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United Tenors

United Tenors
EJ Gaines
March 26, 2013

Since Fred Hammond first announced that he would be joining forces with Dave Hollister, Eric Roberson and Brian Courtney Wilson for an innovative collaborative project, dubbing themselves the United Tenors, Vintage Teapots anticipation among consumers and gospel fans has been building.

With each artist contributing his own unique vibe and strengths, the United Tenors album just wins, from songwriting to vocal delivery. The album spy mobile phone is in stores NOW and here are five reasons you’ve gotta buy it.

1. The Musical Chameleon That Is Fred Hammond. This guy… Not many artists in our genre have been able to seamlessly move from a guy group, to praise and worship, to solo artistry so well. And even fewer can bounce back and forth like Fred Hammond, whenever

he gets the hankering. But as the mastermind behind this project, Hammond again shows that he’s virtually unmatched in versatility and ability to set trends in gospel music.

2. These Voices. Hammond, Hollister, Roberson & Wilson are not just singers—they’re vocalists. They care about the nuances, inflections, vibrato and riffs beyond just sounding good or impressing us. It’s an expression that you feel to your core. And these dudes are “expressing” themselves like crazy all over this project.

3. “Love You Like That.” It’s definitely one of my favorite tracks on the album. It’s a feel-good, high-energy song of declaration, with some very impressive vocals from each of the fellas. It’s just good music.

4. Versatility. One thing I love about this project is that it’s got versatility in its musical styles– there’s the jazzy “Never A Day,” the urban “Everybody Get Up,” and the pop-tinged “Come On Let’s Pray.” But as varied as the sound may be throughout the album, it’s all authentic.

5. Real Men Worship God. As a man of God, there is something that just gets my hyped when my brothers give God glory, especially when we’re united in it. Try listening android mobile phone spy software to the chants of “hallelujah!” on “Love You Like That,” or the repetitious “Lord, we worship You,” on the album’s lead single, “Here In Our Praise,” and see if the praise isn’t both beautiful and infectious. Real men worship God without abandon.

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  • MoMusic

    I just bought the album today. I'm looking forward to hearing some great vocals from these men! I have at least one album from each of them individually so I'm in anticipation of hearing them collectively!

  • Renee'

    It's a winner!!!! Love this cd.

  • TimO

    It is a winner…sounds like an updated Commissioned. That Brian Courtney Wilson is everything!!

  • Victorri Taylor

    Definitely get the album and check out the video for "Here is Our Praise"

  • AVM

    Now this is what comtemporary gospel should sound like.