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Listen: Erica Campbell’s New Single — "A Little More Jesus"– Streaming NOW!

Tea Caddy wp-image-22300″ alt=”ericacampbell_480″ src=”” width=”288″ height=”180″ />Take a listen to the brand new single from Erica Campbell! It’s called “A Little More Jesus” and she debuted it live at NYC’s Village Underground this

weekend to a rave response.

We’ve just added it to the Pundit Player, so click here to stream it live!

Whatd’ya think???

  • Fred Murphy


  • annony

    ummmmm,please go back to marymary when you finish.thanks

  • I hope that this is not an indication as to the sound they've decided to go with for her as a solo artist. The sound just doesn't fit in my opinion. I could see her going in more of a smooth r&b/jazzy direction.

  • I LOVE IT. This song not only fits her range, but she can actually GO IN. Of course the sound is experimental, but I can't wait to hear the versatile sounds that come out of her album!

  • YES!!!! this is Donna McAfee of the WEST COAST PRAZE TV SHOW and I say it is a HIT!!! When can I get the video? Let God continue to use you…seasons change and I am excited to see what happens in your new one!

  • Al Gibbs

    It's definitely not what I expected from her but I LOVE IT! We all need A LITTLE MORE JESUS!

  • ladydee

    The words are powerful and this is a good song live but not for radio sorry

  • Michael Jenkins

    I was not expecting her to go this direction. I thought it was going to be a little bit more contemporary, but after a few listens;it may grow on me.

  • Renee'

    Me no likey…. nope

  • gospoman05

    I like this one. Very different from what I'm hearing these days in gospel. I hope the song does well.

  • Tye

    I actually really like it…maybe because I saw her sing it live on the Youtube video first…her style and attitude during the performance really drove it home…i love this! I'm excited…who wants to do the same thing? She wants to establish her identity away from MM and I ain't mad at all. I love the throwback!!!!

    • Jennifer

      Exactly, and Tina doesnt want to work anyway. I cant understand why people think Erica,s life depend om Tina.I aint mad all all either. At least one Mary shows she got some GET UP!!

  • teri

    She should have given this one to Dottie Peoples.

  • Dietra

    I love the single!! Go Erica and do you thing!!

  • MoMusic

    Hmmmm, she sounds good vocally. I just don't really like the song. I understand she probably wants to establish an artistry outside of Mary Mary but I hope the whole album doesn't have this kind of sound.

  • Sonja

    Erica, I was worried, but it was right on point…u go girl.

  • cOREY


  • Zach

    She needs to go back to sing with her sister… Some people aren't meant to be a solo vocalist. It just seems too old for her…
    In terms of the beat… Message is GREAT !!! PRAISE HIM ANY HOW

  • Mrs Crawford

    wow y'all…see she isn't just sing for the "contemporary" gospel listeners…she is sing to glorify Gods kingdom…and if this is what her soul needed to sing to Him for A Little More Jesus then oh well…cause we ALL can use a little more Jesus!!!



  • Ron

    This song is not biblically correct. When you receive Jesus, you get all of Him and not part of him.. I understand this is her debut single, but if people are going to be ministered to,, there must be meat in the songs to hold on to. This is not a show or maybe it is for some. Be real!

  • Lasonja

    Love this song.. It's talks about our daily life and our struggles in life. People need to listen to the the words. Everyone have struggles…set back and enjoy. Love it.