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Hezekiah Walker

Azusa: The Next Generation
EJ Gaines
June 11, 2013

There’s no doubt that Hezekiah Walker is a legend and a pioneer in gospel. Few in this genre have contributed so much to the sound and style of contemporary choir music. Well, Bishop Hez Cheap Tea Cups is back with his latest musical offering, Azusa: The Next Generation, and it’s in stores today!

As its name implies, this project is founded on revitalization and revival for the coming generation. And the music vibes with that– Azusa: The Next Generation is a blend of tunes ripe for the contemporary corporate worship atmosphere. Led by the singable and catchy church anthem “Every Praise,” this project is full of the stuff that made us first fall in love with Hezekiah Walker.

Azusa: The Next Generation features some great guest artists, too, including Donnie McClurkin, Brian Courtney WilsonJohn P. Kee and more!

Hezekiah Walker’s Azusa: The Next Generation is available on iTunes and now. Check out snippets and buy it below–