santification? [Prov 1:7] How about, some actually regard that if we don't stay in the face of God that spirits returns with 7 additional spirits? [Matt 12:43-45] How about, some us actually cast down imaginations as we are instructed? [2 Cor 10:5] Let's not get it twisted, it IS NORMAL to be tempted, as Jesus Christ Himself was tempted [Matt 4]…it is NOT NORMAL for a BORN AGAIN believer who stays in the presence of the LORD to constantly have a STRUGGLE! "Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth." [2 Timothy 3:5-7]

    And yes, I am quoting Scripture…because it's the very example Christ used in the wilderness to contest the enemy. I have and will continue to pray for the Le'Andria's, the Fantasia's, and the like. I know personally what it means to be praised for giftedness…all the while a dead man walking spiritually. You all be blessed~

  • samaritiandiva

    We need to remember " the gifts and callings are without repentance, God is GOD and He will use any willing vessel to get HIS message across, Ms Le'Andria is not perfect , she is human , she didnt cover up her situation, She openly told the world she was expecting, knowing she would be rebuked, back bitted , and talked about…We that are without sin , throw the first stone… " Lord have mercy we need to police ourselves, Her transgression is visible ( pregnanacy) but how many of us , yes " us " act like we know God on sunday , but forget Him as soon as benediction is said . Your junk tore up from the floor up….lets stop judging this woman , shes just a willing vessel, shes human , she will make mistakes , we are all striving to make it in. If she stops praising God , because stiffneck Christians wont praise Him, " the rocks will cry out " Stop looking at the sin , look at the God who went to calvary for ALL OUR SINS .

  • Tache’

    The saddest part of all these comments was the one left by an UNBELIEVER, who said she’s glad she’s not a Christian! You want to talk about Leandria destroying her witness, well u ALL (the judgers) have destroyed yours! My savior was compassionate! And if it was required that every one that struggles or falls sit down, then please tell me who would be left standing? My bible says we all sin and fall short!! And for all u holy rollers that have obviously NEVER sinned a day in ur righteous holy lives, PLEASE remember, the sin is not in her womb, the sin was in the bedroom! Consider that and ur selves before u come on here speaking ridiculously and turning others away from Christ u religious pious Pharisees!!! God called us to relationship NOT religion, Be Blessed!!



  • ShaNequa

    Le’Andria, I love u and your music ministry. I know and feel your struggle. I was a single mmother of four at one point in my life, had all four of my kids out of wedlock by two different guys, and the first pregancy was in my teen years. I am now married (seven years next month) and I am not ashamed to tell my story. Neither should u be. I still commit sins myself. I AM NOT PERFECT! I think u should continue on with your ministry bc it’s what God has ordained for u. It speaks to women like me who know what you are going through. I am a Christian and even though I mess up from time to time, I still go to my Father and repent, seek His forgiveness and His word, then move on. Don’t let these ppl who are judging u bring u down. For they are not God…He alone is God and the Judge. I ain’t saying what u and I did was right but I do believe we have truly repented for what we’ve done and that’s all that matters. For those of u who want to recite Scripture; Joel 2:12-13 says “Therefore also now, says the Lord, turn (repent) and keep on coming to Me with all your heart, with fasting, with weeping, and with mourning (until every hinderance is removed and broken fellowship is restored). Rend your hearts and not your garments and return (repent) to the Lord, your God,for He is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and abounding in loving-kindness; and He revokes His sentence of evil when His conditions are met.” So those of u who feel u have the right to judge me or Le’Andria…get outta here with that mess. U ain’t my God, nor are u God Himself!!!

    • SafeInHisArms

      I love what you have written here. Good people do bad things, but that does not make them bad people. Furthermore, God said that against HIM and HIM ONLY have we sinned. As long as we go back and make it right with the ONE whom we have wronged (God himself), that is all that matters. I have learned not to judge people because they sin differently from me. FACT: We ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God. There is none who is perfect…NO, NOT ONE! We don't know what Leandria says to the Lord in the midnight hour, nor do we see her tears. We don't have to tell her that she has sinned…..she looks in the mirror everyday and I am sure that no one can criticize her more harshly than she criticizes herself. God looks beyond our faults, and sees our needs! People are always going to judge, but they seem to forget their own sins….like backbiting, gossiping, fornicating, adultery, etc. Keep it moving Leandria! God sees and HE knows! Make it right with HIM and go your way and sin no more.

  • Ipray

    Where were the saints and the pharisee (judgemental people) when the first and second marriage resulted in depletion of resources, mental stress, emotional abuse and her being abuse physically while trying to take care of the children that were yielded from the marriage. Where were these trolls and comments when she lost everything she had including dignity. All Leandria had was a song to sing and a God to glorify when she came up physically out of the mess. Now the mental instability is apparent and yes much prayer and supplication and deliverance do need to take place but I rather pray for her and continously lift her up versus talking about her such as the haters probably did in her past while in these abusive situation and maybe she can overcome thru the prayers of the righteous versus the speculations of the wrongness.

  • ipray

    (continued Ipray) i should hope to have another dream not as powerful as martin luther the king that we can sit and nurse and pray those who are less fortunate in mind and spirit back to a healthy way of thinking and living versus getting an ax and cutting them down by their throats. if you pray then we won't have to worry about baby number 5 in a non wedlock situation. She is not a role model she is a contestant winner just like any other show and people are enthused by her voice not her lifestyle and others are writing her songs and hopefully while singing a verse lyric or two she can began to live her life. i can't say anything against her because God is and will move. If words, gossip and rumors block God's word I think we all would be set back instead of SET FREE…

  • Who are we to say who is right or wrong. We only see her business because she is in the publics eye. So busy judging that we missed the fact that a child is born. Life the greatest gift in the world. Leave well enough alone. She didn’t have to say a word but she did anyway. I think the only mistake she made was feeling like she owed us a explanation. WE ALL SIN EVEN THE DEEPEST OF DEEP folk. Because at the end of the day she don’t know none of us. But yet she still said sorry… I WISH I WOULD…….She can minister to me anytime. BE REAL! And thats what she has given us REAL LIFE SITUATIONS! I Cant STAND HATERS…. TURN THE CAMERA ON YOU LETS SEE HOW YOU SELF RIGHTEOUS FOLKS AND JUDGING FOLK LIVING.

    • parents not married

      I am 70 years old…a christian for over 60….all of this casting stones is terrible!!! God is love, and Jesus forgave the thief next to him on the cross. most of the people in church now may be married, but had sex before—if you say you did not–you are lying! many are having sex now, but don't get pregnant becuz of birth control, etc.—we are not perfect….oyes, my parents were not married….God loves me, my family, grandchildren….stop judging and get to work helping people in your world….that ought to keep you busy….the hospitals, nursing homes, schools, stopping crime in your cities, helping homeless, etc…..God used me to teach school for 40 years…to adopt child from single mother, too busy to judge folks!!! God Bless,,,,

  • Sweetie

    Do you think God didn't know this was going to happen!!!! She is not going through this for herself ; but for somebody else. How can you sing about something if you never been through something. Y'all not saying nothing about Jennifer Hudson and her baby with fiancee. Please!!!