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Mary Mary Covers June Issue of EBONY: Tina’s Forgiveness Of Infidelity & Erica Going Solo

Ebony - Mary MaryTo kick-off Black Music Month, Ebony Magazine features the ladies of Mary Mary on the cover of its June 2013 issue!

This may be one of the most honest and candid interviews the ladies have given. Tina Campbell shares how she Tea Cup and Saucer Sets managed to forgive her husband after his affair:

“Once I became aware [of the affair], I initially wanted to kill my husband…I was considering adjusting the will, the living trust and all that kind of stuff. I did physically try to stab him. Several times…I never got to the point of physical harm, not really, but my words…My words hurt. ” 

And Erica Campbell shares about her solo career and how she feels about her hubby going into ministry:

“I feel like my husband has been called to minister…Now I said, ‘Lord, when I first started dating this guy he worked for Death Row Records, but he was from the church. That was a perfect combination for me: a little street, a little church.’” 

It’s a must-read! Congrats to the ladies on landing the cover of this prestigious magazine and ROCKIN’ it!

  • I Love Them For Their Honesty.

  • missy

    Woooow ,well i know both Warryn and Teddy used to cheat on their wives especially when they first came out,and there are rumors that erica too stepped out for a while…..but i never knew they would publicly come out……well some things should remain secret…..reality TV and this! smh

    be careful women of GOD

    • Travy

      Are you serious?!!?!? O_O I am in Shock!!!!

      • missy

        YEAH….i stopped putting people on pedestals…Gospel artists are human too…there is a lot of mess within the gospel industry,people you wouldn't imagine..that's why we all need God's grace…nobody is perfect…just keep quiet and pray for ministers of the kingdom for the enemy is always ready to tear God's flock apart!

        • chris

          Still the tea hunt…what else is going on with these Gospel Singers??

    • I'm not shocked at all. Sin can have many names, but it doesn't change the fact that it's still sin. So we all sin, just not one like the other.

  • They're human. I wouldn't expect anything different. Just because it's not talked about doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

  • in shock

    this just ruined my life, somethings are left better unsaid!!

  • teri

    I am going to buy this issue! Kudos to Tina for being honest. A lot of these gospel artists walking around all holy and they are wilder than the secular world. People want honesty not to hear about your 'perfect' walk with Christ…yet you sleeping around. Dont get me to start saying what I know.

    • anonymous

      oh yeah,ive heard about a lot of gospel artists but i just keep my mouth shut!!!

  • anonymous

    I really APPLAUD TINA CAMPBELL FOR THIS and yeah i had heard about……. both mary's have gone through stuff coz somewhere in 2009 rumor was on Erica and Warryn coz Erica had not been wearing her ring and she later confessed in a radio interview that while she was on the road,stuff between her and warryn were not good and she had to leave and go back home to take care of the situation……but im glad these women worked it out,they are human to! and their marriages are STRONGER THAN EVER!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Someone had stolen her ring which is why she wasnt wearing it. She had addressed the rumor in a blog a while back

  • andre

    smh well i guess everybody goes through something

  • guest

    Im not married so i cant relate but i thought you were supposed to not cheat why get married if nobody can make you happy stay single then. I dunno i think its possible.

    • boss

      silly post…..then if you cant FORGIVE YOUR SPOUSE DONT MARRY. Trust me there are sooooo many GOSPEL ARTISTS who have gone or are going through trying times in their marriages and have come out victorious like Erica and Warryn, DA TRUTH,Issac Caree, Tye Tribett, James Fortune and many more. FORGIVENESS is key people.

      • Nah

        It's not a silly post at all, when you agree to marry–you vow to put all others away. We can't use "forgiveness" as a get out of jail free card, so to speak, to do whatever we want outside of marriage because my spouse is supposed to forgive me later. If you are that weak to temptation then you shouldn't make commitments you can't keep.

  • oneildonald

    The reason why I love this is because Tina and Teddy don't look as if they had infidelity in their marriage. Forgiveness is actually there when you look at Tina and Teddy interact on the show. Praise God for restoration!

  • Renee'

    Much respect for Tina.

  • Michael Jenkins

    I am surprised but glad that they worked everything out.

  • Guest

    I knew something was up on the show! I figured he was insecure because of her success… And she talked too much about pleasing him sexually and it was all about him??? I have a friend who's husband cheated on her with a coworker…. Once he was busted .. He flipped it and blamed it on her. She now acts just like Tina????

    • guest

      I agree if hes not happy he should not have married her

  • guest

    Im annoyed by this we marry so we dont have to cheat God takes adultery seriously why dont we. My spouse doesnt make me happy so ima cheat what happened to the cross are we in high school? If adultery was punishable by death why do ppl treat the marriage covenant like its nothing. Tinas better than me bc id ask God to send me somebody else sorry.

  • Cynthia Davis

    The Bible sayss give no place to the devil.When you have young husbands that are weak in the faith, this will happen.It takes a strong Holy Ghost filled person to resist temptation. I am sorry that this had to happen. I pray for Tina because I feel that she wants to do whats right. I speak the word to both sisters "Light and darkness have no fellowship." God move for theses Sisters and Brothers in Jesus name