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5 Questions: Myron Butler Talks Purpose, Legacy & Fears With New Album

Gospel music mainstay Myron Butler’s new album, On Purpose, debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top Gospel Albums chart this week. He’s been working nonstop to share his new music (and its message) with the world, but he was gracious enough to chat with us and give us 5 answers to 5 questions.

Check out what Myron Butler had to say about the new album and how he overcame his fears to walk in his purpose!

* * *

1. What is the heartbeat behind your new album, On Purpose?

MYRON-BUTLERWhen I think of “purpose,” I think of something’s “intended use”– what is the use of something? For us, it’s a question of why we are here on Earth. And purpose is something that is on a lot of people’s minds. But they look abstractly as opposed to taking time to commit it to God and saying, “show me what it is for me, not what I see others do. What is the reason You designed me? Me, specifically.”

Some people say “on purpose” to mean “intentionally,” and I think we should live intentionally. But also, when you realize your purpose, everything you do should be centered on that purpose.

2. What song speaks to you most on this new project?

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It would have to be “You Call Me,” which is actually only available on the deluxe edition on iTunes. The premise is in its lyrics– God calls us what we shall be until we become what He calls us. It’s a song that’s personal to my journey and close to my heart.

3. What do you hope your legacy will be in the music industry?

Hopefully, it will be about more than just good music, but also about crafting God’s Word in song.

4. The industry is constantly changing and artists face more and more hurdles as they try to really breakthrough the noise with good music. What obstacles did you have to overcome to really deliver this album?

Myself. Honestly, it was myself. This year will mark 10 years for me and Levi, 20 years of me doing music generally. I had this self-imposed intimidation. A lot of [artists] begin to look at everyone else, and what they do, then judge our own creative effort and how it measures up, or how it doesn’t.

There’s so much music. People are inundated with it, so people become jaded and underwhelmed with almost everything that’s out there.

So I had to overcome the fear of not measuring up. I started recording On Purpose almost three years ago. I had to beat overthinking and second-guessing. Me. It was self-imposed.

5. And how can artists do that? How can they overcome fear and overthinking and second-guessing?

Rest in whatever God gives you. Regardless of what anyone else says or thinks about it, we must be true to who God calls us to be. God didn’t call me to be anyone else but Myron Butler. That’s what I’m supposed to do.

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On Purpose is available everywhere music is sold. Get it today!